A 12-year-old boy was horrified when a large crocodile pounced upon him as he played hide and seek at a Mexican holiday resort.   

Charlie Buhl from Philadelphia was hiding on a wooden step leading to a lagoon in Club Med Cancun resort, June 18, with his friends, when the 13-foot reptile attacked.

Resort workers raced to the scene and forced the crocodile to his leg. They then brought him to safety. Doctors warned Charlie that his leg wounds, which had become infected, could lead to him losing his limb.  

He was able to recover from surgery and now plans to dress up as a giant Crocodile for Halloween.  

Buhl stated that there was nothing he could do because it was so strong in a Wednesday interview on Good Morning America.

He said, “I could almost feel it almost pricking my leg,” “Like someone was digging their nails into you arm.”

Charlie described how workers pulled him out. They were looking into the eyes of the crocodile, and then placed a blue pillow on his head. Then it let go and they put me on the ground.

Charlie Buhl (12 years old) from Philadelphia has spoken out after being attacked by a 13-foot Crocodile at Club Med Cancun in June. 

Buhl was taken to a local hospital where he underwent four weeks of surgery which included stapling an open skin flap

Buhl was rushed to a local hospital, where he received four weeks of treatment that included the closure of an open skin slit.

The crocodile had pulled on Buhl's leg while he was hiding on a staircase that led to the lagoon (file photo)

Buhl was hiding on a staircase leading to the lagoon when the crocodile pulled on his leg (file photo).

Buhl was transported to a local hospital and underwent four weeks worth of medical procedures.

He was initially told that he might lose one leg but he was stitched up and has since been able to recover from the terrifying incident.

Buhl, his mother Jennifer, was 50 years old, and his younger brother Johnny, seven years old, were staying at the resort at that time.

His mother claimed that her son’s screams alerted someone nearby, prompting a group male workers to rush to his aid.

 After being taken to the hospital, his mother was told that his injuries were found to be extremely serious and it was very likely that he was going to lose his leg, which was infected with bacteria.

Jennifer Buhl said that the resort acted 'really honorably and responsibly' for covering her son's medical bills and increasing security around the lagoon

Jennifer Buhl stated that resort acted’really honestly and responsibly’ to cover her son’s medical bills, and increased security around the lagoon.

Charlie was staying at the resort with his mother, and his seven-year-old brother Johnny.

After undergoing surgery that included the stapling of an open skin flap, the young boy was able to keep his leg.    

Club Med Cancun paid for Buhl’s medical bills. The resort has since increased its security to prevent any more incidents. 

Jennifer Buhl stated in an interview that Club Med had acted honorably and responsibly.

“They immediately closed the area off, placed a guard there 24/7 and put up signs …’.

Initial reports claimed that there were no warning signs or locks on the gate leading into the lagoon, near Charlie’s attack, but this was later changed. 

Club Med has released a statement to PEOPLE since the accident at their resort.   

Club Med has since released a statement on the incident and described their new enforced security measures

Club Med has since issued a statement regarding the incident and described its new enforced security measures

A spokesperson for the resort stated that safety and security are their highest priorities.

‘Club Med Cancún has reinforced the area around the lagoon by increasing the number of signs, lighting and installing taller fencing to further protect the safety of our guests and staff from the surrounding lagoon.

The resort has expanded and increased the number of warning signs at various locations to warn of the danger posed by wildlife in the lagoon.

“Club Med” met with officials from the government and environmental ministries to express concerns about the management of protected natural lagoons.

Club Med reviews all safety protocols and continues to assess whether additional measures are necessary.

Charlie returned to Philadelphia in July and is now planning his Halloween costume, which will be a 16-foot-long crocodile.

He said, “For Halloween, me, two of my friends, and I are building this huge crocodile that all of us will fit in, it’s 16 feet tall and they think it is cool,”

This is not the first time a crocodile attack has occurred in Mexico this summer.

California teen Kianna Hummel, 18, had previously been attacked in July at a resort in Puerto Vallarta after a crocodile grabbed her by the leg during a late night swim in the ocean.

Hummel said, as she lay in hospital bed, “I just started hitting it as hard and then it kept just taking it under the water,” Hummel said.

Hummel suffered severe muscle and tissue injuries to her legs after the attack at the beach.