Carrie, the wife of Prime Minister John Scully was seen without her wedding rings after one of his most challenging weeks.

For PM Boris Johnson there wasn’t much to worry about – her wedding rings were sent to the jewellers and resized to make sure they fit perfectly after she gave birth.

Carrie (33 years old) was seen leaving Downing Street on Thursday wearing a green jumper, black jacket and shoes. But a glance at her left hand indicated that her rings were not in her hands.

Following her pregnancy, she sent her diamond and antique emerald engagement rings and platinum and platinum wedding bands to jewellers. They were too small and they were still rubbing.

On Thursday, Carrie 33, was seen stepping out of Downing Street in a green jumper and a black jacket, but a flash of her left hand showed she wasn't wearing her wedding rings

Carrie 33 was seen in Downing Street on Thursday wearing a green jumper, black jacket and jeans. But a glance at her left showed that her wedding rings weren’t on her.

Boris (59) and Carrie welcomed Romy Iris Charlotte to their family on December 9, 2009 at University College Hospital in London.

Romy is the second child of Wildfred and Romy, who were both born in April 2013. 

Mrs Johnson miscarried in 2021. She said it left her devastated. After becoming pregnant with Romy, she was able to have another child.

Johnson said that Mrs Johnson was pregnant and she and her husband were “hoping for our rainbow child this Christmas”.

The term “rainbow baby” refers to any child who is born to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss.

After her daughter’s birth last month, Mrs Johnson shared this message on Instagram: “Thank you so much UCLH maternity staff for taking such good care of us.” We are truly grateful.

Boris and Carrie got married in private Catholic ceremonies at Westminster Cathedral, May 29, before having small ceremony. The Downing Street garden reception

In secret, Johnson became the first prime minister to marry while still in office for nearly 200 years.

The Premier's wife was left without her rings after sending them to the jewellers to be re-sized for a post-pregnancy fit

After sending her rings to the jewellers, Premier’s wife found that she was without her rings.

Carrie, 33, is pictured wearing her wedding band and antique emerald, platinum and diamond engagement ring in June last year

Carrie, 33 years old, can be seen here wearing her engagement ring and wedding band in June 2012.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has seen a challenging few weeks in his political career amid the Sue Gray report into Partygate.

After restraining an attempted coup attempt by so-called “Pork Pie” plotters, he is now spending this weekend in his country retreat. However, even his supporters acknowledge that his fate rests on the decisions of top civil servants – due next week. 

Today, it was reported that the raucous party in Downing Street last night prior to the funeral of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh lasted 7 hours and did not end until around 1am.

Boris Johnson had already apologized to the Queen for two staff blunders, hours before she observed Covid regulations that she sit alone while she said goodbye to her consort. 

Now, however, details are available about how bacchanalian these were during April’s ban on indoor gatherings.

There are also photos to support the claims. These could be given to Sue Gray, Partygate Inquisitor. 

Telegraph says that text messages reveal staff had started to drink at 6pm and continued drinking well after midnight. 

Drinks were spilled all over the office equipment. Pizzas were ordered and loud music played. 

Staff were also described in the paper as taking turns playing on slides in Boris Johnson’s No10 garden, which is owned by his young son Wilf.  

Hours later the Queen cut a lonely figure as she said goodbye to her husband of more than 70 years, having rejected an offer of a Covid rule exemption because she wanted to set an example to the nation.

Carrie and Boris (both pictured on December 23) welcomed their daughter Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson on December 9 at University College Hospital in London

Carrie (pictured with Boris on December 23rd) and Romy Iris Charlotte were welcomed at University College Hospital, London on December 9, by Romy Iris Johnson. 

After the Duke of Edinburgh’s death on April 9, Number 10, it seems, contacted Buckingham Palace to accept the offer. On the 7th day of the funeral, Downing Street hosted two events.

The latest revelations come as Mr Johnson prepared to woo mutinous MPs from Chequers amid fears the Sue Gray report into Partygate will be worse than thought. 

Allies believe that Ms Gray won’t condemn Mr Johnson, even though he attended the Downing Street Garden ‘BYOB” bash in May 2020. As Ms Gray collects more evidence, it is clear that Whitehall mood music has been ‘darkening’. 

As he prepares for his next stage of survival from Chequers’ lavish surrounds, the premier will have further talks with backbenchers. However, it is unclear if they have been invited. 

Sue Gray (Partygate investigator) ‘discovers an email from Boris Johnson warning his private secretary not to hold a drink party at No.10 on May 20th 2020, because it violated lockdown regulations’

Sue Gray, Partygate Investigator, reportedly found an email from Boris Johnson warning his private secretary not to hold a party at No. 10 on May 20, 2020. This was in violation of lockdown rules.

Ms Gray is the top official who led an inquiry into claims that there were rule-busting gatherings in Government. She was said to have found Martin Reynolds’ email warning Johnson’s principal private secretary against the holding of the garden soiréee.

A senior official sent a message to Reynolds, telling him that Reynolds’ gathering “should be cancelled as it was against the rules”, according ITV News.

Johnson admitted that he attended the meeting for 25 minutes. However, he maintained that it was work-related and that it did not violate the first English lockdown.

Robert Peston of ITV News, the Political Editor, reported Ms Gray found the email. He said that the revelation raises a question over Johnson’s assertion that he wasn’t warned that the party was breaking the rules.

According to Mr Peston, the top official responsible for the email said that the PM had probably warned him against his party. However, the truth is that I don’t recall.

Dominic Cummings was Mr Johnson’s ex-top aide. He claimed that the party proceeded with both the prime minister of the United Kingdom and his wife present.

ITV news published a leaked email by Mr Reynolds, inviting 100 of his staff members to enjoy the lovely weather at Downing Street and have’socially disassociated drinks’.

A blog post by Mr Cumming stated that Reynolds had ‘checked with him whether it should proceed. According to the PM, it was.

The Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has backed the premier and insists that he does an ‘excellent job. Kwasi Kwarteng from the Business Department said he does not think it’s inevitable that Johnson will resign. 

England was currently in the second step of Johnson’s lockdown exit plan at the time the funeral.

Funerals allowed up to 30 guests, but wakes only 15 persons.

The ban was placed on socializing indoors by non-household members, while outdoor events were subject to the six rule.

On April 16, 2021 there were two parties at Number 10, as the country was still in mourning following the death of the Duke.

As he seemed emotional during questions about the events, the Prime Minister who was in Chequers on Tuesday was forced to apologise to the Queen.

Whitehall sources claim that the Prime minister had to take out his notebook to meet with struggling MPs before the Gray report was due to be published next week.

Some MPs may be seen individually, while others might be asked for their views in smaller groups.

Sources say that similar meetings held this week may have helped disarm the threat from the Red Wall MPs’ ‘Pork Pie Plot ‘coup.

Johnson will ask MPs for a broader view, emphasizing the importance of Johnson’s strategies to deal with Omicron. This strategy is helping the UK get out of Covid more rapidly than many other European countries.

One Tory senior said that the sessions had not been a success and the PM was not willing to make any further damaging statements. 

According to a source, Mr Johnson had asked Lee Anderson (MP for Ashfield, Nottinghamshire) to retract the letter of no confidence that was sent to Sir Graham Brady, Tory shop steward, but Anderson refused. 

Cabinet ministers branded the Tory rebels ‘attention-seeking schoolschildren’ after failing to collect enough letters of confidence to enable them to vote on Johnson’s fate. 

They have been dubbed the ‘Pork Pie plotters, as a key meeting took place in the office of Alice Kearns, MP for Melton Mowbray. 

However, the government is now facing an angry backlash against alleged dirty tricks of the whips. There are claims that MPs were threatened by losing their funding.

Johnson’s associates have been also accused of spreading lies about rebels through unsubstantiated claims in the media regarding their drinking habits, personal lives and other matters. No. 10 denied these claims.

The Times reports that the Tory rebels met last night to plan their next steps. 

According to a source, the two were discussing the possibility of making public text and evidence from whips. 

“One member of the staff recorded an intense conversation they had with Chief Whip.”

The material could be released to the press or the public in a move that could humiliate the PM after he denied that any of the rebels had been ‘blackmailed’ into supporting him.  

Telegraph reported that one rebel said: “We want the Chief Whip on a stake.” 

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister (pictured) has seen a challenging few weeks in his political career amid the Sue Gray report into Partygate

The Sue Gray Report into Partygate has caused a few challenges for the Prime Minister (pictured).

It was claimed today that a raucous party held in Downing Street the night before the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral (Queen pictured sitting alone at the funeral) last year lasted seven hours

According to today’s report, a party that took place in Downing Street just before the Duke-of-Edinburg’s funeral (Queen is seen sitting by herself at the funeral) lasted seven hours.

However, a source involved in the whipping operation told the same paper that claims of threats and blackmail were ‘complete bull****’.

According to the source, he said: “Ask them for one shred evidence.” 

This morning Mr Kwarteng stated that he doesn’t believe the accusations of blackmail against Tory whips in a series of interviews.

Sky News interviewed Mr Kwarteng, who stated: “I have been an MP for twelve years, and I’ve never seen the type of accusations that are being made.”

I don’t know of any such thing as blackmail. It’s the belief that money is being withheld to communities who are in need of it.

“It is strange, because the whip office doesn’t have that power.”

He claimed that the Government would look into the allegation’seriously, and we must get to the root of it’. But he also said, “I don’t think this is happening.” 

Mr Kwarteng said he had never been bullied by the whips, but suggested it might be because he was tall.

LBC told him, “Generally my whips were shorter than me over the years.” 

Christian Wakeford is also being attacked by Mr Kwarteng. He said it was his duty to destroy the government. 

He stated, “You’d need to ask Christian why or how he changed his political affiliations, that’s up to him.”

“I do not know his motives, but as you will see, he is a Labour MP and part of his job it is to discredit the government.

The official inquiry into Partygate, led by Whitehall ethics chief Sue Gray (pictured), is expected to be published next week

Next week will see the publication of Partygate’s official inquiry, which was led by Sue Gray (pictured), Whitehall ethics chief.

A poll yesterday suggested Mr Johnson's popularity ratings have sunk to a similar level as Jeremy Corbyn before the 2019 general election, while Rishi Sunak is being seen more favourably

Yesterday’s poll suggested that Mr Johnson’s popularity rating has fallen to the same level as Jeremy Corbyn, before the 2019 general elections. Rishi Sunak however is seen favorably.

It comes after the rebels were urged to report the blackmail claims to the authorities by William Wragg, chairman of the public administration committee and one of seven Tory MPs who submitted a letter of no confidence in the PM. 

He said that the intimidation of a MP was a serious matter on Thursday. 

“Moreover, the reports that I know would appear to be blackmail. 

“I would advise my colleagues to inform the Speaker of House of Commons as well the Metropolitan Police Commissioner about these issues.

Recalling a heated moment with a party whip after voting against the Government last year, another rebel alleged:  ‘They pulled me over and I told them I was voting against them.   

“They got up in my face. They told me that if you think you’re getting a single f***ing penny, forget it. 

“If you believe a minister will be coming to your area, forget it.” You’re done.’ 

MEP for Bury South, Mr Wakeford defected to Labour Wednesday. He was among several MPs who were warned by whips about boundary changes in their constituencies that could lead to them being pushed out of office at the next election. 

Since Mr Wakeford sensationally crossed the aisle yesterday, other blackmail allegations have been made. 

BBC North West told him that he had previously intended to vote against the government, but was informed by his local authority that no new school would be built. 

He stated, “I was threatened I wouldn’t get the school at Radcliffe if my vote wasn’t in one specific way,” 

Mr Wakeford, who defected to Labour on Wednesday, was welcomed by his new party leader Sir Keir Starmer in his parliamentary office last night

Mr Wakeford, who defected to Labour on Wednesday, was welcomed by his new party leader Sir Keir Starmer in his parliamentary office last night 

“This town has not been home to a high school in the past ten years. What would you think if you were holding back the regeneration of your town in order to allow for a voter’s vote? The idea didn’t feel right.

Rumours suggest that Mr Wakeford was forced to defect by being dragged in, and threatened with having his boundaries redrawn if it was against the PM. 

However, Johnson stated to reporters during a Taunton visit that he hadn’t seen any evidence to back up the claims.

“What I’m focusing on is the work we are doing to address the top priority of the British people which is Covid.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said Mr Wragg – who has been heavily critical of Mr Johnson and previously called for him to quit – had highlighted ‘grave and shocking accusations of bullying, blackmail, and misuse of public money’ that ‘must be investigated thoroughly’. 

In the Commons Chamber, Speaker Lindsay Hoyle stated that although he wasn’t aware of all details, his “general observation” was that government officials were not above the criminal law and that trying to intimidate an MP would constitute contempt of Parliament.

One spokesperson from No. 10 stated that they did not know of any supporting evidence for the clearly grave allegations.

“If we have any proof to back these claims, we will examine it carefully.”