A five-year-old boy with a rare health condition is fighting for his life after contracting Covid.

Following his initial symptoms, Little Rupert Moore developed Covid symptoms. He tested positive.

Rupert was transported straight to Margate’s QEQM Hospital for monitoring his symptoms. On Wednesday, Rupert was rushed to Evelina Children’s Hospital in London.

Rupert (from Herne Bay and Kent) also suffers from Vici syndrome, a rare condition that causes fatigue. His symptoms eventually started to worsen.

He is blind and unable talk. 

Little Rupert Moore, 5, tested positive for Covid after he initially began experiencing symptoms on November 21. Pictured in intensive care at Evelina Children's Hospital in London

Little Rupert Moore (age 5) was tested for Covid. He first started experiencing symptoms November 21, 2011. Pictured in intensive treatment at Evelina Children’s Hospital London

Rupert was taken straight to Margate's QEQM Hospital so they could monitor his symptoms before being rushed to intensive care at Evelina Children's Hospital in London on Wednesday 24

Rupert was immediately taken to Margate’s QEQM Hospital to monitor his symptoms. He was then rushed to Evelina Children’s Hospital, London, on Wednesday 24.

Camilla Crick (28) was advised that Rupert wouldn’t make it in the next 48 hours. But Rupert says he is fighting. 

Camilla is a stay at home mother. She explained that her partner received a message on Sunday from work stating four people were positive for Covid. Then, the next day I got an email from Camilla’s nursery indicating another person had been positive. We all went to tests.

“All of us tested positive except for my oldest, so I called our hospital. They already knew about Rupert because he was on an intensive care program. And they advised his father to bring him in.

“On Monday, I learned that his condition had worsened overnight and that he started struggling to breathe.

“On Wednesday, doctors said that he was in an extremely bad state and not responding to antibiotics. There wasn’t anything they could do.

Rupert with his mum, Camilla, 28, hopes he will be able to fight through this most recent hurdle after her son was diagnosed with Vici syndrome in 2017, to which doctors said he would not make it to see his fourth birthday

Rupert, along with Camilla, his 28-year-old mother, hopes that he will overcome the most recent obstacle after being diagnosed with Vici Syndrome in 2017.

“Rupert has a care plan so that I can choose to either not place him in intensive or save his life. But I was aware of Rupert’s condition so they took him to Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

“He is fighting so far, and he’s making little improvements. He can now open his eyes and see that the infection has slowly cleared but it will take a while. 

In 2017, Rupert was diagnosed as having Vici syndrome. His parents received a diagnosis from experts and were informed that Rupert wouldn’t be able to make his fourth birthday. 

Camilla hopes that he can overcome this latest hurdle, as he continues to challenge the odds.

“I also have another child, Levi (9 years old) and Myla (3 years), and both of them miss Levi so very much.

Rupert, left, pictured with his sister Myla, three

Rupert (left) pictured with Myla, his sister.

Rupert, right, pictured with his brother, Levi, nine

Rupert (right), pictured with Levi (9 ani)

His family is fundraising through JustGiving to help pay for accommodation in London while Rupert is in hospital.

JustGiving has been set up by his family to raise money for Rupert’s accommodation costs in London during Rupert’s stay in hospital.

He is capable of going on vacations and taking days off despite his medical condition.

He was not ready for the world.

“He’s always happy; every person who has met him is a fan of him. He’s so full of personality.

“I consider him my little superhero, because he continues to amaze me and make doctors laugh.”

Rupert’s family are fundraising for accommodation in London while Rupert is in hospital, and so far have raised over £2,700.