Boris Johnson and Sir KeirStarmer were among the ex-prime minsters and senior politicians that arrived at the Westminster Cathedral service in memory of Sir David Amess (the Tory murderer)

Both the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Labour Leader are set to visit the victim-of-five, who was attacked while he held a constituency operation at Belfairs Methodist Church (Leigh-on-Sea) on October 15. 

Also, a message from the Pope is expected to be read at the London requiem mass. The message of Pope Francis will be delivered by Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti (the Apostolic Nuncio in Great Britain), and Cardinal Vincent Nichols will serve as Archbishop.

After the private funeral of Tory MP, Priti Patel, and David Cameron, today’s memorial service will be attended by current and former prime ministers Theresa May and John Major.  

Yesterday saw people line the streets in Southend West to pay their respects, while mourners attended a private ecumenical funeral at St Mary’s Church of Prittlewell.

Ann Widdecombe (former Conservative MP) read for Sir David’s family a similar statement to that released soon after his death. The statement asked people to put aside hate and encourage tolerance. 

Sir David, Southend West MP was shot and killed in Leigh-on-Sea (Essex) on October 15.

Ali Harbi Ali 25, was charged with murder, as well preparation of terrorist acts. The charges were filed between September 28, 2018 and May 1, 2019. His plea hearing is scheduled for December.

Sir David Amess' coffin arrives at Westminster Cathedral this morning ahead of a memorial service attended by several leading politicians

Before attending a service of respect for Sir David Amess, his coffin arrived at Westminster Cathedral.

Boris Johnson arrives at Westminster Cathedral this morning for a requiem mass for Sir David Amess after the Tory MP was stabbed to death in October

Boris Johnson will be arriving at Westminster Cathedral today to attend a requiem Mass for Sir David Amess, the Tory MP who was fatally stabbed in October.

The Prime Minister and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer are both set to pay their respects to the father-of-five after he was stabbed to death while holding a constituency surgery at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea on October 15

After he was attacked and stabbed while performing a constituency procedure at Belfairs Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea, on October 15, the Prime Minister and Labour leader Sir Keir Sterner are set to both pay their respects.

Home Secretary Priti Patel arrives ahead of a requiem mass for Sir David Amess MP at Westminster Cathedral

Home Secretary Priti Patel arrives ahead of a requiem mass for Sir David Amess MP at Westminster Cathedral

Priti Patel (Home Secretary) arrives in Westminster Cathedral ahead of the Sir David Amess MP requiem mass

Chancellor Rishi Sunak arrives at Westminster Cathedral for the memorial for murdered Conservative MP Sir David Amess

The memorial to Sir David Amess is being held at Westminster Cathedral by Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Today's memorial service, attended by former prime ministers Theresa May, David Cameron and John Major, as well as current ministers like Rishi Sunak, Priti Patel and Sajid Javid, comes after the Tory MP's private funeral held in Southend a day earlier

The memorial service today, which is attended by John Major, David Cameron, and Theresa May as well as current ministers Rishi Sunak and Priti Patel as well as former prime ministers, David Cameron, John Major and John Major, follows the Tory MP’s private funeral in Southend that took place a day earlier

Former Prime Minister Theresa May arrives at a requiem mass held in honour of Sir David Amess MP at Westminster Cathedral

The former Prime Minister Theresa May attends a requiem Mass in honor of Sir David Amess, MP at Westminster Cathedral

Communities Secretary Michael Gove arrives for a Requiem Mass for Sir David Amess MP at Westminster Cathedral

Michael Gove is the Communities Secretary and will be attending the Requiem Mass at Westminster Cathedral in memory of Sir David Amess, MP.

A wreath is carried into Westminster Cathedral, central London, ahead of a requiem mass for Sir David Amess MP

A wreath is carried into Westminster Cathedral, central London, ahead of a requiem mass for Sir David Amess MP

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary George Eustice arrives for a Requiem Mass for Sir David Amess MP at Westminster Cathedral

George Eustice, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs secretary, arrives to a Requiem Mass at Westminster Cathedral in memory of Sir David Amess, MP, Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng arrives for a Requiem Mass for Sir David Amess MP after he was stabbed to death

Kwasi Kwarteng is the Business Secretary and will be attending a Requiem Mass in memory of Sir David Amess, MP. He was killed by a knife. 

Southend Fire Service pallbearers carried the coffin of Sir David, which was draped with a Union Flag.

Following the service they took the coffin with them to a horse-drawn hearingse and led a procession through Southend.

As the four-black horses of the hearse stopped in front of Southend Civic Centre, hundreds of mourners gathered to offer their condolences.

Uniformed officers of police bowed as they arrived at the hearse and were applauded.

After his death, Sir David was remembered by MPs in the Commons. A service in Sir David’s honor at St Margaret’s Church was also held.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Boris and Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader were just two of the 800 political figures in attendance. The Archbishop said that the light lighted by the public service provided by MPs such as Sir David “must never go out”.

Yesterday, Sir David Amess’s ‘absolutely broken’ family pleaded with Britons to ‘set aside their differences’ in an emotional statement read out at his funeral – as Boris Johnson said ministers ‘broke down’ when they heard of his death. 

Julia the Tory MP, her son David and their daughters, Flo and Katie and Sarah, as well as Alexandra and Alexandra were believed to all be present at the service. 

The family declared that ‘This is how we move forward’ and called for the release to be read out by Ann Widdecombe (an old colleague of Sir David). “Regardless of one’s religion, race or political belief, please be open-minded and seek to understand. Our family is trying to comprehend why this horrible thing occurred.

“Nobody should go to their death that way. Nobody. Let this tragedy bring you some joy. Although we are devastated, we can still live with the loss and continue to support a great and inspirational man. For our privacy, we request that you respect the privacy of your family so that we can mourn in peace.  

The eulogy was delivered earlier by Sir David’s friend Mark Francois MP, who remembered him as the “original Essex cheeky chapppy” and thanked his services to Southend. Southend will be named in his honour. 

Following a performance by a local choir, the pall bearers of Leigh-On-Sea Fire Station took the coffin of the MP out of St Mary’s Churchyard in Prittlewell. It was then placed into a horse-drawn hearse. Members of the public burst into spontaneous applause. 

The hearse stopped at Southend’s Civic Centre. Uniformed officers of the police bowed as they waited, before moving on to Sir David’s Southend West constituency Office, Iveagh Hall. It was a warm, but still autumn day. 

Earlier, Boris Johnson recalled how he was in the middle of a cabinet away day in Bristol when he learned of  the veteran MP’s death, and that when he told colleagues several ‘broke down’. 

BBC Radio Essex he said: “It was evident that he incited feelings of affection and love for the causes which he believed in. He was an honest guy who fought for causes he cared deeply about. He was a great example of how MPs can make a difference in the lives and livelihoods of ordinary people across the country.

Mark Francois was kind enough to praise Sir David’s services for his constituents at Southend’s funeral. 

According to the Rayleigh and Wickford MP, mourners at St Mary’s Church were told by Wickford: ‘Our electors have us as their representatives in a contract that is renewable every few years.

David Amess is the most aware of this principle: “We work for them.

“Whatever opinion one may have about members of parliament, and there are many opinions, my experience is that MPs from all political parties try to help others, regardless of their views.”

“He was the first Essex cheeky chappie,” continued Tory MP. David Amess could have had more front then Brighton.

“He felt deeply honored to have been knighted at Windsor by Her Majesty, the Queen. He told Echo that he never imagined that a Forest Gate boy would one day be knighted by Queen Elizabeth in a castle.

He then celebrated his success by renting a light suit of armor and riding on horseback to Southend’s annual celebration. He simply answered, “I am a knight,” when he was asked his thoughts.

Francois added: “He helped to put Basildon on the map, and he tirelessly worked for Southend.

“In the end I believe his constituents loved it for that.”

Look at what’s happening in Southend today.

“So, he won the final. Many would agree with me that David is a little bit of legend.

Former minister also remembered how Sir David helped to break the record for most centenarians in one meal during an event held in Southend. He recorded an album together with Bananarama, and was blessed by the Pope with a boiled sweet.

Finishing the tribute, Mr Francois said: ‘The David Amess I knew never yielded on an important point of principle to anyone, and so neither shall we.

“Despite the terrible tragedy that we have just witnessed, we will keep our heads up and continue to live because I truly believe this is what God would want us to do.

“So, it’s time to bid Sir David Amess farewell or maybe adieu. He was a great husband, father, and friend to Lady Julia, and a brilliant MP for their constituency.

“Whatever were the flaws of Parliament, David Amess was the embodiment of its strengths.

“You can see that he was a very jolly, gentlemen. So, that is what I’m sure all of you will agree to.