Iran shaken by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake. It is also felt in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

  • Near Bandar Abbas, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the southern Iran.
  • At a depth (10km), the magnitude of this earthquake was increased from preliminary 6.0.
  • According to social media, it was felt in Saudi Arabia as well as Dubai in UAE. 

Southern Iran has been struck by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake, close to the city of Bandar Abbas, according to a report from the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

From a depth 10km below the surface of the Earth, this quake was raised to a magnitude of 6.

There have been reports of aftershocks in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Many people took to social media to report the news.

Others affected include Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. Iran, Oman. Pakistan. Qatar. United Arab Emirates. Afghanistan.

A local official stated, “The earthquake was felt in several south Iranian cities within the Hormozgan provincial.”

State TV reports that there were two more earthquakes in the region, and rescue workers are already on the ground.