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The special panel discussion on Bitcoin and Crypto Demystified will discuss everything you need to know regarding one of the most important financial stories in recent years. We welcome questions from you.

While the rollercoaster ride of crypto prices dominates headlines – and has made some investors a mint – blockchain is also considered to have the potential to radically remake technology and the internet.

Crypto remains a mystery to many. This is Money’s special streamed live discussion will take place at noon on Tuesday 16 November. A panel of experts from The Money will discuss crypto with you.

Cryptoboom: Both bitcoin and ethereum hit record highs again last week - and the Bank of England outlined more on its plans for a digital currency, dubbed Britcoin

The Cryptoboom. Bitcoin and ethereum both hit new records last week. And the Bank of England gave more details about its plans to create a digital currency called Britcoin.

Simon Lambert will host the event. He will discuss the crypto and bitcoin worlds, which can have huge returns but also present great risk.

This report will examine what digital asset investors who are already investing in them or may be interested in buying them should know.

Among our guests will be Glen Goodman, author of the bestselling book The Crypto Trader, who forecast the crash that followed the last bitcoin boom – and encourages those investing or trading in bitcoin or crypto to manage their risks carefully. 

This event examines the potential and dangers of cryptocurrency and decentralised financing. It will cover bitcoin’s history, as well as whether or not it has staked a claim on digital gold. 

Blockchain is a technology that allows for the creation of decentralized applications and platforms. Our experts will help you understand how it works. 

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crypto seminar