Julia Fozard, who is pregnant and smiling proudly beside Sam Tarry appears blissfully unaware of the possibility that Sam Tarry’s woman-in-waiting could be his lover.

A picture taken by the Daily Mail shows the 39-year old MP flanked 41-year-old Angela Rayner, his loyal wife and Labour deputy chief leader.

The two women supported the politician while he canvassed Ilford South streets in November 2019, before securing his seat.

Angela Rayner, Sam Tarry and his wife Julia pictured together in November, 2019

Angela Rayner and Sam Tarry pictured with Julia Tarry in November 2019,

His 37-year-old wife – a Brighton-based paediatrician – can be seen holding a poster saying ‘I’m voting for Sam Tarry’ urging people to vote Labour.

Dr Fozard was in her early stages of pregnancy at the time, having married Mr Tarry in an extravagant ceremony in Ibiza. Their second child was due in summer 2020.

This picture emerged following the revelation that Mr Tarry was photographed with Mrs Rayner leaving her taxpayer-funded flat Wednesday morning.

As Mr Tarry, who was wearing untied shoes and fumbling with buttons on his shirt, followed Mrs Rayner as she walked ahead of him.

Last week after the pair were photographed leaving Mrs Rayner's taxpayer-funded flat on Wednesday morning

After being photographed by Mrs Rayner on Wednesday morning, the couple left her taxpayer-funded apartment last week

After months of being plagued by gossip about their friendship, it was the first picture the couple took outside the political arena.

Dr Fozard, a yoga lover, would have met Mrs Rayner as she supported her husband on the campaign trail in 2019 – often pounding the pavements to help her husband with their toddler son in tow.

First reports indicate that Mr Tarry, a Corbynite, was close to Mrs Rayner in October 2020, the Labour Party’s most powerful woman.

The father-of-two was her campaign manager as she ran for the party’s deputy leadership – three months after splitting from her husband of ten years, trade union official Mark Rayner.

Their closer relationship as a team is unclear.

It is thought that Tarry split from his wife.

Famously, Mrs Rayner called an opponent Tory MP “scum” and Mr Tarry refused to confirm or disprove any rumours.

Sources close to Mr Tarry and Mrs Rayner said that Angela and Sam were both divorced and had been for some time. They have not done anything wrong.

AMANDA PLATELL: This is a man’s view“,That was the moment I noticed it. makeover, I knew she You were eating your life…

Angela Rayner was the one to face Boris Johnson at the Despatch Box at PMQs, and there was a gasp from each side of the House when she did.

Here was a new – and some would say vastly improved – deputy Labour leader on show in Sir Keir Starmer’s absence.

Angela’s iconic bovver boots have been gone. These were usually worn in conjunction with an all-enveloping, frumpy ensemble.

Mrs Rayner in a pale gold dress at PMQs as she filled in for Keir Starmer in his absence

Mrs Rayner wearing a pale yellow dress to PMQs in her replacement for Keir Sternmer

A slinky, daringly slashed dress in a becoming shade of pale gold complemented her svelte form, sleek red locks and perfectly applied make-up – with a string of fake pearls at her throat as a finishing touch.

It was a boisterous and teasing encounter as she took on Boris over the cost of living crisis – while also conceding her own leadership ambitions.

Some even went as far to suggest that they were in fact flirting.

Did she feel embarrassed? She was not. The woman was beaming and enjoying every moment.

She knew that she’d spectacularly eclipsed her boss – Sir Keir is a politician given to performances that lack energy – and that she’d done it in style.

However, at that time, I had a suspicion. It wasn’t political debate, but a womanly instinct that I had gathered from my mother told me this was what had changed the ex-trade union rep with Trotskyite leanings.

It seems that I might have been correct. As the Daily Mail reported yesterday, Angela, 41, was spotted leaving her £30,000-a-year taxpayer-funded south London flat with married MP Sam Tarry one morning last week.

Even though rumors of their deepening friendship have been swirling for weeks in Westminster, it is possible that reports of an affair are premature.

Mrs Rayner, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, on a visit to Bristol in 2020, sporting combat boots, animal-print trousers and a baggy black jacket

On a 2020 visit to Bristol, Mrs Rayner, Deputy Leader, Labour Party, wore combat boots and animal-print pants, as well as a black baggy jacket.

Perhaps it really was an innocent sleepover after a late night discussing policy – or her leadership ambitions. Maybe his boiler failed and he couldn’t bear the idea of taking a cold shower and freezing night in the morning.

But I would respectfully suggest that the circumstantial evidence – and by that I mean what one red-blooded woman instantly recognises in another – suggests otherwise.

It is a transformation that I observe in my body and soul.

Every woman is aware that when a married friend swaps flats with stilettoes and suddenly loses weight, has a new haircut, ditches boring suits for a body conscious style, and puts tights on top of stockings she knows there’s something going on.

Angela was seen last September in a PVC black mac during a magazine shoot.

After placing a wreath on Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph, she returned to the news pages a few months later.

For many, the towering heels and too short dress worn under a red coat were inappropriate for such a sombre occasion – not to mention the Labour red rose ankle tattoo on display.

It was a sign that the MP for Ashton-under-Lyne has been reinvented six years after she arrived at Westminster.

This mother-of-3 has become a person who is enjoying a fresh lease on life.

At PMQs she sported a Jennifer Aniston poker-straight hairstyle and artfully applied highlighter to cheek and brow; since then we’ve seen her with blow-dried cascading curls a la Beyonce – perhaps with a few hair extensions for added va va voom – and more glittery gold eye-shadow than a contestant in Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

This may seem sexist and frivolous. However, when Cupid’s Arrow strikes men, it is business as usual.

Amanda Platell writes that Mrs Rayner wore 'a slinky, daringly slashed dress in a becoming shade of pale gold complemented her svelte form, sleek red locks and perfectly applied make-up'

Amanda Platell wrote that Mrs Rayner wore “a daringly cut, slinky dress in a becoming hue of pale gold to complement her slim figure, red hair, and flawlessly applied makeup.”

We women can feel the breeze in our sails when we wear our designer frocks with our heart on our sleeves.

Angela Rayner insists that her private life remains private. She and her husband of ten years, Mark, parted in 2020, while it is being reported that Tarry – her former campaign manager when she ran for the deputy leadership – has split from his wife, Julia, with whom he has two children.

None of the people involved confirmed or refuted the reports made over the weekend.

We don’t know what Mark and Julia are thinking or if this friendship began after the partners have left us.

And none of us should forget that family break-up – and all the sadness that goes with it – is at the heart of the gossip fest now entertaining Westminster.

But don’t you agree that Angela – with bare legs in vegan leopard print boots – and Sam – with his shoe laces untied – looked downright shifty as they skulked down the stairs of the flat?

Ange, however, isn’t so fashionable after all.