Bizarre moment Asda staff try to break up a fight between a female employee and a customer who screams ‘where’s the f****** police’ after ‘assaulting’ the supermarket worker

  • A ferocious brawl took place at Asda’s Beckton supermarket, London 
  • According to reports, the argument erupted when the woman “assaulted” the employee.
  • Asda customers and staff rushed to stop the flight from the shop floor.
  • Met Police identified a female, aged 30, and will interview them in due course

This is the shocking moment Asda staff desperately tried to break up a vicious fight between a female employee and a customer.

Following the alleged assault of the supermarket worker by the woman, an altercation ensued.

At 8.50pm, Friday November 5, the disturbing incident took place at Asda’s Tollgate Road store in Beckton.

As customers and Asda employees attempt to break the pair apart, you can see the fight between the women.

You can witness the customers and the female employee wrestling in the middle the bustling supermarket.

The clip features a crying child in the background.

The disturbing incident was filmed at the Asda supermarket in Tollgate Road in Beckton, London at around 8.50pm on Friday, November 5

This disturbing scene was captured at Asda in Tollgate Road, Beckton, London, at 8.50pm, Friday, November 5.

In the footage, the two women furiously fight with one another, as a horde of Asda workers and customers attempt to separate the pair

As customers and Asda employees attempt to break the pair apart, you can see the two women viciously fighting.

The female customer, who was yelling and spit-balling after the brawl ended is now clean. ‘Where’s the F****** police? “Where’s my girl?””.

This video was shared widely on social media over the weekend. Many speculated as to the reason for the fight. 

Falsely, one claim claimed that the altercation started after an Asda employee took the customer’s child to Asda. She was on a self checkout conveyor belt.

The spokesperson for Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), said that officers responded to the call after the customer had allegedly attacked the Asda employee. She also denies the claim regarding the daughter of the customer.

The MPS released the following statement: “At 20.50 on Friday, November 5th, police were dispatched to Tollgate Road in Beckton after a report that claimed that a customer was being assaulted and beaten by an employee.

The incident was viewed by CCTV and officers attended to the matter.

“It was determined that the staff member had acted in self defense after being assaulted and beaten by a customer.

A 30-year-old female was identified. She will be interviewed regarding an allegation about common assault.

“We’re aware that a social media video has been posted with an unrelated version of the events.

“We ask that the public refrain from further sharing this information.”