Boris Johnson’s top advisers allow Stonewall to dictate the government’s policy on trans rights. PM’s ex-aide says this.

  • Nikki da Costa stated that the PM was being influenced by a group pro Stonewall aides
  • According to her, the group was able to have unprecedented access and communication with Downing Street staff
  • After the BBC’s Stonewall Partnership was ended this week, these allegations were made 
  • The Times also heard from an ex-staffer, that they are trying to influence Government proposals for conversion therapy ban

Boris Johnson’s Senior Advisors allow Stonewall to dictate the Government’s Trans Rights Policy, claims a former aide.

Johnson’s former director for legislative affairs Nikki da Costa said that Johnson had given the impression that the PM was receiving’skewed advice’ from aides supporting the LGBT rights group. This she felt undermined women’s rights.

Da Costa who stood down in August said: ”There is no other organisation — no business, or charity, no matter how big — that can pick up the phone to a special adviser sitting outside Boris Johnson’s office and get that person to speak directly to the prime minister.

“But that’s the type of access Stonewall has.”

Nikki da Costa said that Boris Johnson's views on trans rights were being skewed by pro-Stonewall senior aides who regulate the opinions being put to the PM

Nikki da Costa stated that Boris Johnson was biased on trans rights by pro-Stonewall senior advisers, who control the views being presented to the PM

The former aide refused to name the aides but senior advisors have supported the role of Stonewall’s diversity training programme in government in the past.

Ms. da Costa claimed the group of aides had control over the views Johnson received in Government papers, and prevented Johnson from going to meetings with individuals with different views about trans issues.

Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie Johnson said that her husband was an ally of LGBT people during a pro-Stonewall event held at the Conservative party conference, Manchester, in October.

Ms. da Costa stated that Stonewall is also an influence on the ongoing Government consultation regarding a ban on conversion therapy.

Da Costa stated that she believes the consultation by Government could make it possible for therapists, who are trying to help people with gender dysphoria feel at ease in their birth sex, to be charged criminally.

Da Costa said that the controversial LGBT rights group had unparalleled access to Downing Street staffers and used this to influence policy

Da Costa claimed that LGBT Rights Group had unrivalled access to Downing Street staffers, and was able to use this access to make policy decisions

Boris Johnson's government is currently consulting on a proposed ban on conversion therapy which Da Costa claimed is being influenced by Stonewall

Boris Johnson is currently consulting with the government on a proposal to ban conversion therapy. Da Costa said that Stonewall was influencing this proposed ban.

Big Stonewell Scheme quitters thus far

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Ofsted
  • Ofcom
  • Cabinet Office
  • Channel 4
  • Department of Health
  • BBC
  • Ministry of Justice 
At least eight major organisations have left the Stonewall group's controversial scheme

The Stonewall scheme has been abandoned by at least eight large organizations

Da Costa stated that the consultation time was reduced from 12 weeks to six weeks. This was due to a need for a “good news story” in order to be ready for next year’s government-backed LGBTQ equality conference.

“The fear here is that we won’t be able to get it right, and therapists doing legitimate work, including supporting vulnerable children could end up in court charged with coercing someone not to have gender alignment surgery.” 

Da Costa stated that Downing Street’s women who hold so-called gender-critical views are at risk of being alienated.

While she acknowledged that the practice of ‘filtering’ information for the PM is common, she stated that there was an “imbalance in view” during trans rights discussion.

This morning, the ex-aide continued with the interview by sending a number of tweets about  

Downing Street replied to the allegations by saying that while the prime minister is proud of his country’s LGBT record, we should not be content with our achievements.

“The government has made progress in several areas including banning LGBT conversion therapy, and expanding same-sex marriage across the UK.

In recent months, Stonewall has been the target of a backlash.

In an attempt to dispel any bias regarding trans issues, the BBC pulled out of the Diversity Champions Scheme LGBT rights group.

Ofcom and the Scottish & Welsh governments voted to end the scheme due to concerns about Stonewall’s position on trans people self-identification.

In a Wednesday statement, the corporation stated that while it will not renew its participation in this program, it will continue working with various organizations to support LGBT employees.

Women’s Hour was informed Thursday by Mr Talfan Davis that while the BBC aims to be inclusive, it also tries to balance its output.