Boston-based woman, after watching The Holiday’s Christmas film inspired her to switch houses for the New Year with an unknown person from the UK.

Grace Gagnon is 25, and is heading all the way to the USA to spend the holiday season in the home of a friend. Her stranger, however, will be flying to Massachusetts for a stay in Grace Gagnon’s apartment on the water. 

The idea was born when the woman posted a TikTok clip in which she asked: “Anyone from England would like to swap places for holiday?” I am looking for a small apartment in Boston’s water font.

It was captioned, “Serious inquiries only” “Bonus points for single hot brothers” 

This clip went viral quickly, with more than 3 million views within days. According to Boston native, there were 1,000s of people that responded to her request to take part. 

A Boston-based woman just revealed she is switching houses with a stranger from the U.K. for New Year's - after being inspired by the Christmas movie The Holiday

Boston resident, Annette, has revealed that she plans to switch houses for New Years with an unknown person from the U.K. after becoming inspired by The Holiday. 

It all started when Grace Gagnon, 25, posted a TikTok, where she asked, 'Anyone in England want to switch places for the holiday? I have a studio apartment on Boston's water-font'

'Serious inquiries only,' she captioned it. 'Bonus points if you have a hot, single brother'

Grace Gagnon (25) posted a TikTok in which she asked: “Anyone from England want to change places for holiday? My studio apartment is located on Boston’s Water-font.

The clip quickly went viral, gaining more than three million views, and according to the Boston-native, she received 1,000s of responses from people who wanted to participate

This video quickly became viral and was viewed more than 3 million times. According to Boston native, there were 1,000s of people that responded to her request to take part.

Inspired: Grace said she came up with the idea after watching the 2006 flick The Holiday, which stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Jude Law

Grace says she was inspired after seeing The Holiday (2006). It stars Kate Winslet (Camden Diaz), Jack Black and Jude Law.

Grace claimed that she got the idea from watching The Holiday (2006), which features Kate Winslet and Jack Black.

The movie features two women from England, one from quiet villages and the other from Hollywood. They decide to exchange homes when they realize they have been stuck in a rut.

Both of them find love in local men and things turn around.

Grace stated in another video that she would introduce anyone who swapped with Grace to her friends so they wouldn’t be left to explore Boston on their own.

Also, she stated that she would give a complete list of her favourite things in the city, such as bars, restaurants, museums, etc.

When someone inquired if she had a Jude Law-certified apartment, she laughed and said that she was blessed with an older brother. But he has already been taken. 

She said that she would switch with any person who lives in the U.K., including England, Ireland and Scotland, to find what she was searching for and she also stated she would like to travel after Christmas.

In the film, two women - one from a quiet English village and the other from Hollywood - decided to swap homes after they both are in a rut. They end up falling in love with local men

Two women, one from Hollywood and one from England, decide to move in together after being stuck in a rut. The women end up falling for local men.

Ready for love: In another video, Grace - who revealed she is currently single - explained that although falling in love would certainly be a plus to the trip, that wasn't her top priority

Grace is now ready to love. Grace revealed in another video that she was currently single and that while falling in love with someone would be great, it wasn’t the top priority.

“I would like to travel somewhere after Christmas. She explained that she doesn’t have any New Year’s Eve plans so if she could travel across the pond, it would make her so happy. “But, if this doesn’t happen, I am open to considering other dates for January. 

“I am aware of travel restrictions that COVID has put in place so I will be paying attention to the news. If we are not permitted to travel internationally, I would consider swapping places with people on the West Coast of the United States. 

Grace said anyone who was seriously interested could fill out a Google form that she made, and that she already had a few Facetime calls set up with potential-swappers.

Once she has decided on a person to work with, she’ll use a certified site to facilitate the exchange. She wants everyone to be safe so that nobody gets “bamboozled.” 

Grace further revealed in a video that she’s currently single and that while falling in love with someone would be great, it wasn’t the top priority. 

“I’m not on this trip to meet people and fall in love. She stated that she is going to explore new parts of the globe and experience life in another culture. And if you happen to find someone along the journey… I will be very happy for myself.

In one final clip, Grace revealed that she had officially picked someone to swap houses with, but until everything was booked and set in stone, she didn't want to share any more details

Grace said in one final clip that she had selected someone to live with her, but she was hesitant to reveal more information until she has everything booked.

Bon voyage! 'I'm literally booking a last minute trip to Europe for New Year's Eve, all thanks to TikTok. I have been shaking with excitement all day,' she gushed

Now, she is about to head all the way across the globe to live in a stranger's home for the holidays

Bon voyage! TikTok is literally helping me to book a New Year’s Eve trip to Europe. It’s been a thrilling day for me, she exclaimed.

Grace said that Grace dated someone while in college but she’s focusing now on her job, which has prevented her from finding her true love. 

Elle added that she is a huge fan of fairytale and Hallmark movies endings. I am so happy to see them happen in real-life.

“I wear my heart on my sleeves and love so much. However, I have yet experience it. 

‘I can see many people around me falling for love and being with their partners. And I’m so happy, but I always wonder why it hasn’t happened yet to me. 

“The last few months, I have seriously been wondering what I’m doing. And why I’m still single. It’s time to let the world go, have some fun, and get out of my head.

Grace shared one last update. She revealed she had chosen someone to move in with her, but she was hesitant to reveal more information until she has everything booked.  

TikTok helped me to book an extremely last-minute trip to Europe to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The woman exclaimed that she was ecstatic all day.