Billy Joel displays his remarkable 50-pound weight loss when he returned to Madison Square Garden in the second half of 2012.

Following back surgery, the patient lost an amazing 50 pounds.

Billy Joel showed off his slimmer physique as he returned to Madison Square Garden for the first time since nearly two years.

He was always on his feet or behind the piano, but it was hard to miss his trimmer body as he entertained his fans with his classic hits.

Dropping the pounds! Billy Joel put his noticeably slimmed down physique on full display as he made his grand return to Madison Square Garden for the first time in nearly two years on Friday

How to lose weight Billy Joel displayed his noticeably toned physique when he visited Madison Square Garden for his first appearance in almost two years.

Now and then: Joel pictured left on Friday and right in 2018

Throwback: Joel recently lost 50 pounds after undergoing a back surgery; pictured 2018

Now and then: Joel pictured left on Friday and right in  2018

Billy was a victim of his massive weight loss. His entire body was affected, right down to his stomach.

He exuded confidence as he performed in black with a tie and wowed his audience behind his piano.

Fans were loving the show with audience members applauding The Piano Man singer from the upper tiers of the stadium.

Joel revealed earlier this year that he lost his appetite after back surgery and unintentionally gained weight.

Wowing the crowd: The singer serenaded audiences with his hits

Joel in 2018

Transformation: Joel is pictured on Friday, and right in 2018, 

Music maker! The singer exuded confidence in a black suit and tie as he wowed fans from behind his sleek piano on Friday

Musicmaker! He exuded confidence as he charmed his audience behind his chic piano Friday. 

Giving them what they want! Audience members watched on as the Uptown Girl singer got on his feet

Give them the things they desire! As the Uptown Girl singer went on, his audience watched. 

He said, “I had back surgery in the beginning of this year. The pain was so severe that I lost my appetite,” he stated on Howard Stern’s last month’s Howard Stern Show.

“I accepted that and said, “Okay. I won’t consume as many” until I was forced to eat less. Then there was life aggravation which can, you know., affect your appetite.

Billy said, “I was getting a bit chunky.” I was glad to lose weight. 

Billy said that during the pandemic, he had paid all of his musicians their salaries.

He's back! Fans cheered the music icon on from the higher tiers of the stadium

He is back! The music legend was cheered on by fans from higher levels of the stadium 

Sing it! All eyes were on the Piano Man in his first show at the Madison Square Garden in nearly two years

Sing it! Sing it! 

The Piano Man! Joel dazzled audiences from behind his sleek piano

The Piano Man Joel impressed audiences with his sleek piano 

Entertainment icon: Billy has had a monthly residency at Madison Square Garden since 2014, with all 73 of his shows selling out

Music icon and entertainment icon: Since 2014 Billy has been a Madison Square Garden resident. All 73 shows he performed sold out.

“I paid them their full salaries for one year. I have a great band, I’m so happy to have them on stage … I don’t do as many gigs as I used to do … back in the day when I had some money issues, I wasn’t able to take care of the band the same way I am now.’

Since 2014 Billy has been a Madison Square Garden resident. All 73 shows sold out.

However, the COVID pandemic in March 2020 forced him to stop all plans. His last performance at the venue, Friday February 20th 2020 was his final. 

Billy said that he and his family view it as a “homecoming” before making the big move. “The Garden is our house. We haven’t played there for a long time and we miss it. They’re always great shows. At the Garden, there is always an amazing crowd.

'I did pay them full salary for a year': During the pandemic, Joel's band received their full annual salary

“I paid them their entire annual salary”: Joel’s band was paid its full annual salary during the pandemic. 

In awe: Music lovers couldn't take their eyes off the entertainment icon

Awe! Music fans couldn’t look away from the entertainment icon. 

Making his grand return: Joel has had a monthly residence at the New York venue since 2014, but was forced to put it all on hold at the start of the pandemic

Joel is making his grand comeback: Joel had been residing at the New York location since 2014. But, he was forced to stop it at the beginning of the pandemic.