Next year, a boy of 14 years and two teenagers are being tried for grievous bodily injury. The father allegedly beat his son within an inch as he attempted to protect him.

Alan Willson (46), a caregiver, is alleged to have stepped in when his 11-year-old son Ashley was attacked by young people at a park.

He intervened in his son’s defense, and a three-year-old boy from Worthing was attacked by the three boys.

In the attack on Longcroft Park, April 4, Mr Willson sustained serious brain injuries and suffered fractures of his spine, lung trauma, and multiple broken bones.

The ambulance rushed him to the hospital. He had brain surgery and then spent several months in recovery.

The police stated that the care worker sustained “life-changing injuries” in the attack. They are now continuing his rehabilitation at a specialist facility.

Sussex Police began a massive investigation into the matter and initial arrested the youths. Then, they released them on conditional bond while officers investigated.

Alan Willson, 46, (pictured with wife Annie) a care worker, allegedly stepped in after his son Ashley, 11, was confronted by youths at a popular park

Alan Willson (46 years old, with his wife Annie), a caregiver, is alleged to have stepped in when Ashley, 11 was being confronted at a park by young people.

Mr Willson was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery on his brain before spending months recuperating (Pictured: Longcroft Park, scene of alleged attack)

He was taken to the hospital and had surgery on his brain. After that, he spent months recovering. (Pictured at Longcroft Park, site of the alleged attack).

Police on the scene of the alleged assault in Longcroft Park on April 4. Three teenagers, aged 14, 15 and 17, have now been charged and will face trial

On April 4, police arrived at Longcroft Park to investigate the assault. The three teenagers aged 14-15 and 17 have been arrested and are now being tried. 

Mr Willson suffered serious brain injuries, fractures to his spine, lung trauma and several broken bones in the alleged attack at Longcroft Park on Easter Sunday (April 4) (Pictured: Taped off scene)

On Easter Sunday, April 4, Willson was allegedly attacked at Longcroft Park. He sustained severe brain injuries as well as fractures to his spine and lung trauma.  

The alleged attack on Mr Willson by three teenagers aged 15, 15 and 14, was committed last month.

They all appeared before Lewes Crown Court today, and each denied the single charge of causing grievous body harm to Alan Willson in intent at Longcroft Park (Worthing, West Sussex) on Easter Sunday (4 April).

They spoke to each other only in order to verify their birth dates and to deny the charges. 

The men will stand trial in the next year, and they were each released with conditional bail.

Annie Willson, the victim’s widow, released the following statement: “I am so thankful to everybody for your well-wishes, donations, in the weeks, and months following my assault on him.”

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness shown to us and our family.

“I want to express my gratitude for the support that my family received during this difficult time.

The trio accused of attacking Mr Willson appeared at Lewes Crown Court (pictured) where all three denied a single charge of causing grievous bodily harm to with intent

Three men were accused of assaulting Mr Willson. They appeared before Lewes Crown Court (pictured), where they all denied one charge of grievous bodily injury to intent.

“While our investigation continues, we won’t be commenting on or speaking anymore. We continue to request that your privacy be respected so we can concentrate on my husband’s recovery.”

Cheryl Edwards created a page for fundraising to support his family.

Friends and well-wishers inundated the appeal with donations and it soared to nearly £37,000 before being closed in August.

Becky Willson (the victim’s child) thanked her supporters for their kindness.

She said, “Words cannot describe how grateful” she was for the help given to her mother and their family during this difficult time.

“I am so stunned that this will be able to help my mom while my father is still in hospital. Thank you very much everyone.

Barrie Wilson (52 year old brother to Mr Wilson) said, ‘It is awful. Our entire family has been devastated by it. Our family is broken. 

“He was such a nice, caring chap. He did absolutely nothing wrong.