A somber-looking Brad Pitt was spotted in Los Angeles on Tuesday – just hours after his ex-wife Angelina Jolie filed explosive court documents accusing him of having ‘choked’ one of their six children during a violent dispute on a private jet, hit another in the face, and slammed the actress against a wall while grabbing her hair.

Jolie (48) claimed their marital breakdown occurred during the September 2016 flight, when Pitt, 58 was allegedly “physically and emotional abusive” to Jolie as well as their children, then aged eight and 15. Court papers stated that.

Pitt verbally attacked her after she accused her of being too deferential towards the children. She began screaming at her 90 minutes later, pushing her against the wall of the bathroom and hitting the ceiling. 

Jolie was attacked by another child when Jolie tried to defend her. Pitt turned against them and injured Jolie trying to intervene. Jolie claimed that Pitt had choked and struck one child.

Pitt admitted that she had yelled at the children in 2016 and denied hitting them. Jolie was accused by a close source of manipulation the narrative to get what she desires’. She claimed that her story is constantly changing, and that Jolie is adding ‘completely untrue’ information.

Jolie’s latest allegations come while the couple continue their legal fight over Jolie’s September 2021 sale to her part of the French winery that they shared.

Pitt maintains that she did not have the right to leave. Jolie claims she made it available to him, and $54.5 million was agreed upon. However, he pulled out after she mentioned their dark private jet incident during custody proceedings.

Dressed in denim from head to toe and sneakers in white, Oscar-winning actor Oscar was quickly seen leaving a Los Angeles-area business compound. 

Jolie was in New York City, however, with Zahara, their 17-year-old daughter. 

Brad Pitt was spotted leaving an office building in Los Angeles on Tuesday, shortly after his ex-wife Angelina Jolie counter-sued him in their acrimonious battle over their French winery

Brad Pitt was seen leaving an Los Angeles office building after Angelina Jolie had counter-sued. This occurred shortly after their bitter battle over the French winery.

The 58-year-old actor has not commented publicly on Jolie's suit, but a source close to the actor accused Jolie of providing a constantly 'evolving' story

Jolie, 58 years old actor, hasn’t commented on Jolie’s suit publicly. However, a source close enough to Jolie accused Jolie that Jolie is constantly “evolving” his story.

Pitt is accused by Jolie of making the children cry on a private jet in September 2016, grabbing one in a choke hold and hitting another

Jolie charges Pitt with making the children weep on a private aircraft in September 2016. He is accused of grabbing one and hitting another.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are pictured in November 2008 with their six children. The couple separated in 2016, following an explosive row on a private jet. On Tuesday, Jolie detailed in court documents the circumstances of the violent altercation

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are seen in November 2008 together with their six children. After an explosive dispute over a private plane, the couple split in 2016. Jolie provided details in court papers on Tuesday about the events surrounding the violence.

Jolie on Tuesday was in New York City with their 17-year-old daughter Zahara

Jolie was in New York City Tuesday with Zahara, their 17-year old daughter.

DailyMail.com received information from a person close to Pitt.[Jolie]Continues to refute, revise and reinvent her story about an event six years back. She adds totally false information to every attempt to achieve what she desires. Her story changes constantly. 

“She was allowed to speak out during the custody trial. This resulted, after extensive observation and analysis from doctors, therapists, as well as other experts, in Pitt being granted 50-50 custody. 

“Here and her team continue to do the same thing every month, but with false and new information.”

Jolie stated in court documents filed Tuesday that Pitt’s actions on the September 2016 flight between France and California left children traumatized and crying, as well as injuries to her elbow and back.

After the flight, five days later she filed for divorce. She sold her share in the French winery in September 2021 that she shared with Pitt. The sale was a matter of dispute and he sued her. She countersued on Tuesday accusing him of starting the mud-slinging.

Jolie’s lawyers wrote that Jolie went to extreme lengths to prevent her children’s memories of the hurt Pitt did to their family.

“But, when Pitt brought this suit seeking to reassert her financial control and force Jolie to join her ex-husband’s frozen-out business partnership, Pitt made Jolie stand up for herself publicly on the issues.

Brad Pitt, 58, has sued Angelina Jolie over her decision to sell her half of the winery

Jolie, 47, on Tuesday countersued Pitt and detailed the circumstances of their divorce

Pitt, seen on July 18, has sued Jolie for her decision to buy half their French winery. Jolie (right in October 2021) counter-sued on Tuesday

The former couple are pictured at Brie-Champniers airport in France as they board a private jet in 2007, the year before they bought the Miraval property

They are seen at Brie-Champniers, France. This is the couple boarding a private plane in 2007.

In 2008, the couple bought Chateau Miraval, a winery that was first purchased by them.

Jolie explained that they had met with their representatives to discuss the purchase of the property. The agreement outlined the terms for how the property would split in the event of a separation.

She said Pitt didn’t want such an agreement.

Jolie’s lawyers say that Pitt’s financial manager wrote in an email: ‘Early in the process I raised the issue of a buy / sell agreement between A & B but was told by Brad it wasn’t necessary for two reasonable people to have such an agreement.’

They decided to drop the idea and were finally married in August 2014 at Chateau de la Tour.

She stated in court documents that she considered it an investment and home for her family.

Jolie claimed Pitt failed to consult her about the development of the estate, and that she installed a fifth pool for one million dollars.

She said that she didn’t object.

Her lawyers wrote that Jolie had taken an active part in designing any homes she owned (and all she has lived in) and she expected the same when Pitt and she purchased the chateau.

“But Pitt insisted on creative control that was consistent with his personal taste and vision.

Jolie preferred to work in a collaborative manner, but she accepted Pitt’s request to control the project. She sometimes wondered why, for instance, the chateau required a fifth pool, at a cost of 1 million euros, and why the staircase had to be rebuilt 4 times.

“If Jolie ever doubted such expenditures Pitt would defend them as crucial to his vision of the chateau.”

This is the Miraval Chateau and the 1,000-acre estate - now valued at $164M - where the couple tied the knot in 2008

Miraval Chateau is located here. The estate covers 1,000 acres and was purchased at $164M. This is where they tied the knot in 2008.

Jolie and Pitt married in 2014, and are pictured together in November 2015

Jolie and Pitt were married in 2014. They are shown together on November 2015.

Pitt and Jolie with their children at Los Angeles airport in February 2014

Jolie and Pitt were pictured with their children in Los Angeles, CA at the airport on February 14, 2014.

Jolie stated in court papers that Pitt’s marriage ended on September 14, 2016.

According to court papers, Pitt was abusive during the overnight flight. He also physically and emotionally abused Jolie’s children (then aged 8-15),

“After the flight Jolie made the decision to divorce her husband for the well-being of her family.

According to her, Pitt had ‘confrontation’ with one child before arriving at the airport. Jolie inquired about the problem and he said, “Accused her of being too sensitive to children and verbally attacked me.”

Jolie claims that Pitt sought Jolie out 90 minutes later and reproached her for her behavior.

According to court records, he ‘took her to the bathroom and started screaming at her’.

Jolie was grabbed by her head, then she was shaken again. Pittt then grabbed her shoulders before pushing Jolie into the wall of the bathroom.

Jolie was then compelled to get out of her bathroom by ‘Pitt, who repeatedly punched at the ceiling of the aircraft.

“As she left, one of her children asked: “Are you okay, mama?”

“Pitt replied, “No, mommy, it’s not okay,” and then began insulting Jolie.

Jolie asserts that Pitt “lunged” at one of her children when he spoke out in defense. Jolie grabbed Pitt and stopped him.

Pitt was trying to get Jolie off his stomach, so he threw himself into the seats of an airplane. He injures Jolie’s elbow as well.

“The children raced in to help each other and bravely attempted to defend them.”

“Before the event was finished, Pitt choked and hit another child in the face.

“Some of the children begged Pitt to stop. All of them were terrified. They were all crying.

Jolie and Pitt are pictured with their son Maddox in November 2013

Jolie Pitt and Maddox are seen together in November 2013.

Jolie and his children “sat still under blankets” for most of the flight.

Lawyers write that no one dared go to the restroom. Pitt would occasionally emerge from behind the plane and yell at the passengers.

“He poured beer at one time on Jolie, and at another he pour beer and red wine upon the children.

“After several tense hours Pitt finally fell asleep.”

Jolie got up on landing and told him that Jolie and her children would be going to a hotel, not their home.

The court documents reveal that he shouted “Nobody is getting off the airplane” and stopped the family deplaning for 20 minutes.

Pitt eventually relented after a child demanded that he leave.

“But once outside the plane, Pitt physically abused another of their children.”

“He grabbed Jolie’s head and shoulders and made it shaken, prompting one child to beg for help.

‘He let Jolie go, but then called her a ‘b****,’ before adding, ‘F*** you, f*** you all.”

Although an investigation was started, no charges were filed.

Jolie, alias Jane Doe, sued the FBI seven months later in April 2022 to find out why the investigation was abandoned.

Rolling Stone magazine received a copy from the FBI in August, but her actions weren’t revealed until then.

Jolie, in an anonymous suit, claimed that she filed numerous requests for a copy the FBI investigative file to gain a better understanding of the FBI investigation and to obtain information necessary to provide medical treatment and counseling for her children.

Jolie states in court papers that the dispute over their shared ownership of wineries became more contentious.

“With Chateau Miraval as her greatest asset, Jolie started to look for a more active part both in understanding Chateau Miraval’s diverse projects and in understanding its finances.

“As the divorce proceedings and other complications developed, Pitt’s behavior became more rigid as he tried to consolidate his control of the winery.

Pitt is accused of trying to freeze her from the company and to use the income to finance his projects.

She said that Pittt’s insistence on not distributing profits gave him significant leverage over Jolie and allowed for control during their ongoing conflicts.

Jolie felt increasingly uneasy about continuing with an alcohol-related company by 2019, given Pitt’s alcohol abuse and the effect it had on Pitt’s family.

“Resigned” that Pitt wouldn’t share winery control, or distribut any profits. Jolie was concerned about being involved in a business that had such painful memories and traumatic pasts for herself and her children. She also wanted financial independence and decided to sell Chateau Miraval.

Pitt argued that Jolie sold her stake unilaterally to Stoli multinational drinks giant, but Jolie said on Tuesday she gave Pitt the opportunity to purchase her shares.

While she stated that the $54.5 million agreement was made to sell her shares to Pitt, he pulled out after she brought up allegations of violence.

“In the couple’s child custody case Jolie submitted under seal (meaning that no one could see any part of it other than the title document) an ‘Offer Of Proof and Authority Re Testimony Concerning Domestic Violence.

“This filing apparently angered Pitt. In response, Pitt’s Team notified Jolie that Pitt had’stepped back’ from Miraval.

Jolie is seen with her daughter Shiloh in Rome on July 9

Jolie and Shiloh are seen together in Rome, July 9, 2018.

In September 2021, she sold her stake in Stoli and now seeks a judge’s approval.

Jolie’s attorneys write that Jolie failed to force Jolie to agree to a nondisparagement provision in return for her security and economic freedom. Pitt claims Jolie wasn’t authorized to sell Chateau Miraval’s interest and asks the Court to reverse the sale.

Pitt’s case against Jolie hinges on his alleged unwritten agreement to give each other consent or veto rights over the sale of any interest in chateau and winery, no matter what the circumstance and regardless of whether they ever were a married couple.

Jolie was first to hear of the supposed consent right when she saw press reports about Pitt suing her. Later, Jolie read Pitt’s complaint.

According to court papers, Jolie requests the Court to declare that there is no agreement and that Jolie has sold Nouvel’s company to Stoli’s.

“With these declarations Jolie can finally get what she thought was possible when Nouvel to Stoli was sold in 2021. She will be able to move on with the chateau and winery, financial independence from Stoli, and finally find peace and closure for this very difficult and painful chapter of their lives.