Sarah Ferguson was elegant as she gave out the awards at last night’s London ceremony. 

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, 62, who is commonly referred to as Fergie, attended the European Diversity Awards at the five-star Landmark hotel in London on Thursday night. 

For his efforts in overseeing the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines to private clinics across the UK and Europe, she presented Professor Frank Joseph with the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

A lacey, black, lacey dress was worn by Princess Eugenie’s mother, who is 31 years old, and Princess Beatrice, 33. 

Sarah Ferguson, 62, who is commonly called Fergie, attended the European Diversity Awards at the five-star Landmark hotel in London last night. She handed out the Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Frank Joseph, right, for his work overseeing the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines in private clinics around the UK and Europe.

Sarah Ferguson, aged 62, is also commonly known as Fergie. She attended last night’s European Diversity Awards at London’s 5-star Landmark hotel. Right, she handed Professor Frank Joseph the Lifetime Achievement Award for his leadership in the implementation of Covid-19 vaccinations in private clinics throughout the UK.

This floor-length skirt featured frilly details at the sleeves and in the skirt. 

Mother-of-two, the mother of two, kept her look very simple with minimal jewellery. She wore a watch on her left wrist and a silver bracelet. A pair of pendant earrings in golden were also included.  

She styled her fiery locks in a long, wavy hairstyle that fell to her shoulders. 

Fergie also looked glamorous in glamourous makeup, with foundation to highlight her skin and mascara to complement her blue eyes. 

Fergie looked stunning in a black floor-length gown she picked for the event. Pictured: With Professor Frank Joseph, right, and his colleague, left

Fergie looked amazing in the black floor length gown she chose for this event. Pictured with Professor Frank Joseph (right) and his colleague, left 

The mother-of-two photographed with the DAM team that worked with Professor Frank Joseph

Photograph of the mother-of-2 pictured with DAM Team that collaborated with Professor Frank Joseph  

Fergie, who is involved in many charities ever since she was a Royal, was thrilled to participate yesterday. 

“The European Diversity Awards are an extremely important event that recognizes the outstanding work of inspirational people and businesses over the past 12 months,” she stated. 

She added, “It was an honor to award the Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Frank Joseph. He has overseen COVID-19 testing at private clinics in the UK and Europe, and has led the fight against pandemics with Dam Health and the NHS.” 

The award was given to Professor Joseph for his efforts in fighting the coronavirus, which he has been fighting for both the NHS and Dam Health, a private diagnostic and medical company.

These awards, created in 2010, recognize 16 categories: Diversity in tech, Campaigner. Charity. Community Project. Company. Diversity champion. Diversity team. Head of diversity. Hero. Inspirational role model.

The other featured categories are Marketing Campaign and Media Diversity Champion, Outstanding Employee Networks, Social Mobility Initiative, Supplier Diversity Programme and HR Champion. 

Among the recipients of the award were HSBC and Lego Group, BP, Standard Chartered, Standard Chartered, Standard Chartered, the Oliver King Foundation, and Standard Chartered.   

Fergie pictured with Linda Riley, who founded the European Diversity Awards. Linda donned a suit for last night's event

Fergie pictured with Linda Riley, who founded the European Diversity Awards. Linda was dressed in a suit last night for the event. 

Sarah thanked the awards and paid tribute to Professor Frank's amazing work on her Instagram page yesterday

Sarah expressed gratitude for the award and paid tribute on yesterday’s Instagram account to Professor Frank. 

Lego Group won the Marketing Campaign award, while HSBC was presented with the Diversity Team honor.

BP Bobbi Picard Diversity and Inclusion consultant, proudly trans woman, has been named Hero of the year for her efforts to increase diversity and inclusion at work.

Noni Nyathi (a NHS nurse who led the effort to make PPE available for people with BAME backgrounds during the pandemic) was named Hero of the Year 2. 

Asif Sadiq MBE was appointed Senior Vice President at Warner Media, a global entertainment giant. the Head of Diversity prize.

Sarah with another attendees who wore a stunning dress with a graphic print reading 'honey' pictured

Sarah and another attendee pictured with Sarah in a beautiful dress featuring a graphic print that read “honey”

Standard Chartered is a multi-national banking and financial services company that operates more than 1200 branches in 70 countries. They were awarded the Supplier Diversity Programme.  

Sirah Maiett was named HR Champion of The Year by Kirklees Council.   

The Oliver King Foundation was awarded Charity of the Year. Its efforts in installing defibrillators at schools across the country were recognized by the award. The foundation also lobbyed the government for a law that would make the use of the equipment compulsory for all institutions.  

This award recognizes diversity and inclusion, and recognises achievements that cross race, gender, orientation, gender identity and disability.

Linda Riley (founder of the European Diversity Award) said that these awards highlight those who worked hard to promote diversity and inclusion throughout what have been incredibly difficult 18 months at Covid-19.

“Every winner who is deserving has achieved real accomplishments in race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity over the last year. 

“The award winners, which included business and corporate leaders, are energetic and show the immense efforts that corporations are making to promote diversity and inclusion. She said that while we should not forget the progress made, there are still many things to be done.