Helena Christensen’s 22-year-old model son appears in court following his arrest for punching a woman’s face during NYC’s San Gennaro street party.

  • Mingus Reedus (22) was charged with misdemeanor attack after she allegedly punched a woman, aged 24, in her face at San Gennaro Street Festival
  • Reedus and his lawyer were photographed walking together in Manhattan Criminal Court House on Tuesday wearing a brown suit with a face mask. 
  •   judge set a trial date for the 22-year-old runway model for January 5 with a possibility of a disposition at that time
  • Reedus was taken out of court by officers, and then left through the back door. He then entered a car with his lawyer.
  • Reedus was born to Helena Christensen, a model and Norman Reedus, an actor best known for his part in The Walking Dead.

After allegedly punching an unidentified woman in New York City at a street festival, Norman Reedus, the son of Helena Christensen was seen making his debut before the court. 

Mingus Reedus (22 years old) was arrested for misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching 24-year-old girl in the face during Manhattan’s San Gennaro street festival.

On Tuesday, Reedus was photographed walking side by side with his attorney Isabelle A. Kirshner as he entered Manhattan Criminal Court in a brown suit with his blonde hair parted and a mask covering his face.

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Model Mingus Reedus appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court with attorney Isabelle A. Kirshner on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Model Mingus Reedus and Isabelle A. Kirshner appeared at Manhattan Criminal Court together

Mingus is the son of 'The Walking Dead' star Norm Reedus and supermodel Helena Christensen

Mingus, the son of Norm Reedus (star in ‘The Walking Dead) and Helena Christensen is supermodel.

Reedus, 22, was photographed walking side by side with his attorney as he entered Manhattan Criminal Court in a brown suit

Reedus (22 years old) was photographed walking alongside his attorney in Manhattan Criminal Court, wearing a brown suit.

Reedus is escorted by court officers through the hallways of Manhattan Criminal Court

Court officers escort Reedus along the corridors of Manhattan Criminal Court. 

The runway model was scheduled for trial by a judge on January 5, with the possibility of disposition.   

Reedus exited court via a back door, and then entered a vehicle along with his attorney. Reedus did not comment.

Reedus has been accused of attacking the woman in the attack after the two became involved in an argument at Little Italy’s street fair.

Reedus didn’t know Reedus, so Reedus rushed Reedus to the hospital where he was treated for his facial injuries.   

The incident came just one week after Reedus made his Vogue cover debut, where he was featured in the Hommes Paris’ fall-winter 2021-2022 issue alongside Parker Van Noord, son of the late male model Andre Van Noord.

Reedus exits Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday, where a judge set a trial date for January 5 with a possibility of a disposition at that time

Reedus was released from Manhattan Criminal Court by a judge on Tuesday. The judge assigned a January 5 trial date with the possibility for a disposition.

Reedus made his way to a waiting vehicle following his court appearance

Reedus made it to the waiting car after his court appearance 

Reedus, seen leaving Manhattan Criminal Court, has followed in the footsteps of his supermodel mother

Reedus is seen here leaving Manhattan Criminal Court.

Christensen, Reedus started dating in 1998. Mingus was then born. 

Reedus and the high-profile couple divorced in 2003. Diane Kruger was then involved. 

Reedus and Kruger had their first child, a girl, together in 2018.  

Mingus Christensen is Christensen’s only child. 

This supermodel from Denmark often posts photos to social media showing how close she is with her son. He has been modeling since 2017.

Mingus has worn the Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger runways. Naomi Campbell was his partner at London Fashion Week in 2013.

He appeared alongside his mom in Victoria’s Secret Mother’s Day campaigns in April.

Christensen spoke out about motherhood, saying in an accompanying video: “What a wild, beautiful journey it has been… It’s the best thing ever … [You]See life in a new way.

Mingus Reedus, 22, was taken into custody in New York City after purportedly punching a 24-year-old woman in the face while attending Manhattan's San Gennaro street festival. He is pictured on the catwalk in 2017

Mingus Reidus, 22 years old was taken into custody by New York City police after allegedly hitting a woman aged 24 in the face at Manhattan’s San Gennaro street fair. In 2017, he is seen on the catwalk.

Christensen frequently shares snaps on social media showing the close bond she has with her son, who has been modelling since 2017

Christensen often shares photos on social media that show the strong bond between her and her son. Christensen has been modeling since 2017.

Reedus and his alleged victim were both in attendance at the San Gennaro street festival

Reedus, his victim and he were both present at San Gennaro Street Festival