20-year-old boxer killed by a punch to the head that caused his skull to spin rapidly, resulting in him being brain dead.

  • Unarmed man was killed by Boxer with a single punch. He said, “It wasn’t boom, boom.”
  • Brandon Sillence (25) used his fists against Dean Skillin (20), in a pub
  • Dean was intoxicated at The Waverley pub, North Wales.
  • John Philpotts, the prosecutor of Dean’s case, stated that Dean had been brain dead long before he reached the floor.

Unprovoked attack in a pub led to a boxer killing an innocent man. 

Brandon Sillence, 25, used his fists to deliver the fatal blow to unsuspecting Dean Skillin, 20, during a night out that made his ‘skull rotate rapidly on his spine leaving him brain dead before he hit floor’.    

Sillence was drinking in The Waverley pub, Bangor, North Wales when he began the attack “without provocation”.

After approaching Taylor Lock and Dean in the pub, he struck them both and then left Taylor Lock for dead.

Brandon Sillence, 25, (pictured) killed an innocent young man with a single punch resulting in him being 'brain dead before he hit the ground' in an 'unprovoked pub attack'

Brandon Sillence (25), killed an innocent man in a one punch attack in a pub.

A post mortem revealed the blow had caused Dean Skillin's, 20, (pictured) skull to rotate 'rapidly and violently' on the top of the spine

Post mortem showed that Dean Skillin, 20 (pictured), had suffered a blow to the skull.

Sillence had been drinking at The Waverley pub in Bangor, North Wales, (pictured) when he launched the fatal attack 'without provocation'

Sillence, a North Wales native, was at The Waverley bar in Bangor when the attack began ‘without provocation.

Sillence said to police that he had literally jabbed. “Boom, boom!” is what I’ve done. I just wanted them to f*** off. I wanted to go home to my bird, mate. 

Sillence approached Sillence and punched them both quickly, according to the court.

Sillence was detained and said that he was protecting the friend of a friend.

He stated to Detective Constable Lee Harshey Jones that he had spoken with two lads who were eager to help my mate. So, I punched them both.

“It was a warning. It wasn’t an aggressive move. I have never tried to harm anyone.

‘I’ve hit two people. They were both warned by me. The one that fell was the victim, while the other stumbled.

Sillence however, after being interviewed by Caernarfon police station, said he didn’t intend to kill anybody.

He stated, “I am not bionic man.” He said, “I have only moved my hand.” I didn’t intend for anyone to die.

John Philpotts the Prosecutor stated Dean had brain damage before hitting the floor.

“The punch hit Dean Skillin, breaking the vertebrae. This caused Dean Skillin to lose his brain stem.

Dean’s cousin, Mr Lock claimed that he felt a hit to his left jaw and then regained consciousness. He saw his relative lying on the ground.

Dean Skillin

Brandon Sillence

Sillence (right), who approached Taylor Lock (left) in the pub and hit Dean (left), was pronounced dead by the jury

He stated, “A man looked at me very aggressively.” He responded, “You think you’re big guys.”

Caernarfon Crown Court was told that a police officer nearby heard “an awful, hollow sound” as 40 people left the pub.

Dean was rushed to the hospital by paramedics. A CT revealed a broken skull and bloody brain. Dean died shortly thereafter.

Post mortem examination revealed that Dean’s skull had been displaced on top by the impact.

Sillence was acting aggressively, according to the court.

Sillence of Bangor admits manslaughter, but denies murder.

The trial is continuing.