After a punch to the head of a father-of-3, a nightclub bouncer was spared prison. He left him unconscious for six days with life-altering injuries and in an induced coma. 

Gary Moffett, 48, from Cramlington, Northumberland, punched Graham Crawford, 41, to the ground after refusing him entry to Popworld at Newcastle’s Bigg Market, September 2018.

Mr Crawford, from Dudley, West Midlands, had already been kicked out of the nightclub when he tried to get back in and Moffett hit him, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Shocking CCTV footage, released by Northumbria Police, showed Moffett, who is a former serviceman, talking to Mr Crawford before felling him with a single blow to the head, rendering him unconscious.

Father-of-three Mr Crawford fractured his skull when his head hit the pavement and he spent six days in an induced coma and 19 days in intensive care at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

Doorman Gary Moffett, 48, from Cramlington, punched Graham Crawford, 41, to the ground after refusing him entry to Popworld in Newcastle's Bigg Market in September 2018

Gary Moffett (48), a doorman from Cramlington punched Graham Crawford (41), to the ground in response to him refusing entry to Popworld at Newcastle’s Bigg Market, September 2018.

The violent attack caused damage to a portion of Mr Crawford’s brain, resulting in permanent loss of sense of smell.

Moffett was an officer in the Royal Regiment Fusiliers who served in Northern Ireland as well as the Gulf War. He was then arrested and accused of causing GBH intent.

Moffett was convicted on August 24 after he maintained his innocence throughout a two-day trial. 

Moffett did not receive a jail sentence. He was given a 12-month suspended sentence that will be suspended for 18 years. His license to be a supervisor of doors and council maintenance worker was revoked.

Peter Schofield, the defender, stated that Moffett was in peacekeeping duty in Bosnia and Croatia as a military serviceman and is currently suffering from health issues and expressed his regret at what happened. 

According to his ex-army bosses, he was exemplary during his career. He also displayed a high level of maturity and honor.

Lindsay Crawford, the wife of Mr. Crawford was asked to give a victim statement after her trial. Lindsay described how their family had been affected by the attack and what it meant for them.

According to her, the man she claims has shown no remorse and left her husband in an ‘vulnerable state’ has caused him pain. She also claimed that her husband is unable to sleep at night because she doesn’t know his habits.

Father-of-three Mr Crawford fractured his skull when his head hit the pavement and he spent six days in an induced coma and 19 days in intensive care at the Royal Victoria Infirmary

The father-of-three, Mr Crawford suffered a fracture to his skull after hitting the ground. He spent six days in an intubation and then 19 days in intensive medical care at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Moffett (pictured) avoided jail as he was handed a 12-month sentence suspended for 18 months, but he lost his licence to work as a door supervisor and his council maintenance job

Moffett, (pictured) was released without jail sentence after being handed a 12-month suspended sentence for 18 months. He also lost his permit to work in the door supervisor job and council maintenance position.

According to the statement, “On the night of the attack I called Graham and a nurse answered his phone. She informed me that he was in intensive health care.” 

‘I was struck with fear, shock and absolute terror as to what had happened to him. It was one of the most difficult days in my entire life.

“While dealing with my fear and emotions, I had to go home and inform my children that their father was hospitalized and in serious condition. They cried when I tried to get to him, but I kept my mouth shut to keep them safe.

‘When Graham was stronger, I was able take the children to visit him more often. 

“I felt that my heart was breaking but I had to continue on autopilot. I was scared that if it stopped, I would fall apart and never get up.

It is a strange thought that anyone in authority would feel it was acceptable to use such damaging blows knowing they could cause irreparable injury.

“I feel great foreboding, fear and trepidation. Graham is in an extremely vulnerable position due to one man’s actions. I do not believe he has showed any remorse. 

Graham was not required to punch him in any situation. This punch made a huge difference in our family’s lives.

Moffett received his sentencing sentence from Judge Christopher Prince.

He added, “For some strange reason, while you were working that evening, you behaved in an uncharacteristic manner for you, and you’ve certainly paid the price in some respects for that.”

Moffett received a sentence of 12 months in prison, suspended for 18 more months and with rehabilitation obligations.