To beat the upcoming ‘tsunami of Omicron’ cases in the UK, booster jabs for over-30s will start TOMORROW

  • Tomorrow, 3.5 Million people will be eligible to order a 3rd shot.
  • Nearly half are eligible for an appointment immediately. 
  • To stop the spread of disease to older people, public health officials want boosters to be given to young children. 

Millions of thirtysomethings will be offered their booster vaccine from tomorrow – as Covid rates in the age group start to rise.

Invitations to be sent out to nearly half the people in England aged between 30-40 will soon be eligible for booking appointments.

This comes as the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation modified its late-December advice to give boosters to adults younger than 40.

The JCVI stated that people should have their booster within three months of their last dose. It is not the minimum five-month interval it used to recommend.

Omicron cases in Britain rose by 50 per cent today, data revealed as Government scientists warned the variant could cause nearly 2,500 daily hospitalisations this winter and tougher measures will be needed to deal with it

Omicron infections in Britain rose 50% today. Data was revealed by Government scientists who warned of the possibility that Omicron could lead to nearly 2,500 hospitalisations per day this winter. Tougher measures may be required.

Some 663 new cases of the strain were detected across the UK, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said, up from the 448 recorded yesterday. It takes the country's total to 1,898, although experts suggest the true number is much higher

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which reported 663 cases, said that the number of new strains was up by the 448 yesterday. Experts believe the actual number may be much higher.

It means that people will soon be able book their booster up until a month before their appointment. This is good news for the 3.5 Million people who are in their 30s.

The invitations to book will be sent to the majority of those remaining 4 million in the next few weeks.

But, others have already been invited and are being jabbed in the near future.

One 30-year-old from Clapham, South London, said: ‘I got a text from Lambeth Hubs inviting me for my jab yesterday and I’m having it tomorrow. It’s been remarkably quick.’

The booster jab text reads: ‘You will have enhanced protection against Covid during the winter months and reduce pressure on the NHS. This also means you can enjoy Christmas with your loved ones and reduce the risk of Covid transmission to others.’

The message suggests that public health leaders want to inject boosters in younger children to keep the virus from reaching older people.

The latest government data indicates that Covid cases among those aged between 30 and 39 years in England have increased by 14% in the week to date. In comparison, Covid rates in the older age group are either flat to declining or falling. London is a particularly worrying area for health officials, as Omicron cases have been increasing and more people are not fully vaccinated.

Sources within the Government stated yesterday that the high-transmissible variant of the virus could be responsible for up to 30% of the new capital cases.

Covid case rates among Londoners in the 20s – who are unlikely to be invited for boosters until after Christmas – have doubled in the last week, adding to concerns Omicron is starting a new surge.

Dr Emily Lawson, head of the NHS Covid vaccination programme in England, said: ‘With the emergence of the new variant and the rising case numbers, there has never been a more important time to get boosted.’

Many under-40s still have not been invited for boosters to Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, some receive them in Wales.