Now, Leon Black, a billionaire financier is being investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for claims that he raped two Russian models and sexually assaulted them. 

Black, 70, was a close friend and confidant of Jeffrey Epstein, a notorious financier and sex offender. Guzel Ganieva (38) accused Black of rape, and sexual abuse earlier in the year.  

Ganieva accused Black of being a ‘violent, sadistic,’ sexual predator who raped and harassed her then coerced her into signing an non-disclosure-agreement, in a lawsuit filed in June.

The model amended her lawsuit in September to include accusations from Jane Doe (referred to as Jane Doe) who claimed she was violently molested by Black at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York home in 2002. 

Black’s legal spokesperson has so far denied knowledge of the investigation. The man has however steadfastly denied the allegations. 

Black, once a powerful executive in New York City, was the former CEO at Apollo Global Management. He denied knowing about Epstein’s wrongdoings after his horrendous crimes were revealed. 

Billionaire financier Leon Black, 70, is now believed to be the subject of a Manhattan District Attorney's office investigation into claims that he raped and sexually assaulted two Russian models (Black pictured in California in 2018)

Billionaire financier Leon Black, 70, is now believed to be the subject of a Manhattan District Attorney’s office investigation into claims that he raped and sexually assaulted two Russian models (Black pictured in California in 2018)

Guzel Ganieva, 38, is a Russian model who accused Black of rape and longstanding sexual abuse. In September, she amended her initial lawsuit to include the claims of a second woman who said she was violently raped by Black in 2002 (Ganieva pictured in NYC in 2011)

Guzel Ganieva (38), a Russian model, accused Black of rape, and long-standing sexual abuse. She amended her initial lawsuit in September to include the claims by a second woman who claimed she was raped in 2002 by Black (Ganieva, pictured in NYC in 2011.

Notorious financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is shown in this undated Florida Department of Law Enforcement photo. Leon Black is accused of raping a Russian model at Epstein's NYC home in 2002, despite previously claiming that he knew nothing of Epstein's wrongdoings

In this undated Florida Department of Law Enforcement photograph, Jeffrey Epstein, a prominent financier and sex offenders, is shown. Leon Black is charged with raping a Russian model at Epstein’s NYC home in 2002. He previously claimed that he had no knowledge of Epstein’s wrongdoings.

According to Vanity Fair sources, Black’s investigation was initiated after Jane Doe (Ganieva) met with prosecutors in order to discuss their claims.

It comes just one week after Black made his first high-profile public appearance in months at the Beverly Hilton, when he attended a conference on finance of which his son Ben, a private equity executive, was a part.

The saga began when Ganieva made public her accusations about Black’s long-standing history sexual abuse and coercive behavior in March. 

Black resigned as the head of Apollo Global, a massive investment firm, on March 22, just days following Ganieva’s series of tweets alleging that black had abused Ganieva from 2008 to 2015. 

In June, she filed a suit against the billionaire financier. In it, she called him a ‘violent, sadistic’ sexual predator who raped, harassed, and forced her to fly from California to’satisfy Jeffrey Epstein’s sex needs at his Palm Beach villa. 

Black previously admitted to having had a six-year affair Ganieva. He claims it was consensual and that he paid the money Ganieva $100,000 per Month for 15 Years.   

However, the financier, who is married with Debra Black, a broadway theatre producer, has denied all sexual abuse allegations against him.  

According to an amendment to Ganieva's initial lawsuit against Black, a second woman referred to only as Jane Doe was violent raped by the billionaire financier at Jeffrey Epstein's New York townhouse in 2002 (pictured)

An amendment to Ganieva’s original lawsuit against Black states that Jane Doe, a second woman, was violently raped in 2002 by Jeffrey Epstein’s New York Townhouse.

Ganieva says she was brought to Epstein's Palm Beach mansion (pictured) by Black to 'satisfy his sex needs'

Epstein's former home (bottom centre with the white roof) is located in an area of prime Palm Beach real estate

Ganieva claimed that Jeffrey Epstein, former CEO of Apollo Global Management, forced Ganieva to fly to Florida in order to satisfy his sex cravings at his Palm Beach villa.

Guzel Ganieva has accused Black of rape and a long-standing history of sexual abuse. Ganieva is pictured (left) with friends Natane Boudreau and Claudia Mason in 2011

Guzel Ganieva accuses Black of rape, as well as a long history of sexual abuse. Ganieva is pictured with her friends Natane Mason (left), and Claudia Mason (right) in 2011.

Black (right) stepped down from his role as CEO of Apollo in march after he was revealed as a long-time associate of pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (left). Pictured: Black and Epstein at a screening of the film Capote in 2005

Black (right) resigned from his position as CEO of Apollo after he was exposed as a long-time partner of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Pictured: Black and Epstein during a 2005 screening of Capote 

Lawyers for Ganieva filed an amended complaint in September detailing the ‘horrific experience’ of Jane Doe, who claims she was brutally raped in 2002 by Black.

Ganieva’s legal teams stated that Jane Doe’s experience shows that, contrary Black’s narrative that he knew nothing about Epstein’s sexual wrongdoings as alleged, Black was actually committing his own sexual crimes at Epstein’s house as far back as 2002.

Black (pictured with wife Debra) already stands accused of years of 'bullying, threatening and pressure tactics,' to 'force' Ganieva's silence, according to a previous lawsuit (pictured in 2017)

According to a 2017 lawsuit (pictured in 2017, Black is already facing charges of years of ‘bullying and threatening’ Ganieva.

Going a step further, the motion alleges that Black had a, ‘long-standing relationship with Epstein for years…. That included arranging massages for women to get money at Epstein’s house.

According to the amended suit Epstein met Jane Doe’sometime around 2000′ when she was introduced to her by a Ukrainian woman.

Jane Doe stated that Black attacked her just a few minutes into her relationship with Epstein. He had instructed her to give Epstein a massage at Epstein’s NYC home. 

According to the suit, a ‘huge Black’, weighing over 300lbs and standing more than 6 feet 4in tall, brutally raped her before she paid her off.

Jane Doe is described as a single mother of ‘limited financial means’ and, it is alleged, Black, ‘believed that his money could…silence [her]He must be nullified. 

Black’s legal team also released a statement denying knowledge of the Manhattan DA’s criminal probe. They also reiterated Black’s denials of any claims against them.  

The spokesperson stated that Mr. Black had provided substantial documentary evidence in legal documents, including text messages and recordings, which show Ms. Ganieva’s claims are completely false.

“In addition, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has been in contact and provided detailed evidence about Ms. Ganieva’s exortion of Mr. Black.