Boris Johnson has announced that the EU must choose between the freedom of Belarus or buying gas from Russia. 

As he warned Europe about its dependence on Russian gas via the Nord Stream 2 supply lines, he urged allies not to rely too heavily on Russian gas. 

In a speech made to diplomats, business leaders and dignitaries tonight at London’s Lord Mayor’s banquet, the Prime Minister said that he supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity. He also stated that it was not because we are hostile to Russia or want to strategically encircle, undermine, or encircle that great nation.

“And when our Polish friends requested our assistance to resolve a conjured crisis at their border with Belarus,” we quickly responded.

Polish Territorial Defence Forces build additional fence where hundreds of migrants camp at the Belarus side of Kuznica Bialostocka-Bruzgi border crossing

Polish Territorial Defence Forces construct an extra fence to keep hundreds of migrants from attempting to cross the border into Belarus at Kuznica Bialostocka Bruzgi.

Boris Johnson urged allies to ‘work ever more closely with those who do share our values and instincts’

Large ground forces deployment on the northern edge of the town of Yelnya, Smolensk Oblast, Russia

Deployment of large ground forces at the northern border of Yelnya (Smolensk Oblast), Russia

Map showing points of origin and destination of the Nord Stream pipe (solid line) and Nord Stream 2 pipeline (dotted line) between Russia and Germany. Putin hoped Nord Stream 2 would be finished two years ago, allowing Russia to bypass Ukraine in the south, which carries 50% of gas from Russia out via Poland

The map shows the points of origin/destination of Nord Stream 2 (dotted line), and Nord Stream 1 (solid line) connecting Russia to Germany. Putin hoped Nord Stream 2 could be complete two years before, allowing Russia bypass Ukraine in its south. Russia carries approximately 50% of the gas it imports from Russia via Poland.

Brussels has accused Mr Lukashenko, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin (left), of deliberately encouraging the migrants to breach its borders in retaliation for sanctions the EU has imposed in response to his repressive rule

Brussels accused Vladimir Putin’s close ally, Mr Lukaschenko (left) of encouraging migrants to cross its borders as a retaliation to the EU’s imposition of sanctions.

“And we hope our friends will recognize that soon a choice will be made between promoting ever more Russian oil and gas in massive new pipelines, or standing up for Ukraine and fighting for peace and stability.

This comes just as Boris Johnson criticized Alexander Lukashenko the Belarusian authoritarian president for trying to instigate a migration crisis to weaken European unity.   

He stated that Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with European allies, as EU foreign minsters examine new sanctions against Minsk’s regime.  

Many thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East are stuck at the border between Belarus and Poland where authorities refuse to let them enter the EU.

Migrants gather on the Belarusian-Polish border near the Polish border crossing in Kuznica

The border between Belarus and Poland is where migrants are gathered, near Kuznica.

Polish Territorial Defence Forces build additional razor wire fence where hundreds of migrants camp at the Belarus side of the border

Polish Territorial Defence Forces construct razor wire fencing to keep hundreds of migrants out of Belarus. 

Polish defence soldiers secure additional fencing where hundreds of migrants are camped at the Belarusian side of the border

Polish defense soldiers provide additional fencing to protect hundreds of migrants who are stationed at the Belarusian border. 

Brussels accused Lukashenko of encouraging migrants to cross its border in revenge for the EU’s harsh sanctions against Putin.

Friday’s announcement by the Ministry of Defence indicated that a small group of UK soldiers would be sending personnel to Poland in order to support engineering work at the Polish border.

According to the official spokesperson of the Prime Minister, the statement was made by: “With regard to Poland, we are witnessing the latest in a series abhorrent attempts to instigate a migrant crises to undermine Poland and other regions in the region.

“We stand in solidarity to our European partners, and our commitment it is that the Lukashenko regime be held responsible for its actions.”

Polish Territorial Defence Forces line the Belarusian border amid a migrant crisis

In a crisis of migrant crises, the border between Belarus and Poland is lined by Polish Territorial Defence Forces 

Polish soldiers add more barbed wire to the border with Belarus amid the migrant crisis

In the face of the refugee crisis, Polish soldiers added more barbed wire at the border to Belarus. 

EU foreign ministers expect to increase the sanctions against Belarus. They will also expand them to travel agents, airlines, and other individuals who may be aiding migrants to Europe. It is being described by EU as a hybrid attack.

The move follows Liz Truss’s appeal to Vladimir Putin for help to end the “shameful, manufactured migrant crises” that is currently unfolding in the area.

General Sir Nick Carter the Chief of Defence Staff expressed concern at the potential for the situation to quickly spiral into more serious.

Typhoon aircraft launched today from RAFLossiemouth and RAFConingsby. This was in response to Russian TU-160 Blackjack aircraft approaching UK Airspace

Today, Typhoon aircraft were launched from RAFConingsby and RAFLossiemouth. This was done in response to Russian TU-160 Blackjack planes approaching UK Airspace

“I believe this is a typical case of the kind of hybrid playbook that links disinformation to instability and the idea to push migrants onto the European Union’s borders is one classic example,” he said to BBC.

Downing Street expressed concern over the Russian buildup at Ukraine’s borders.

After the Ukrainian defense ministry revealed that about 90,000. Russian troops had been reported to be in the region, the Kremlin denied that they are preparing an invasion.

Johnson’s spokesperson said that they were seeing “a worrying situation at the border.” Our unwavering support remains for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. We will also continue to support the country in case of Russian hostility.