Stockton police released disturbing surveillance footage showing the suspect they believe to be the serial killer behind six execution-style shooting deaths over the past year and 18 months. 

A video of a man dressed in a beanie and jeans, as well as a COVID mask, shows him speeding past surveillance cameras. According to cops, it depicts a man on a mission with an “uneven stride”. 

The police are not asking for any explanations as to why they suspect he is connected to the deaths, but have asked him to turn himself in. 

Oakland, California was the scene of the first shooting in April 2021. A black 46-year-old woman, who was 46 years old at the time, was shot and killed in Stockton a few weeks later. She survived. 

It is believed that the killer remained dormant from July 2022 until he began murdering again. 

The murders of Paul Alexander Yaw, 35 and Salvador William Dubedy Jr. 43 occurred in weeks. Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez was 21, Juan Cruz 52, Lorenzo Lopez 54, and Salvador William Dubedy Jr. was 43. Within a radius of a few miles, the shootings occurred.  

The four men in question were Hispanic and several were homeless. However, police are unable to identify any common factors. 

Stockton Police released this surveillance footage yesterday which shows a man they believe may be the serial killer. It's unclear where and when it was taken, or why they think the man is connected to the six murders

Stockton Police have released the surveillance footage of a suspect they believe to be the serial killer yesterday. It is not known where, when and why the surveillance footage was captured.

The footage shows a man with an 'uneven stride' but who seems to be 'on a mission'. A reward for any information has now reached $1250,000

It shows a man walking with an unsteady stride but seems to be on a mission. The reward for information is now at $1250,000 

“We do not know the motivation. It’s likely mission-oriented, but that is what we believe. This person is on a mission,’ Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden said yesterday at a press conference. 

He said that there was no explanation for why the gun went unattended for more than 400 days. 

Salvador William Dubedy Jr., 43, was a Stockton native and father. He died at the scene he was shot, five minutes from Yaw's shooting, after police attempted to save him

Salvador William Dubedy Jr. (43), was Stockton’s native father. Five minutes after Yaw shot him, Dubedy Jr. died in the same spot where he was killed. Police tried to save him.

McFadden claimed that although detectives had no evidence to tie the man on the video to the shots, they still wanted to interview him for their investigations.

The man asked the viewers to notice his unusually straight posture and unorthodox stride.  

They were all found alone in their deaths in the wee hours of the morning. All killings occurred in darkened areas. 

Paul Alexander Yaw, a homeless man was first of two victims. 

After being shot at dawn, Yaw was taken to the hospital but he died from his injuries. Yaw was the only victim who wasn’t Hispanic.

Greta Bogrow, his mother, said that he was her son, father, grandson, nephew and cousin. He was also loved by many. We have a big hole in our hearts. I pray they find the culprit(s).

Lorenzo Lopez, 54. He was found at 4400 Manchester Ave.

Paul Alexander Yaw was the first to be killed on July 8, his family have confirmed. He was the only non-Hispanic victim

Lorenzo Lopez (54), was among the victims. He was found at 4400 Manchester Ave. Paul Alexander Yaw was the first to be killed on July 8, his family have confirmed. After being shot at in the wee hours of the morning, he was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries.

Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez was 21, found shot to death in his car at East Hammer Lane, according to San Joaquin County Coroner’s Office. The cause of his death is not known. 

Lorenzo Lopez (54), was among the victims. Jerry Lopez, his brother said that it was difficult to comprehend what had happened. It’s like we were twins, I think. Our relationship was very close when we were just a year apart.  

Salvador William Dubedy Jr. (43), was Stockton’s native father. After police tried to rescue him, he died on the spot he was shot.

The wife of the victim only learned about the connection through social media, and she was very disappointed that they didn’t reach out directly.

Kevin Lincoln, Stockton Mayor, explained that his office works closely with police to bring this killer to justice. 

Chief McFadden stated, “What makes these cases so difficult is the fact that there aren’t witnesses because of the location, timing, and lack of light.” 

According to him, detectives had viewed several hundred hours’ worth of video footage.

“We believe they are connected somehow.” We don’t know how much,’ he said.

He said, “By definition, you could very possibly call this a serial murderer.”

“It’s not consistent with the gang homicides we’re used to.”

“One of our victims was a white man so there is no evidence that these were hate crimes.

“Some did not have houses.” However, not everyone was unhoused.

Stockton police have told residents not to wander alone after dark and in areas that are dimly lit.

To encourage anyone who has information to contact us, we have opened a tip-line. It is located at 209-937-8167. Information can also be sent to