Boyfriend accused of killing his 23-year-old partner.

  • Jordan Monaghan was accused of killing his daughter Ruby, and Logan.
  • In 2019, six years after his death, the 30-year-old suspect is accused of killing his wife.
  • He was seen to be outside, ex Evie Adams gave him CPR 
  • Monaghan was accused of faking her suicide note, according to a jury yesterday 
  • Monaghan denies three counts murder, two counts attempted murder, and two counts cruelty to a minor, all occurring between January 2013, and October 2019,

The father of a woman accused of poisoning and killing her partner, as well as smothering her two children, went to retrieve his cell phone. His aunt fought for her life.

Jordan Monaghan (30), returned to Evie Adams’ bedroom and found her unconscious.

However, jurors learned that Monaghan phoned his mom while she was being given CPR.

The court was told that when quizzed by police officers about his actions, he said: “I was upset and shocked. I didn’t want to see it.

“I did not want to see her in the state she was in.”

Monaghan told officers that on the day of Miss Adam’s death in October 2019, she had appeared drowsy after taking paracetamol and sleeping tablets.

He claimed his 23-year-old partner had been ill for a week, complaining of sickness and stomach pains.

Jordan Monaghan is accused of smothering his daughter Ruby and his son Logan

Jordan Monaghan, a suspect in the murder of his daughter Ruby and Logan Monaghan’s son Logan is charged with this crime. 

Monaghan is accused of killing his partner Evie Adams (pictured)

Monaghan is accused of killing baby Ruby and brother Logan (pictured)

Monaghan denied murdering his children Ruby (left), and Logan (right), in 2013. The trial for Monaghan’s murder continues at Preston Crown Court.

However, he said that Miss Adams had tried a range of drugs but didn’t give any.

Monaghan, a digger driver, is accused of murdering his girlfriend with an overdose on tramadol or diazepam.

Preston Crown Court Lancs was informed by Monaghan that he denied having regular contact with Tom Bank for prescription drugs. He also claimed that he spoke to Bank about a Halloween party.

Monaghan also denied being part of WhatsApp group “UK Tablets” and had not bought or sold any drugs from any member.

The hearing was told about a series of WhatsApp, Snapchat and calls made from Monaghan’s mobile phone in the days before Miss Adam’s death on October 24, 2019.

Mongahan, however, denied that he made those calls during his interviews with police.

Jordan Monaghan, 30, denies three counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder and two counts of cruelty to a child and is standing trial at Preston Crown Court (pictured)

Jordan Monaghan (aged 30), is facing trial at Preston Crown Court.

The court was told that five days before Miss Adams’ death, a message asking for “pregabs” – an abbreviation for anti-anxiety pill pregabalin – was sent from Monaghan’s phone. He denies sending the message.

That day, a message recovered from Mr Bank’s phone from Monaghan’s device read: “On car park. Red jeep.”

Monaghan told officers he used the rented red jeep, but denied that he sent it.

He told police that someone had been using his WhatsApp Number to send him messages.

Monaghan, who later claimed to have gone to the gym to get a price for a job in drainage, traveled to Hindley (Wigan) on the evening Miss Adams was killed.

Monaghan and the boss of the gym were not mentioned by the court.

Prosecution claimed that the defendant attempted to disengage himself from his family, where his spouse was in final days.

Monaghan is charged in the deaths of his daughter Ruby (three weeks) and son Logan (21 months). Ruby died at home on New Year’s Day in 2013, and her brother Logan died eight months later on August 17.

Two additional counts are pending against him for attempted murder of the third child. The legal reason is that he cannot be identified.

All charges are dismissed by him.

The trial is continuing.