A 25-year old boyfriend admitted that he killed his ex and dumped her body in the river.

  • Charles Byrne (25), admitted to killing ex-model at June Warwick Crown Court Hearing
  • At the June hearing, Byrne denied that he had attempted to murder another person.
  • He appeared today at Worcester Crown Court, where he changed his plea and confessed to attempted murder.
  • On March 25, 2022, the 25-year old will be sent to Worcester Crown Court.  

The man who confessed to killing his ex-model and then throwing her body into the river, has now admitted to a new attempted murder charge against a second victim.

Charles Byrne, 25,  killed Filipina model Christina Rowe, 28, between February 9 and 10 2021.

Ms. Rowe’s corpse was located in the River Severn at the Diglis Bridge, Worcester, on February 10. 

On June 1, he admitted to the murder of Ms Rowe at Warwick Crown Court. He said that he did so on the basis of diminished liability.

However, he also denied that a person had attempted to murder him in February. 

On today’s trial, the case was adjourned. Byrne appeared in Worcester Crown Court.

Charles Byrne, 25, (pictured) killed Filipina model Christina Rowe, 28, between February 9 and 10 2021

Charles Byrne 25 (pictured) was a Filipina Model Christina Rowe 28 between February 9 & 10 2021

Formerly of Waterworks Road (Worcester), the 25-year-old is currently a Ashworth Hospital patient.

Today, he was accompanied by four security guards. He spoke to verify his identity and plead guilty. 

Gurdeep Garcha, Gurdeep Garcha, QC read Byrne’s plea. 

Ms. Garcha stated: “May I take into account…the basis of my plea.”

“The defendant pleads guilty to the following:

According to medical evidence, he was deemed severely mentally unwell at the time of the incident.

At Warwick Crown Court on June 1 Byrne admitted the manslaughter of Ms Rowe (pictured) on the grounds of diminished responsibility and said at the time: 'I plead not guilty, but guilty to manslaughter'

On June 1, Byrne, Warwick Crown Court judge admitted Ms Rowe’s manslaughter (photo: below) on the ground of diminished liability and stated at that time: “I plead guilty but not guilty to manslaughter.”

Garcha stated that Byrne had ‘intent’ to kill him in a “fleeting” moment.  

Mister Justice Edward Pepperall QC adjourned the sentencing case and stated that Miss Rowe’s family will benefit greatly from the resolution of these cases.

“While time is important for these things to happen properly, it is equally important that the court has some control over when they will come back.

He addressed Byrne and said, “I must adjourn the matter for sentence” because both defense and prosecution have acknowledged that you were psychiatrically ill.

The case was adjourned for trial until today when Byrne, 25, appeared at Worcester Crown Court, where he changed his plea and admitted attempting to kill another person. Pictured: Ms Rowe

The trial was adjourned and Byrne appeared today at Worcester Crown Court. There, he amended his plea to admit that he had attempted to kill another person. Pictured: Ms Rowe

“It is therefore necessary that I properly consider the extent and nature your mental condition before I give you a sentence.

“There will be some delay to allow the prosecution and defense to properly investigate your mental condition.

“Meeting me to adjourn this case in order to receive psychiatric report should not give you, or anyone else, the impression that I will be able to undertake psychiatric disposition of this case.

When I sentence you next spring, all options will be open.

Byrne was placed back in the Ashworth Hospital’s care and is due to be sentenced by Worcester Crown Court on March 25, 2022.