McSavings! McDonald’s is selling £4.69 Quarter Pounder with Cheese for 99p TODAY in a limited-time festive deal

  • McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese is available for 99p Today
  • Burger usually cost £4.69 meaning customers are making a saving of £3.70
  • Exclusively through MyMcDonald’s mobile app, a limited-time offer is available 

McDonald’s is selling Quarter Pounders with Cheese for just 99p today as a limited-time deal.

The burger usually costs £4.69, meaning customers are saving £3.70. 

The deal is available on the MyMcDonald’s app and can be ordered via the Drive-thru, McDelivery and Click & Serve.

McDonald's is selling Quarter Pounders with Cheese for just 99p today as a limited-time deal. The burger usually costs £4.69, meaning customers are saving £3.70

As a limited time deal, McDonald’s Quarter Pounders With Cheese are available for 99p. The burger usually costs £4.69, meaning customers are saving £3.70

This comes just a few months after McDonald’s introduced its Christmas menu and cups. 

McCafe launched the #ReindeerReady cups in 2021. They come in red and yellow as well as blue and teal.

Customers can pick up their Christmas cups when ordering any hot drink from the McCafé menu over the festive period – including two new additions to the menu, the new choco Fudge Latte and the new Hot Chocolate Deluxe

This delicious new member of the McCafé family comprises of a large shot of espresso blended with steamed milk and a chocolate fudge flavour syrup, topped with a swirl of cream and a chocolate fudge flavour drizzle.

McDonald’s Christmas 2021 Menu

Festive Crispy Chicken £4.89 on its own, £6.39 as a meal

Festive Stack £4.89 on its own, £6.39 as a meal

Cheese Melt Dippers £1.89

Cheese Melt Dippers Sharebox £5.09

Celebrations McFlurry £1.49 for regular, 99p for mini

Festive Pie £1.19

Choco Fudge Latte £1.79 for regular, £2.09 for large

Hot Chocolate Deluxe £1.39

If you prefer simple hot chocolate, why not try the Hot Chocolate Deluxe – a silky treat made with a rich, chocolate syrup, topped with a swirl of cream and a chocolatey dusting.

Also launching are a range of new and returning tempting treats to the McCafé menu, including a now permanent addition of the Mixed Berry Muffin, making McDonald’s the perfect Christmas shopping pit stop. Head down to McDonald’s today and pick up.

The food selection, available for six weeks, includes two new £4.89 burgers: A Festive Stack with beef, cheese sauce and a Festive Crispy chicken with chicken breast fillets in a crispy coating. 

Customer favourites like the Cheese Melt Dippers, £1.89, and the £1.49 Celebration McFlurry will also make a return.  

Festive Stack includes two beef patties, a cheese sauce, red onion relish, lettuce, red onions, cheddar cheese, and bacon in a glazed brioche roll.

It can be enjoyed on its own or for £6.39 as part of a meal.

Festive Crispy Chicken comes with breast fillet, cranberry and red onion mayos and bacon. Also, it’s served in a poppy or sesame seed bun.

Also, the Festive Pie is back. The £1.19 sweet treat is made from custard and mincemeat.

McDonald’s is also releasing festive drinks, including a Choco Fudge Latte that will set you back £1.79 for regular and £2.09 for large, and a Hot Chocolate Deluxe for £1.39.