Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson reveal that their little girl Romy Iris is now Romy Charlotte Johnson. They share a photo of Romy’s newborn with Wilf.

  • Romy Charlotte Johnson will be named the baby of the couple, their second.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson have revealed today the name of their baby boy.

Romy Iris Charlotte will be the name of their second child. 

Carrie posted on social media that Romy was named after Rosemary Iris, her aunt.

Charlotte seems to be an allusion to Charlotte Johnson Wahl (Prime Minister), who died earlier in the year.

Carrie posted the picture earlier today of Romy in a crib beside a Christmas tree, with their oldest Wilf watching over.

The baby, the couple's second together, will be called Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson. According to a social media post by Carrie, the name Romy is after her aunt, Rosemary Iris

Romy Iris Carolina Johnson will be their baby. This is the second time they have been together. Carrie shared a photo on social media that Romy’s name is named after Rosemary Iris.

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