Today’s photograph shows a couple that was killed in a dispute over parking.  

Stephen Chapple, a 34-year old IT teacher, was found with his wife Jenny, a 33-year-old garden worker, at the estate on Sunday night in Somerset’s quiet village Norton Fitzwarren.   

They were both named locally and suffered serious injuries. 

Two children, aged 4 and 7, were confirmed by police.

On suspicion of murder, two men aged 67 and 34 were arrested. Two men, aged 67 and 34 respectively, were taken into custody yesterday. Avon and Somerset Police stated that the incident will be reported to the police watchdog because of ‘prior contact with the involved’.  

It is believed that one of the neighbours was arrested along with his father on suspicion of murder. 

A neighboring woman said that she didn’t really see the suspect, although there were some arguments about parking in the past. 

IT teacher Stephen Chapple, 34, and his garden centre worker wife Jenny, 33, were found at their property in the Somerset village of Norton Fitzwarren, near Taunton, on Sunday night

Stephen Chapple (34-year-old IT teacher) and Jenny Chapple (33.3 years old garden worker), were discovered at their Somerset property, Norton Fitzwarren.



Both were identified locally. They died from serious injuries after being found on the spot. These two were captured in photos on social media 

A forensic officer pictured today at the scene in Norton Fitzwarren, a sleepy village near Taunton

Today’s photo shows a forensic officer at Norton Fitzwarren (a village in the vicinity of Taunton). 

A message placed on tributes outside Dragon Rise. Police are continuing to investigate the lead-up to the Chapples' deaths

An address was posted on the tributes to Dragon Rise. The death of the Chapples is still under investigation by police. 

Residents of the Dragon Rise estate described their neighborhood as tranquil, while one neighbor said that the victims were’very friendly.

“I saw them, I knew their names but not their actual names. They were very dear to me when my dog was a puppy.” 

One neighbor said that even though he was aware of the problem, he did not realize it when the ambulance arrived.

He said, “We slept through all it – we saw only all the police tape and the tape this morning.” 

Other people reported hearing screams, and later saw emergency personnel and the police arriving.   

Two properties are still under police control, while officers conduct a forensic investigation of the area. 

An individual involved in a police incident will have been contacted by the police before a referral is made to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. 

The formal identification and subsequent post-mortem examinations will determine the cause of death. 

Major Crime Investigation Team Detective Inspector Neil Meade said that the thoughts and prayers of all members of the force were with the loved ones of those who have tragically died.

Officers were called to Dragon Rise (pictured today) in Taunton, Somerset, at 9.45pm on Sunday. The couple were found with serious injuries

On Sunday at 9.45pm, officers were dispatched to Dragon Rise in Taunton (pictured today). They were both found suffering serious injuries. 

A police officer guards Dragon Rise in Taunton today. Flowers have been left nearby by wellwishers

Today, a Taunton police officer is on guard at Dragon Rise. A few flowers were left by good-wishers nearby. 

A forensic tent is pictured today at the scene of the suspected double murder in Taunton

Pictured today is the forensic tent at the Taunton site of the double suspected murder.  

A voluntary referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct will be made because of prior contact by police with those involved.

Two young children were at the house at the time and, while they weren’t injured, are upset at what happened.

“They have been taken care of and specially trained officers were deployed to help the families of the victims in this most challenging time.”

He stated that he would conduct an extensive investigation into the matter and will work hard to get justice for victims’ families.

“While it appears that this is an isolated incident,” a spokesman for the police said, “There will be more police activity in the vicinity to provide the community comfort.”

“Incidents of this nature are extremely rare. However, when they do occur we know they cause considerable concern. Therefore we urge everyone with questions or concerns to contact an officer.

If you have information that would assist our investigation, please dial 101.

A woman living nearby said: 'We didn't see much of (the suspect) really, but there had been rows in the past about parking'  (image taken yesterday)

A woman living nearby said: ‘We didn’t see much of (the suspect) really, but there had been rows in the past about parking’  (image taken yesterday)