A boy, aged 10, falls from a 100ft high cliff on vacation in Brighton. He is being airlifted by the Air Force to the Hospital.

  • The child fell from the Ovingdean cliffs at around 5pm yesterday evening
  • He was flown to St George’s Hospital in London where he remains critical.
  • According to reports, his family receives support as police investigate.

The boy, aged 10, was on vacation in Brighton when he fell from the 100-foot cliff. He received serious injuries and was flown to hospital.

The infant fell from the Ovingdean rock cliffs around 5pm yesterday was airlifted to St George’s Hospital in London, where he is still in a critical condition.

The Argus was informed by a passerby that he had seen all emergency personnel at the cliff. It looked very worrying.

“I heard that it was a child, so I hope they’re okay. It is horrible.

The 10-year-old child fell from the Ovingdean cliffs (pictured) at around 5pm yesterday evening

Yesterday evening, the 10-year-old boy fell off Ovingdean Cliffs (pictured), around 5:45pm.

Officers are continuing to enquire into what exactly happened

The officers are still investigating the incident.

For the purposes of rescue efforts and investigations, there was a road blockade and a police checkpoint.

Sussex Police stated that the little boy wasn’t a resident of the area, but was just visiting.

The officers added that the family was receiving assistance from specially-trained officers.

The investigation by officers into the circumstances continues. 

According to Sussex Police spokesperson, the police responded at 5pm Saturday September 24, to reports of a boy who fell from Ovingdean’s height.

The 10-year-old suffered severe injuries. He was flown to St George’s Hospital in London where he is currently in critical condition.

“He was not from the local area, but was visiting Brighton and Hove.

The ‘Ovingdean Roundabout was shut while the boy was taken to safety.

“The roundabout was reopened shortly before 10 pm. Thank you to the public who remained patient during this closure.

“The officer is providing support to the boy’s family and inquiries are ongoing.”