Moment BMW smashes lamppost into a bollard east London, before its occupants walk off casually

  • Driver looses control of his car, and knocks down an East London lamppost in Leyton. 
  • The vehicle then crashes into a bollard, just before the driver emerges and all the passengers are freed. 
  • As the driver takes possessions, debris is left behind and he flees.

The moment an out of control car crashes into a lamppost after racing over a London intersection.

Video taken in Leyton, November 7, at approximately 7.35am, shows the BMW silver forcing another driver onto their brakes while it darts past traffic lights. 

The vehicle smashes against a bollard and knocks the lamp-post down. 

Driver and passenger fled the scene, leaving behind the car crumpled and other debris on the roads.

The driver loses control of the vehicle and collides with a lamppost in Leyton and an obstruction on quiet streets in East London.

The car come around a bend

The vehicle knocks into a lamppost

Before hitting a lamppost, the car swerves around a bend and crashes into another vehicle.

The car is seen driving along the roadway towards the camera as the driver seems to lose control.

Debris begins to fly into the air as the vehicle collides with the metal lamppost  – which is immediately brought to the ground.

Just moments later, the driver crashed into a bollard and came to an abrupt halt.

As the motorist emerges from their car, pieces of the bollard are scattered across the roads and pavement.

When the motorist is free, bits and pieces of broken bollards roll over the roadway and on to the pavement.

After removing their personal belongings from the vehicle, the driver and passenger walk off and leave the wrecked vehicle on the side of the road.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said that they were alerted to reports about a traffic accident shortly after 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, November 7.

These men added that a BMW car had collided with both a lamppost, and a bollard.

According to the spokesperson, the children and occupants had fled the area before the police arrived.

Passenger and driver collect their items and get out of the wrecked car.