Canadian teenager, 19-year-old Nicole was fatally stabbed in Essex by her boyfriend.

Ashley Wadsworth, 19, was discovered following a ‘disturbance’ at a block of flats in Chelmsford at 4pm on Tuesday after neighbours called police.

Paramedics tried their best to save the girl from Vernon in British Columbia but she was declared dead on the spot. 

Jack Sepple is her 23-year old boyfriend, and he’s from Chelmsford (Essex). She was found dead on the ground and was immediately arrested. He is due to appear at Colchester Magistrates’ Court today.

Ms Wadsworth, who had been converted to the Church of the Latter-day Saints when she was 18, was described as “a woman of great faith” by Daniel Seaman. He said that Wadsworth even wanted to tell her boyfriend about her faith.

The teenager, who had never left Canada before but was said to have wanted to escape ‘small town life’, had flown to the UK to be with Sepple on November 12 last year – and was due to fly home to see her family this week.

Hailey Wadsworth was devastated by the death of her big sibling and vowed that she would get justice. She wrote, via Facebook: “I love your so much baby girl, you are the most beautiful little sister I could ever have asked for.” 

Ashley Wadsworth, 19, was found stabbed to death at an address in Essex. She had flown to the UK from her home in Canada to live with her boyfriend Jack Sepple (pictured together)

Ashley Wadsworth (age 19), was found fatally stabbed at her Essex address. The 19-year-old had traveled from Canada to England to visit Jack Sepple (pictured together).  

Ms Wadsworth (pictured) had been due to fly home to Vernon in British Columbia this week

Ms Wadsworth's boyfriend Sepple, 23, (pictured) has been charged with her murder

Ms. Wadsworth was due to return to Vernon, British Columbia (right) this week. Sepple, her boyfriend has been arrested for the murder of Wadsworth.

Ms Wadsworth's heartbroken big sister, Hailey, vowed to get justice for her sibling, writing on Facebook: 'I love you so much baby girl you're the bestest little sister I ever could have asked for'

Hailey Wadsworth, Ms Wadsworth’s big sister and heartbroken sister, wrote on Facebook that she vowed justice for her sibling.

Essex Police detectives are pictured at the scene after they launched a murder investigation

The scene was taken by detectives of the Essex Police after they started a murder investigation.

She said, “My poor little sister, we’ll get justice baby girl. You are so beautiful, and I love you.”

Ms Wadsworth posted on Facebook a picture of Jack and had made it her profile photo.

She previously shared images of them smiling while on sightseeing trips in London, Chelmsford, and London. 

On Jack’s Birthday, Jack and his wife enjoyed a day in London on Jan 9, during which they saw Tower Bridge as well as the Tower of London. 

Ms Wadsworth visited many tourist hotspots in Britain during her visit, such as Buckingham Palace or Big Ben.

Sepple also invited her to join them on a visit to Rye, East Sussex.  

Tuesday saw tributes posted by friends to Ms Wadsworth on Facebook.

Larissa Kontos was a close friend of Ms Wadsworth and described her teen as a “beautiful, loving soul”.

Ms Kontos posted on Facebook, “She had a ticket to return home this Thursday to those who loved her deeply.”

Ms Wadsworth had previously posted images of the couple smiling and enjoying sightseeing trips around Chelmsford and London

Previous images posted by Ms Wadsworth showed the couple enjoying sightseeing in London and Chelmsford.

Ms Wadsworth's heartbroken big sister, Hailey, vowed to get justice for her sibling

Hailey Wadsworth, Ms Wadsworth’s big sister and heartbroken, has vowed justice for her sibling

Hailey wrote on Facebook: 'My poor baby sister we will get justice baby girl I love you so much I miss you everyday your big sissy loves you'

Hailey posted on Facebook, “My poor baby sissy we will get justice baby daughter I love you so very much. Your big sister loves you”

“You’ll never be forgotten my girly. You will be so missed!

Rosie Turcotte was Ashley’s aunt and wrote this on Facebook: “Want to share so much right now but mama always told me if I have nothing to say, then say nothing.”

“Another Angel lost too quickly.”    

Larissa Kontos from Canada posted an emotional tribute to her friend on Facebook.

“I have been struggling to find words for hours,” she said. It has happened that I wrote a blog post, then deleted it. You won’t be able to hear me again. I will be missing our conversation, as you used to text me constantly telling me what the most recent thing was about how one can get pregnant. It will be a great pleasure to see your beautiful smile! Many will miss you. Brighten up, sweetie.

The teenager outside the gates of Buckingham Palace during a day out with boyfriend, Jack

The teenager standing outside Buckingham Palace gates with Jack, his boyfriend during a day-out  

Ms Kontos said that she was a beautiful, 19-year old girl. The ticket she purchased for Thursday allowed her to go home to the people who loved and cared about her.

Ms Wadsworth’s aunt, Rosie Turcotte, wrote on Facebook: ‘I am so angry, sad and f***ing mad.

“Want to be so many right now? Mama always told me that if there is nothing to say, then say nothing.

“Another Angel lost too quickly.”

Unnamed neighbour said that police arrived late yesterday afternoon to investigate and that everyone was busy with their officers.

“We saw the paramedics come into our living room, and they were doing some work with someone.

“They brought the young lady outside to the property. They were trying to save her.

“The police spoke of stab wounds. She was apparently the victim of an aggressive attack. The medics were unable to save her. It was terrible to witness.  

Over the past 24 hours, Ashley’s friends have posted more touching tributes on Facebook.

Tianna Kowalchuk described Ashley as her best friend and said that there was nothing she or anybody else could have done to help. God is holding you right now and will keep you with us forever.

Mackenzie Palm wrote that Mackenzie was a friend and a family member.

“We were through many stages together. We did many crazy things together. There were so many wonderful memories.

Maleea Ames (a third friend) said that Ashley Wadsworth was the first person she met. They sat together at the nail salon discussing life and summer, as well as everything else. 

“You were so sweet and beautiful, it was like you had a real angel.”