A jealous boyfriend was jailed for trying to murder his £5.5million lottery winner partner after accusing her of having a secret affair.

Stephen Gibbs (45) used a knife from the kitchen to stagger Emma Brown seven more times, leaving her covered in blood on their patio.

The couple had been happy for eight years but when Emma, 49, won the lottery in 2017 their relationship changed the next day, Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard.

Gibbs wept as Emma, partially blinded, told him she once loved him and now feels nothing but pity.

Following his admission to trying murdering his millionaire wife, he received an extended 18-year sentence.

Gibbs, a flooring contractor turned down Emma’s dream of traveling the world with her winnings. Instead she became controlling, possessive and jealous.

Ieuan Bennett, Prosecutor of the case said that Gibbs changed when Ms Brown was awarded the National Lottery.

Stephen Gibbs, 45, used a kitchen knife to stab Emma Brown (pictured with Gibbs) seven times in the face leaving her in a pool of blood on the patio of their luxury home in Barry, south Wales

Stephen Gibbs 45 used a kitchen knife on Emma Brown (pictured alongside Gibbs) to stab her seven times in the forehead, leaving her with a pool bloody marks in their luxurious home in Barry in south Wales.

“It was significant money that allowed her to become financially independent from the defendant.

“This changed the nature of their relationship, and caused them to have arguments.”

Gibbs fitted a tracking device to her top-of-the range Mercedes to follow her every move around the seaside resort of Barry, South Wales, where they lived in a £700,000 house.

Scott McKenzie was Emma’s former classmate and he became suspicious of Emma cheating on him. Scott is a tenant at a property she bought using her lottery winnings.

Gibbs charged her with seeing Mackenzie, 48 behind his back. He threatened to ‘cut off his throat’ after they caught them both together.

After Emma called one of her cleaners for a birthday card delivery, he accused Emma of having been with him on January 30, when he called.

Pictured: Gibbs was jailed for 18 years after he admitted one charge of attempted murder

Photograph: Gibbs is in jail for 18 years, after he pleaded guilty to attempted murder

Bennett, the Prosecutor said that it was an innocent visit. However, Gibbs interrogated her when she returned home about where she’d been.

He was worried and jealous about her past. There was also mention of Macca. This was Mr McKenzie’s nickname.

He said, “I don’t believe you. You have been to Macca.”

Emma, an ex-airport worker told Gibbs that she wanted to end their 12-year marriage. He grabbed Emma around her neck and slammed her against a wall. Emma was then able to get a kitchen knife of nine inches.

Mr Bennett stated that he told her that he would cut his throat. She tried to stop him from doing so, but he became angry at her and held the knife.

“She was outside on the patio and thought she would be killed when the knife struck one of her eyes.

The court heard Emma (pictured) needed surgery after the vicious attack in January this year

Emma, pictured here in court after suffering a vicious attack on January 1, 2013, required surgery.

Gibbs stabbed Gibbs seven times in her face. They were her last words.

Emma had CCTV installed on her property and it showed Gibbs astride Emma, his arm moving up and down while he attacked his girlfriend in the face.

Gibbs fled in Emma’s £80,000 Mercedes leaving his partner dying on the patio of their luxury home bought with her winnings.

According to the court, she survived only because neighbors heard her groaning from her property as well as faint calls of “Help, please”

Gibbs called an acquaintance and his brother to confess that he did something wrong, that he had stabbed Emma. I believe he has killed her.

Gibbs, who had taken ‘a load’ of pills in an attempt to commit suicide, was discovered in a lay-by just five miles from his home. On the seat of the passenger was found a bloody kitchen knife.

Bennett explained that Mr Bennett found a tracker device on his car. He had kept records of Emma Brown’s travels. He was jealous of Emma Brown’s travels at the time of the breakup.

Emma lost 75 percent of her vision in her right eye, and she was physically and emotionally traumatized for her life. She is now a shell of herself.

She read to the court a victim impact statement, saying: “We had been together for twelve years. I never believed he could do something like this to us.”

“I used to be the life of the party. But now, I find it difficult to face the fact that I’m not part of a larger group. But, my conflict is that I also fear being by myself.

At Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court (pictured), the judge praised Emma for resilience and bravery

Merthyr Tidfil Crown Court (pictured), Emma received a commendation from the judge at Merthyr Tyrdfil for her bravery and resilience

“I was left with a lazy eyesight which has affected me confidence. It is not clear if this will ever be corrected.

“We lived together 12 years, and we were happy. I love him. I have great memories of our time together. This makes it all more tragic.

“I feel more sympathy for him than any other emotion.”

Gibbs celebrates his 46th Birthday today. He was previously convicted of stabbing an 11 year-old boy who was the son of his former partner.

When the woman ended her relationship with Gibbs, he stabbed her son five times before taunting her: ‘You get in here – you’d better see this. Your suffering is inevitable.

Later, he tried to end his life jumping from Barry’s multi-storey carpark. However, he was able to survive the fall.

Judge Richard Twomlow recognized Emma’s courage and resilience during a difficult attack.

Gibbs was sentenced to a lifetime term for trying to kill Emma. He had previously been sentenced for 10 years for an earlier knife attack.

Gibbs was told by he: “It appears jealousy had been growing – you placed a tracking device in Ms Brown’s car and accused her for lying about where she was.”

You took out a large knife to stab her at her house, saying “I’m going after you” and she thought that you were dead.

I am satisfied that your actions pose a risk to the general public.

Gibbs displayed no emotion during his 13-year sentence and was given an extended five-year sentence. Gibbs was also subject to a restraining or obstructing him from indefinitely contacting Emma.