A brazen thief was caught sawing through the lock of a £3,150 electric bike with an angle grinder by a shocked passerby at a shopping centre.

Around 1.30pm, Saturday saw the criminal using the electric tool to power his bike from outside Surrey Quays, Rotherhithe.

A witness said he was with three accomplices – one of which wore a balaclava and rode a scooter – as he made off with the £3,150 Trek Powerfly 4 electric bike. 

For the Onlooker Martin Pelant captured the crime and challenged the suspect as the burglar cut through the lock.

The footage shows the brazen thief cutting through the lock on the bicycle outside of the bustling shopping center, while his accomplice in crime is balaclava-clad and lurking behind him.

The crook was seen using the battery-powered tool on the bike outside Surrey Quays shopping centre in Rotherhithe, south east London, at around 1.30pm on Saturday

In the footage, the brazen thief is seen slicing through the bike lock outside the busy shopping centre while his balaclava-clad accomplice lurks in the background

Around 1.30pm, Saturday saw the criminal using the battery-powered tool to control the bike from Surrey Quays in Rotherhithe.

As the man crouches on the bicycle, orange sparks fly about him. Stunned pedestrians pass the man.

Martin says to the thief: ‘Is that your bike?’

A man looks briefly up before he says, “huh?” The man briefly looks up and says ‘huh?’ before continuing to see the metal bike lock using the angle grinder.

His accomplice helps him to yank the broken lock away from the electric bike, which is equipped with a front mudguard and rear pannier. 

After stealing the bag, the thief takes out a black-and-white paper carrier bag with a Flannels logo.

Clip ends when the thief crosses the bike carrying the bag of paper and an angle grinder. 

Onlooker Martin Pelant filmed the theft and asked the man if it was his bike as he cut through the lock with the angle grinder outside the busy shopping centre

Martin Pelant, an onlooker, filmed the crime and inquired about the victim as the man cut through the lock using the angle grinder.

Sharing the clip to Facebook and YouTube, where it has racked up a total of more than 42,000 views, Martin said: ‘Seriously? In broad daylight? A grinder in front a crowd of shoppers? Today’s thieves know no limits.

Shocked witnesses called police to report the brazen daylight theft, but Martin said that it took them 15 minutes to get back to them.

He wrote that the officer came in to report to the victim and told him that if they locate it, they should call his number so they can do an undercover interview.

Martin stated to road.cc, that he only filmed the incident so that somebody would recognize the thieves.

“I was focusing on the face I could clearly see,” he stated. “I simply hope that someone will recognize them, and they are arrested. 

“I would never have thought something like that could occur in broad daylight, with an angle grinder right in front of everyone.

“There were quite some people passing by, and some of them watching from afar. 

“Another person was calling the police after waiting for 15 minutes. The security at the shopping centre is located at the opposite entrance.

Adem Lakeman (a bicycle owner at Cycles UK) posted on the Facebook page Stolen Bikes In London thanksing passers-by for providing information.

Bike owner Adem Lakeman, who is a bike mechanic at Cycles UK, posted on Facebook page Stolen Bikes in London thanking bystanders for giving him information about the theft

Adem Lakeman is a Cycles UK bike mechanic and posted on his Facebook page Stolen Bikes London to thank bystanders who gave him details about the theft.

Onlookers called the police while the brazen daylight theft was underway but Martin claimed that officers took 15 minutes to respond. Pictured: £3,150 Trek Powerfly 4 electric bike

Martin stated that police took fifteen minutes to respond when the brazen daylight theft was taking place. Pictured: £3,150 Trek Powerfly 4 electric bike

He said, “My Trek Powerfly 4 bike was taken from Surrey Quays Shopping on Saturday, 6 November.” 

“I believe some of you may have already seen this video showing them cutting the lock with an Angle Grinder. 

“I’d like to express my gratitude for all the support, sharing and giving more attention to the video. 

“I’ve been getting information from a bystander who recorded the video and has been incredibly helpful.”

Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said that police responded to reports of theft from bikes at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre on Saturday 6 November, at 13:32hrs.

“Officers were present and made initial inquiries. The investigation continues with no arrests.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the police at 101 or @MetCC, and mention CAD3931/06NOV.