With Michael Gove’s efforts to “extend, deepen, and simplify devolution”, powerful US-style governors might soon be elected to govern rural England.

  • English regions could elect US-style governors or mayors under devolution plans 
  • Local leadership will be pushed forward by ambitious ideas in white papers 
  • A draft from Michael Gove’s Levelling Up project is expected early next year  

Local governors could be empowered, as they are in the US. They would then be “allowable to take back control” of their communities. 

It is part Housing Secretary Michael Gove’s Levelling Up project, and the Prime Minister’s call for devolved governance.  

The white paper, which included proposals, was to be published before the close of 2021.

Michael Gove's devolution plans could see local governors 'empowered' into leadership which would 'allow communities to take back control'

Michael Gove’s plans for devolution could lead to local governors being ’empowered into leadership’ which would allow ‘communities to take back their control.

But the draft has now been delayed to early next year, The Times reports.

This will likely lead to greater power for local leaders, and an emphasis on examining regional inequalities caused by policymaking.

If Gove approves, it may be possible to create a quango that would allow an independent body to assess the policy impact on inequality at a regional level.

Places of population less than 500,000 may be open to ambitious devolution proposals. Areas that have a strong sense or identity could get more negotiating power, and greater control over matters like transport and housing. 

Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor

Ben Houchen, Tees Valley Mayor

Following a change in leadership by Conservatives, it appears that the government has accepted the idea of mayors.

Governors could be elected where mayors might not be the best choice.

The US governors represent the state’s interests, and execute state laws.

Although a mayor or governor would not need to be elected in each region, those who have one would be able to exercise greater power, which may face opposition from the local leaders.

Although tensions were reportedly raised about the scope of the plans, it appears that the Government has accepted the idea of mayors after a fresh onset Conservative leader, including Ben Houchen from Tees Valley and Andy Street from the West Midlands.

The Times received this information from a source within government: “Levelling Up is about Empowering Local Leadership and Allowing Communities to Take Back Control.”

The Levelling Up Secretary, 54, came on stage to Abba's Dancing Queen in Manchester to make his speech on local leadership

To give his address on leadership in local communities, the Levelling Up Secretary (54 years old) appeared on Abba’s Dancing Queen stage in Manchester.

“The White Paper will outline ambitious plans for devolution, so that we can have more Andy Streets or Ben Houchens working in communities throughout the country,” 

Gove gave a speech at last month’s party convention on Levelling Up. Gove stated that everyone should have the right to decide their future. To own their homes, to travel in safety, and to lead a fulfilling life.

He stated, “We want local leadership to create real change.”

“We will improve living standards especially in places where they are low.

“We will make public services better, particularly in areas where they are less efficient.

“And we will provide the necessary resources to increase the pride that they have in their home.”

Johnson received criticisms last month for the government’s “betrayal” of the North regarding Levelling Up, despite plans to push for Levelling Up.

Local leaders and MPs from the Conservative Party joined in a violent backlash against Prime Minister David Cameron’s ‘ambitious’ and ‘unique’ restructuring of inter-city connections.

After the HS2 route from Leeds to Leeds was abandoned in favor of a Birmingham-to East Midlands Parkway, the premier was accused.

The HS3 route linking Manchester to Leeds, better known as Northern Powerhouse Rail (or Northern Powerhouse Rail), is currently being canceled.