A serial flasher known as ‘The Naked Carpenter’ is back behind bars for not complying with the sex offenders’ register after being caught strolling along the high street wearing see-through trousers.

Robert Jenner (47), admitted that he had broken the register three times in just weeks following his release from prison.

After he decided to renovate his home in the nude despite opposition from angry neighbours, this former soldier made news headlines for the first time in 2016. 

Last year, he was taken into custody after being seen in Maidstone’s centre wearing transparent trousers and walking to the pub. 

Robert Jenner (above), 47, admitted to breaching the register three times just weeks after he was released from prison

Robert Jenner (above), 47-year-old, acknowledged that he had broken the register three times within a matter of weeks following his release from prison

The former soldier first made headlines in 2016 after deciding to do up his house in the nude (pictured), despite protests from his outraged neighbours

After deciding to renovate his home in the nude, a former soldier made news in 2016, despite outrage from neighbours.

Lucy Luttman the Prosecutor stated to the court Jenner, who was released from prison April 2021 had complied with notification and informed police he was homeless.

But on May 16, he informed officers he had moved to an address on Tonbridge Road, which didn’t exist.

One week later, he reached the station just one day after his departure.

According to Ms Luttman, Jenner once arrived at the station to sign the register. While doing so, Jenner began to strip and get naked. However, it was not considered to be a breach.

He also refused to talk on any occasion.

He arrived at the station on June 20 and complained about his disagreement with the Order.

He was then arrested for failing to reveal his face and was released on July 1.

Ms Luttman said: ‘He answered largely ‘no comment’ in interview, but said he disputed the fact he was a registered sex offender and said he was insulted by the use of the term.’  

Since 2016, Jenner (pictured) has been in and out of court for a series of exposure offences

Jenner (pictured) was in and out court several times since 2016, for exposure offences.

Jenner has been in and around court ever since 2016 to face a variety of exposure charges.

Jenner was imprisoned for 2 years in 2019 after she committed 10 exposure offences as a Hermes driver. Jenner also wore crotch-cut jeans and worked as a Hermes delivery man.

The flasher was given a seven-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) and was made to sign the sex offenders’ register for the next ten years.

He threatened to sue the witness shortly after being released from jail. After tracking down her via social media,

Police arrested Jenner after Jenner was seen walking down Maidstone’s high streets in see-through pants, having boozed at Wetherspoon.

Daniel Stevenson was the prosecutor at that time. He stated: “The defendant laughed, he called him Mr Inappropriate. 

‘Officers asked if he was wearing anything under his trousers and he said ‘socks’.’

Jenner was sentenced to a year in prison for malicious communications, exposure and breaching a CBO.

The CBO was extended for another seven years and the notification requirement is for ten years. This means that he must report to police his location and notify them about any changes in address.

Jenner was arrested by police after they spotted him walking along a high street in Maidstone wearing see-through trousers, after a boozing session at Wetherspoon

Police arrested Jenner after Jenner was seen walking down Maidstone’s high streets in see-through pants after having a Wetherspoon boozing session.

Eve George (defending) told Jenner that Jenner had admitted to the offenses at an earlier opportunity. Jenner was already in prison for five months.

She stated that he was a veteran of the Army and served for ten-years. He may be suffering from PTSD and will seek counselling.

Jenner was sentenced to ten month imprisonment by Judge David Griffith Jones, QC. Jenner had been convicted of two concurrent offences.

He assured him that he would finish half of the term and be released as soon as possible.

Jenner, bearded and wearing a fleece, did not respond to the sentence as he watched proceedings take place from a room at Elmley men’s prison on the Isle of Sheppey.