Crimes against design! Amazing photos of real estate properties reveal bizarre listings – everything from a taxidermy gallery and a CASTLE above a garage!

  • On social media, bizarre designs from all corners of the planet were posted by people sharing their failures
  • A 20,000-gallon fish tank was one of the oddest choices, as well as a ceiling piano.
  • One house also had an indoor rockery, which was next to wildlife paintings and fake birds.

Homeowners want to make their home stand out when selling their house. 

These places are not memorable, however. 

Photos of some unusual design decisions were posted to the Ridiculous Estate Reddit thread by Bored Panda.

The house appears unassuming from the outside but has been lavishly decorated inside with huge chandeliers and other luxurious touches.

A second image depicts an indoor putting course, and a third, which was shared on social media, shows a room filled entirely with taxidermy animal taxidermy.

FEMAIL has some bizarre designs that have never been seen before. 

Some decor is simply inexplicable: this indoor rockery surrounded by wildlife photos and fake animals certainly fits that mould

There are some decors that just cannot be explained: this indoor rockery with fake wildlife and photos of animals sure fits that mold

It's not often you see a piano stuck to the ceiling instead of standing on the floor - after all, sitting underneath that would be terrifying!

You don’t often see a piano attached to the ceiling rather than standing on the ground. It would be scary to sit underneath!

This home may look fairly unassuming on the outside, but peeking inside tells a whole different story, with decadent decorations like a huge chandelier and baroque ceiling moulds

The exterior may seem unassuming but the inside is filled with lavish decor like a chandelier and baroque ceiling moulds.

They say a man's home is his castle, but in the case of this suburban north American home owner, their garage is their castle

Although they say that the man’s house is his castle (in this case, the garage of a suburban North American homeowner), it is actually their castle.

When you're listing the desirable features of a potential property, an alchemy lair is surely near the top. Right?

A potential property’s desirable attributes should be listed first. Right?

Social media users were freaked out by this house, full of stuffed animals, with one saying they didn't want corpses hanging on their walls

A house filled with stuffed animals was a big concern to social media users. One said they did not want dead bodies hanging on their walls.

The owners of this home certainly pushed the boat out with their 20,000 gallon aquarium, and sea turtle ceiling decals

This home’s owners certainly set the bar high with their 20,000-gallon aquarium and sea turtle ceiling stickers

Commentators felt a bit 'putt out' by this strange work space, which offers workers a chance to practice their golfing skills without leaving the office

This strange workspace allows workers to exercise their golfing skills in the workplace, but it also provides a place for commentators.

Nothing like a good column to add some architectural integrity to a room. Shame this one isn't quite the right size for the beam it's supporting...

There is nothing better than a column to give a space architectural integrity. This one, however, is not quite right-sized for the beam that it supports.

This unusual home was branded the 'advent calendar house', for obvious reasons. The window cleaning bill must be huge

The unusual house was called the “advent-calendar house” for obvious reasons. Window cleaning must have been expensive

Sometimes you're not sure exactly what style to go for. This designer decided to throw in a load of different styles, leading to a confusing exterior

It can be difficult to choose the right style for you. Designer decided to mix a lot of styles. This created a confusing exterior.

Some people like a more minimalist approach, and choose not to fill their homes with unnecessary junk. When the rooms are this cavernous though, a homely touch would help

People prefer a minimalist approach and don’t want to clutter their home with junk. If the rooms feel so cramped, it’s worth adding a personal touch.