The long-term girlfriend of a homeless paratrooper, who met him on a charity walk along the whole UK coastline, has announced that they are expecting their first child.

  • Chris Lewis (40), a former British paratrooper, has’struggled” after leaving military.
  • After leaving the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, he became homeless
  • He set off to walk the entire UK coast for the military charity SSAFA in August 2017.
  • Chris claimed that he had met Kate Barron on his trek across the nation. 
  • Lorraine came to Lorraine’s rescue and told her that they are about to have their first baby together.  

After leaving the military, a paratrooper became homeless and shared the story of how he found his first girlfriend while hiking remote Scottish islands.

Chris Lewis (40), a former British paratrooper, was left homeless after he quit the army in 2004. He then sought help at SSAFA, a military charity. 

In August 2017, single dad Chris set off from Beach Hill car park in Swansea, with £10 in his pocket, to walk the entire coastline in the UK, in a bid to raise funds for the charity that helped rebuild his life. 

Lorraine heard from the ex-paratrooper who met Kate Barron on the roads and shared their excitement to tell Lorraine that they were expecting their first child.

Former British paratrooper Chris Lewis, 40, who was left homeless after leaving the military has revealed how the girlfriend he met while trekking remote Scottish islands is expecting their first child

Former British paratrooper Chris Lewis, 40, who was left homeless after leaving the military has revealed how the girlfriend he met while trekking remote Scottish islands is expecting their first child

Chris served in the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment and decided to start the fundraising campaign with “a tenner, two days’ worth rations” and has relied heavily on his military skills. The public’s goodwill to help us survive.  

When the first lockdown hit in March 2020, two years into Chris’ journey, he ended up camping out on an uninhabited island in Shetland, where he had an ‘amazing’ time with his beloved pet. 

Chris spent three months living in a former shepherd’s hut on Hildasay before continuing his  expedition in June last year.    

Chris, who appeared on Lorraine this morning, said that he needed to escape because he wanted to improve his life. He also stated, “I was unhappy so I decided to do something dramatic.”

The former paratrooper met his long term partner Kate Barron while on the road, and are expecting their first child together in April

While on the road, Kate Barron met her long-term partner and they are now expecting their first child in April. 

Chris found himself 'struggling' with money after leaving the army in 2004

He was left living on the streets before seeking help from military charity SSAFA

Chris felt’struggling with money’ after leaving the Army in 2004 and ended up living on the streets until SSAFA offered help.

‘I’m really proud, we’ve raised £260,000 for charity so far so I’m really happy.’ 

Kate shared the story of how she and the man met: “I was going on a solo trip up in the highlands wild camping. The last night of my trip was over, and as I was making my way down the steps to the bottom, I came across this man.

“I was intrigued by this bearded, kilted male that I saw. We spoke for about five minutes and he was camping.

“I went away, and about forty minutes later I made a U-turn. Then I came back.” It was something that intrigued me and made me think I might still be in love with him. 

Chris said he knew she was his soulmate immediately and they 'connected' over 'similar interests' (pictured together)

Chris claimed that he immediately knew she was his Soulmate, and they were ‘connected over similar interests (pictured together). 

Chris stated that he instantly knew that she was his soulmate, and said: “We connected, we have similar interests. 

It’s a wonderful feeling to be with my husband all of the time. I would not have it any other.

And while the couple was on the show, they announced that they had just given birth to a child.  

He stated that if Kate is healthy and well, then we will continue. It’s amazing to think that I began this project on my own, and now I have a baby along with me. 

Kate laughed and joked that everyone jokes about it being out wearing hiking boots. 

And the ecstatic couple announced they are expecting a baby while on the programme, revealing it is due 'before the end of April'

The couple, who were thrilled to announce their pregnancy while they were on the program, revealed that it was due “before April 31st”.

Chris revealed he felt emotional to think he had begun his journey on his own and would be 'crossing the line with a family'

Chris shared that it was quite emotional for him to imagine that he would have started this journey by himself and be sharing the experience with family members.