A terrifying scene in which bikers narrowly miss hitting family members as they cross the road at red lights.

  • This footage was taken at the York Road crossing of Shaftsbury Lights in Leeds
  • They are said to be riding through the Armley/Yeadon regions.
  • Video shared by woman. She said that the child must have been traumatized.

It is an incredibly frightening moment. a family trying to cross the road are nearly knocked over by bikers running a red light.

Dashcam footage captured the Shaftsbury Lights crossing at York Road in Leeds, just after 3pm December 6. 

In the video, the family with young children start to cross the road while cars are stopped at the traffic lights.

This is the terrifying moment a family trying to cross the road were nearly knocked over by bikers running a red light in Leeds

A family was crossing the road when they were almost run over by Leeds bikers.

They crossed the road just seconds after the 12 bikers drove by, almost ramming their family.

While some bikers speed past, others do wheel spins.

A little girl crosses the road in front her parents. But a car comes forward and stops her.

According to the woman sharing the dashcam video but who did not wish to be identified, she said that the women were speeding all around cars and other people.

A young girl starts to cross in front of her parents, but a car moves forward and blocks her off

A small girl is crossing the street in front of her parents. However, a moving car blocks her path.

The dashcam footage was captured at Shaftsbury Lights crossing on York Road just after 3pm on December 6

This dashcam video was taken at the York Road crossing for Shaftsbury Lights shortly after 3:00 on December 6,

‘It was pretty disgusting that’s why I wanted to highlight it. They must have traumatized the little girl that they almost hit.

She also mentioned that the same group was spotted in Leeds’ Armley and Yeadon regions.

Another commented that the bikers should be allowed to have fun. A woman responded: ‘I bet they wouldn’t say let them have fun if it was their family.’

MailOnline reached out to West Yorkshire Police in an attempt to get a reply.