Boris Johnson, Tories and the Tories are preparing for another round of hammering today as they fear that they will lose in North Shropshire’s by-election. 

In the midst of increasing panic about his future and the unprecedented revolt against the new coronavirus regulations, the PM looks set to lose the once rock-solid seat.

The Conservative 1922 Committee chair could face a series of threats to his confidence if the 23,000 majority of votes is not won. These letters are being sent in response to Owen Paterson’s resignation for the violation of Commons lobbying regulations. 

In case Johnson loses in the New Years, it is also being alleged that senior ministers like Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss have been jockeying for positions.  

There was much dismay over the sleaze scandals and the allegations that Downing Street lockdown-busting groups were involved. Then came the plunge in polls with 101 Conservative MPs (nearly half of the back bench) voting against the introduction of Covid passes.

Johnson was humiliated to rely on Labour for the passage of the legislation. This raises serious concerns about his ability to impose harsher regulations should Omicron conditions worsen.

Rebels called on the Premier to “reset” his operations in the aftermath the Insurrection. He was openly warned that he may face a challenge as a leader if things don’t improve quickly. 

Boris Johnson (pictured at PMQs yesterday) is bracing for another hammer blow today with Tories fearing they are doomed to defeat in the North Shropshire by-election

Boris Johnson, pictured yesterday at PMQs, is preparing for another hammer strike today. Tories are worried they will lose the North Shropshire By-Electoral election

Whitchurch in the North Shropshire constituency, which is holding a by-election today

Whitchurch is a constituency in North Shropshire that holds a by-election. 

The contest was triggered by the resignation of Owen Paterson for flouting Commons lobbying rules

Owen Paterson, who flouted Commons lobbying rules, triggered the contest

Johnson did risk inflaming public anger though, by not addressing calls for “change” at Downing Street’s press conference last night. Johnson merely spoke of overseeing Europe’s fastest vaccine rollout and the robust job market. 

Senior Tory MPs stated: “I have never seen anything quite like it.” People are angry – furious. There are probably twelve letters to the “22”, but it could be more if North Shropshire is lost.

A senior Tory MP however stated: “Depending on what happens in Covid, If he returns to the New Year with some evidence the No. 10 machine has had its wrinkles ironed, then he will be fine.

In the midst of fevered speculation at Westminster, it is claimed that Mr Sunak quietly told MPs that he opposed Plan B Covid limitations.

Liz Truss, foreign secretary, is also reported to be holding drinks receptions in Mayfair at a private Mayfair members club. 

After representing North Shropshire for over 24 years, Mr Paterson resigned after the failed attempt by the PM to spare him from a 30 day suspension for lobbying.

Johnson had originally ordered the MPs to reject the recommendation of a cross-party commission. However, the Tory-led review of rules was initiated.

Although the move was narrowly approved, he had to drop it after Opposition parties protested against the standard overhaul. 

Multiple new allegations have been made about Tory sleaze, which appears to have caused deep damage at the polls.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is said to be hosting drinks receptions for potential supporters at a private members’ club in Mayfair, and has sent out a regal-looking Christmas card

Liz Truss (Foreign Secretary) is said to host drinks receptions in Mayfair for potential supporters. A regal looking Christmas card has been sent.

Amid fevered speculation in Westminster, there are claims Mr Sunak has been quietly letting MPs know he argued against the introduction of Plan B Covid restrictions

There are reports that Mr Sunak may have been secretly advising MPs about his opposition to the introduction Plan B Covid restrictions amid fevered speculation at Westminster

North Shropshire has voted for a Tory member in every election since 1983. That was its first election as a constituency in the current format.

Since the inception of the Conservative Party in 1830, this area has been true to blue. Only twice have they voted for another colour.

The Tories took 62.7 percent of the votes in the 2019 general elections and won the seat with a majority 22.949 to Labour’s 22,949, while the Lib Dems came in third.

A loss for Conservative candidate Neil Shastri–Hurst to Lib dem Helen Morgan would cause a significant upset for the Tories.

Senior figures expressed ‘despair’ about their prospects and said they would be shocked if the party made it to the finish line. 

The Lib Dems have been favored by bookmakers to win, but campaigners and activists on the ground think it’s too close to call. Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the party described the outcome as a coin toss’.  

When asked Wednesday whether Johnson would resign if North Shropshire fell, Johnson’s press secretary stated that he was fighting for every vote.