One-year old boy suffers from severe burns because a yob fired a firework rocket at him pram, exploding in his face

  • Alfie West (one) from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, had a fireworks aimed at his pram.
  • Nicole, Nicole’s mother at 22, attempted to rescue her son from the situation but it got into the hood.
  • The rocket’s thrower was a boy as young nine-years old, according to legend
  • Alfie was admitted to hospital with’severe’ burns, but the injuries aren’t life-threatening. 

One-year-old boy was required to be treated for severe burns after an explosion of a firework missile was directed at his pram. 

Alfie West was with Nicole, his 22-year-old mother when the young boy approached her. The rocket was pointed at Alfie and aimed towards him.

Two-year-old Alfie was thrown out by his mother, who tried to help him. But the firework entered the hood of Alfie’s hood, and it began to explode. Alfie suffered burns to the eye, neck, and arm.

The incident took place on Sunday when the mother was out walking with her son and a friend near Jordanthorpe shopping centre in Sheffield

This happened while the mother was walking her son, and another friend, near Jordanthorpe in Sheffield.

Jill Turner (55) said that Alfie was traumatized by the act. Since then, she hasn’t gone home.

She explained that she is afraid of coming out, as she believes she cannot protect her son anymore. This really upsets me.

It happened on Sunday, at around 1:30 p.m. while the mother and her son were walking near Jordanthorpe Shopping Centre in Sheffield.

According to some reports, a boy aged nine approached them, and fired the rocket toward her son who was in the front seat on a double pram.

Ms Turner claimed that Alfie was initially trying to escape the firework.

She continued, “She tried moving the pram to get it out of Alfie’s way, but it went in Alfie’s head and started to explode.

“She tried to grab the item and throw it but it was already too hot for him. It had burned his neck, back, and arm.

He was able to be wrapped up in many layers of clothing so that he didn’t feel as cold as he could.

“The ambulance arrived and the fire brigade checked his skin to see if it was still burning.

Alfie went to sleep like a baby and didn’t wake from it.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said the family are being supported by specialist officers and that Alfie's injuries are not believed to be life-threatening

South Yorkshire Police spokesmen said that Alfie’s injuries were not life-threatening and the family is being assisted by specialists officers.

“But, after half an hour, the patient started to turn around and was taken to the hospital.

“The police came with him. For evidence, they took his entire wardrobe.

Alfie received treatment at the hospital and was examined by doctors. They found that he had suffered burns to his eyes, neck, back, arm, and head.

He was able to see well enough that he did not suffer any permanent damage.

Ms Turner said that the injury to his eye burned all of his eyebrows and lashes, but it did not damage his eyes.

“They told him that his arm might be scarred, but it’s not as severe as his face.”

South Yorkshire Police spokesmen said that police were called to investigate reports of a 1-year-old boy being hit with a batemoor firework.

“The boy sustained serious injuries, and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Specialist officers are supporting his family at the moment. It is not thought that his injuries could be life-threatening.

“An investigation was launched. In connection with the incident, officers have spoken to several people and inquiries are ongoing.