Terrifying footage shows McDonald’s staff cowering in kitchen during police stand-off with gunman barricaded inside the Florida restaurant

  • Marlon Ilescas, 41 years old, barricaded him in Fort Myers McDonalds.
  • He was eventually forced to leave by the SWAT team, who used tear gas. 
  • This video went viral, with 26.6million hits on TikTok.

This is how McDonald’s employees react when a Florida gunman attacks their Florida restaurant. 

This viral video was viewed over 26.6 million times since it was uploaded on TikTok in December 4.

Employees can be seen running from fear to hide behind coolers as the gunshot ring out. 

This is the terrifying moment McDonald's staff cower in the kitchen during a police stand-off with a gunman barricaded inside the Florida restaurant

This is what happens when McDonald’s staff are forced to cower inside their kitchens during an altercation with a Florida police officer.

The video has gone viral with more than 26.6million views after it was posted on TikTok on December 4

After being posted to TikTok December 4, the video went viral, with over 26.6million viewers.

McDonald's staff run out of the restaurant and across the car park to officers outside

McDonald’s employees run from the restaurant to the parking lot, and then cross the street to the outside officers

The video shows a woman comforting her friend and helping a boy who was standing next to the unit.

As the man records the footage, you can hear police shouting ‘drop it!’ and “hands up!” as they face the gunman.  

One male officer in police shouts “he’s going to the toilet” and approaches staff members and tells them to get out. 

A man is also wearing a shirt and lying on the kitchen floor as they exit McDonald’s. They then run into the parking lot.

A police officer asks “who’s there still?” to which the recording man replies, “a lot of people”.

The customers, along with the staff who are terrified, are directed to a bank nearby.  

The video, titled ‘Shooting in McDonald’s’, is allegedly from an active shooter incident that took place on October 23.

The armed suspect, 41-year-old Marlon Illescas, barricaded himself in the McDonalds in Fort Myers, Florida, after an altercation with officers from the Fort Myers Police Department.

The Washington Newsday reported that he barricaded himself in the McDonald’s bathroom for two hours and spoke to police on the phone.  

The remaining employees were evacuated and Illescas was driven out of the restaurant by a SWAT team using tear gas. 

The police officer approaches the employees and tells them to get out of the restaurant.

The video, titled 'Shooting in McDonald's', is allegedly from an active shooter incident that took place on October 23

This video, titled “Shooting at McDonald’s”, is allegedly from an active-shooter incident that occurred on October 23rd

After the incident, Sheriff Carmine Marceno of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said: ‘You see this team? They’re heroes. 

“This is law and order because these Lee County Sheriff’s Office men and women prevented active shooter.”

According to police, Illescas was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries. 

Later, he was taken into custody. No one was hurt in the altercation.

One commentator said: “He was very brave. He tried to control everything and maintain calm the girl and boy.   

One said that the lady who protected both her son and her coworker was a true woman.

One person said, “Does America have a gun problem?” Yes.’