Evidence from Cleo Smith’s 18-day imprisonment in the home where she was kept for 18 days has been taken, including Brazt dolls and Brazt pens.

Terence Darrell Kelly (36), is charged with stealing the 4-year-old girl’s family tent during a camping trip to Blowholes in remote Western Australia.

On October 16, he drove Cleo to Carnarvon 75km away, just seven minutes from Cleo’s house.

Cleo, who was uninjured and was playing in the room alone on November 3, just minutes after Kelly was taken into custody by police, was saved by officers.

Terence Darrell Kelly appears to have controlled several social media profiles on which he detailed his obsession with dolls toys, including this image which he captioned: 'Nothing beats chilling at home with my Bratz dolls'

Terence Darrell Kelly seems to have had several social media accounts under his control. He described his obsession with doll toys and included this picture captioned “Nothing beats chilling with my Bratz dolls at home.”

Stepfather Jake Gliddon (pictured on Thursday), Cleo and Ellie spent their first night together sleeping in the same room as the four-year-old who they didn't want to let out of their sights

Cleo, Ellie and Jake Gliddon, the stepfather (pictured Thursday), slept in the same bedroom as Ellie the 4-year-old.

As part of a case for kidnapping, Forensics Officers were seen taking several evidence bags from Tonkin Crescent.

Items included Bratz dolls and boxes of pens, textas, crayons, assorted craft supplies, and children’s clothes.

Kelly, a Bratz doll lover and enthusiast, shared his collection via social media with photos and videos showing the dozens of them displayed on shelves at his house.

He created a web of at least 30 fake Facebook accounts,  including ones pretending to be a teenage girl and a mother, that interacted with each other.

Kelly Bratz DeLuca’s account, where Kelly describes himself as an “alpha male father”, warned his children (aged between 11-21) about online predators. 

Kelly also posed with Bratz dolls in this profile.  

“I love to take my dolls out for a ride and do their hair. I also enjoy taking pictures in public,” the account said. 

Forensics officers were seen taking dozens of evidence bags from the house on Tonkin Crescent as they build a kidnapping case against him. This one contained a doll

As they built a case against the kidnapper, Forensics officers took dozens of evidence bags out of the Tonkin Crescent house. The doll was in this one.

Items included Bratz dolls and boxes of pens, textas, crayons, and assorted craft supplies

Bratz dolls as well as boxes of textas, crayons and pens and other craft supplies were included in the sale.

BratzDeLuca shared a Facebook post two days after Cleo disappeared. It featured a photo of children at the beach, with a sticker that stated “baby girl are the best” as well as the words “feeling blessed”.

The account also features images showing a room with boxed toys carefully stacked from floor to ceiling and pictures of Kelly driving around town carrying dolls.

One post said, “I love my dolls.” Another post states that she loves taking her dolls on drives, doing their hair, and taking photos in public.

Kelly can be seen wearing a Bratz doll shirt in this picture. 

Kelly seems to be particularly interested in Bratz fashion dolls. One of Bratz’s original figurines, released twenty years ago, was Cloe, a blonde and almond-eyed teenage girl.

Cleo Smith is seven months old and has an Isla sister. Cloe, a Bratz Universe doll with elaborately made-believe features, has Isa as a sister.

A neighbour said that he was seen a week prior to Cleo being rescued. He had a full car of toys and was reported by Daily Mail Australia.

Henry Dodd stated that the dolls in question were still sealed and kept intact by their manufacturer.

Bizarre details have emerged about the accused's strange obsession with toys as numerous social media accounts linked to Kelly show a room full of children's dolls (pictured)

Many social media accounts that Kelly has linked show Kelly having a large collection of dolls for children (pictured). 

One piece of footage showed what appears to be a room in Kelly's house filled with the dolls, many of which were still in their original packaging

A piece of video showed Kelly’s home filled with dolls. Many of them were in original packaging. 

He stated that there were approximately ten to twelve dolls and that he seemed to have picked them up when they arrived.

You could actually see their boxes just as if he had ordered them online. He had them all in one place: the back of his vehicle.

Kelly bought dolls for girls, including Disney Princess and Bratz Barbies at the Toyworld. Police have requested CCTV footage from the shop’s employees. 

According to Mr Dodd, Kelly was also seen buying nappies at a local supermarket in the days prior to Cleo being found.

Kelly is also alleged to have other profiles that mention family and children, although friends and neighbours claim they are unaware of Kelly ever having any kids. 

Kelly was allegedly connected to an account that followed Ellie Smith’s, Cleo Smith’s mother. Ellie Smith begged Kelly for her help in finding her daughter. 

Kelly was questioned by police about his doll obsession. He also denied using the toys as a lure for Cleo.

Terence Kelly is now on remand in Casuarina, which is widely regarded as the toughest prison in Western Australia

Terence Kelly, currently in Casuarina on remand is being held. Casuarina is known as Western Australia’s most notorious prison.

Cleo Smith was pictured in her mum Ellie's arms outside her Carnarvon home on Thursday, 24 hours after her incredible rescue

Cleo Smith was seen in Ellie’s arms on Thursday outside her Carnarvon residence, 24 hours following her miraculous rescue

Investigators were told by a tradie that Kelly owned a bedroom decorated for a small girl. He also said that he was a father to a child. 

Polic officers interviewed the man who had been hired to paint a public housing complex. He said he saw a room decorated with doll-lined shelving. 

A door to one of the rooms in the house which can allegedly be locked from the outside is also of particular interest to detectives, The Australian reported.

For safety purposes, the WA Housing Department has decided not to install locks on doors inside. 

The forensic investigators will continue to work in the house’s derelict state until Wednesday. They have already taken out a lot of evidence, including multiple carpets. 

It can take up to two months for a house search. 

Investigators believe that Kelly was at Quobba Blowholes camping when he stumbled upon Cleo. This is a leading theory.

Cleo was allegedly raped by Kelly, according to police. She was living in the same tent with her mother Ellie Smith and stepdad Jake Gliddon.

Terence Kelly's duplex in Carnarvon, Western Australia, was swarming with forensic police on Saturday

Terence Kelly was seen in Carnarvon with his duplex. The scene was filled with forensic officers on Saturday 

Bags of evidence were removed, believed to contain contain some of Kelly's beloved Bratz dolls

The evidence, which was believed to include Kelly’s Bratz dolls, were taken out of bags.

Forensic teams are seen leaving the Carnarvon house on Saturday as they continue to scour the scene (pictured)

As they continue their investigation of the scene, the Carnarvon House is seen being evacuated by forensic teams (photo).

Cleo disappeared long before her family was awake at 6 am. Cleo was discovered alive 18 days later in Kelly’s Brockman public housing unit, only seven minutes from Carnarvon, where she lived. 

Kelly lives only two minutes away from the nearest police station. If the abductor took the fastest route to Kelly’s home from his campsite, he might have passed the station. 

It is about 50 minutes drive from Kelly’s Tonkin Crescent residence in Blowholes. Cleo was missing for about five hours.

When Ellie asked Ellie to get a glass of water, her parents saw her for the first time around 1.30am.   

Cleo, her mother and her siblings are still trying to figure out how she was taken from her tent.

Remarkable bodycam footage captured the moment Cleo was rescued by detectives, with the brave little girl clinging to her savior as she is gently spoken to and told she would soon see her 'mummy'

Cleo’s rescue by detectives was captured on remarkable bodycam video. Cleo clings to her saver while being gently spoken to. She will soon meet her mother.

Police officers bundle evidence wrapped in white plastic into a trailer after combing the property on Saturday

After inspecting the property, Saturday’s police officers pack evidence wrapped in plastic and put it into a truck.

Forensic officers were seen in the backyard of Kelly's property on Saturday as they searched through piles of evidence

On Saturday, Kelly’s backyard was occupied by forensic officers who searched piles of evidence. 

Kelly, who was known by police to have committed petty offenses but was not listed on the sex offenders list, was not immediately identified as a suspect. 

Telecommunications operators provided information to police that showed that a registered phone to him was pinged from the Point Quobba tower near the campground at 3am. This occurred three hours after Cleo’s parents discovered her gone from her tent.

This crucial information led to police investigating Kelly more. Detectives quickly discovered additional links between Kelly and the alleged abduction, though they are not revealing what.  

Sources close the investigation say that Kelly was identified as the prime suspect by police using mobile data. 

A source said that his phone had been found in the region as part of data collection. “That information led to the taskforce to him.

Cleo Smith, four, was found alive and well, 18 days after she vanished from her family's tent at the remote Blowholes campsite in north-west Western Australia

Cleo Smith (four years old) was discovered alive and well 18 days after her disappearance from the tent of her family at Blowholes in northern-west Western Australia. 

At least three mobile base stations have been added to the area where Cleo disappeared from Quobba Point (73 km north of Carnarvon on October 16).

Police were then provided with a list by telecommunication companies of all phone numbers used during times of interest. 

Rod Wilde, detective superintendent, said that the data was then interwoven with other information. Kelly is now a person of concern.

“So, we put the telephone data over the number plate-recognition, CCTV, witness accounts… and when you layer them together, you solve crimes. That is just what we did here.

Kelly was followed by officers in an unmarked police vehicle at 11.24pm Tuesday, just hours before the raid on his Carnarvon Housing Commission home. 

Cameron Blaine, detective senior sergeant, said that officers had been waiting to see Kelly ‘go mobil and leave the premises.

It was obvious in my mind what I needed so it was: “OK let’s get that done.” 

Kelly was stopped by an unmarked police car as he drove down Robinson Street. Dashcam video from the taxi caught the event.

Police tailed Kelly in an unmarked car at 11.24pm on Tuesday - just hours before they raided his housing commission home at Carnarvon at 1am on Wednesday

Kelly was followed by officers in an unmarked police car on Tuesday at 11.24pm. This just hours before the raid on his Carnarvon housing commission residence at 1am Wednesday.

To prevent escape attempts, a second, unmarked police car pulls up directly in front of the parked vehicle.

Witnesses recalled Kelly being pinched down by officers before being arrested.

“We saw one detective on top the man, pinning the him down on curb…you know very vigorously,” they stated.

Detectives placed their suspect in handcuffs and decided to search the housing commission house at 12.46am Wednesday.   

Kurt Ford, detective senior constable said that he saw the little girl and was just thinking about picking her up. 

A beaming Cleo is seen from her hospital bed after she was rescued by police on Wednesday

After being rescued Wednesday by the police, Cleo beams from her hospital bed.

Kelly was brought before Carnarvon Magistrate’s Court by Kelly on Thursday afternoon. Kelly was refused bail, and will be back in court for his next appearance in December.

Cleo’s parents were warned by police not to speak with Cleo until child abuse specialists interview her.

Cleo’s heartwarming story of being found by detectives alone in a bedroom playing with toys, was recorded for the first times on Thursday. 

Sergeant Blaine is heard asking the girl, “What’s your name?” three times before she finally falteringly replied: ‘M-my name is Cleo.’

According to him, police tried sharing as much information with parents as possible but investigators still need all details. 


 By Olivia Day for Daily Mail Australia

Friday, October 15,

Cleo, along with Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon, arrive at Blowholes campsite about 6:30pm.

They arrived in the evening to a quiet night.

Saturday, September 16

Cleo, four years old, asks her mother for water.

6.23 AM: Ellie dials 000 in order to report her missing eldest child, as she continues searching the camp.

6.30 am: Two officers arrive at Carnarvon’s police station. The officers travel with sirens, lights and priority to Blowholes.

6.41 AM: Blowholes is received a second car police with two additional officers, equipped with lights and sirens.

7.10 AM: First police car arrives. Only minutes later, the second arrives.

7.26 am: Officers arrive on the scene and create a protected forensic zone that’s open to the public. This area surrounds Cleo’s family tent.

7.33am: The drone operator will search the skies.

7.44 AM: Blowholes are receiving a third car from the police department.

8am: Cleo’s family and friends begin arriving to assist with ground searches.

Cleo is also being searched briefly by another group of investigators to confirm her absence.

After that, they head towards Blowholes to stop all cars from entering or leaving the area.

8.09am: The helicopter of a local business arrived on the scene to search. Police request that the SES team assist the Blowholes search.

8.24 am: Volunteer marine and police searchers called in to help with the search.

8.34am: Blowholes’ entrance is blocked off by roadblocks. Detectives collect the addresses, names and registration details of all those who are coming and going. Search cars by police.

9:25 AM: Nine SES personnel arrive at Blowholes in support of the search.

Investigators, bounty hunters and officers from the Australian Federal Police have spent two-and-a-half weeks searching for missing four-year-old Cleo (pictured)

Cleo, a missing 4-year-old girl from Australia, was the target of bounty hunters and investigators (pictured).

9.30am: Ellie in distress is greeted by detectives who stay with her for the remainder of the day, while Cleo and other search teams hunt.

11.30am: Major Crime Division homicide detectives call and start travelling to Perth in support of the search.

1.30pm: Additional homicide detectives are flying in from Perth.

3pm: Carnarvon police officers and search professionals arrive to share their knowledge.

Sunday, 17 October

Ms Smith uses social media to appeal for the help of her daughter.

A Sunday Facebook post that stated: “It’s been more than 24 hours since the sparkle in my girl’s eyes last time I saw it.”

“Please Help Me Find Her!”

“If you see or hear anything, please contact the police!”

Cleo might have been taken by police.

Monday, 18 October

Police released an image showing the missing red and gray sleeping bag from Cleo’s tent.

Cleo is interrogated by Mandurah police about her biological father. They ask him to give a statement which he freely gives.

With the assistance of SES volunteers, aircraft, and SES officers, the WA Police continue their hunt for Cleo. Officers are also searching the surrounding area for vehicles and shacks.

Tuesday, September 19

Cleo’s mother Ellie Smith was joined by Jake Gliddon, her partner. They describe how they felt when Cleo went missing.

Ms Smith said that her four year old would have never left the tent all by herself.

To assist the investigation, police release more images of Cleo as well as the pink-and-blue one piece she was wearing on the night she disappeared.

Investigators are asking anyone present at the camp site or nearby on October 15th to call police. 

Wednesday, October 20

Cleo could not reach the zipper of the tent because the mother found it hanging open at 6am Saturday morning.

The officers say that they haven’t dismissed reports by campers who reported hearing the screeching of tyres early Saturday morning.

Daryl Gaunt (Deputy Police Commissioner) confirmed that police are currently investigating whereabouts 20 registered Carnarvon-area sex offenders.

Thursday, 21 October

Cleo will be located by WA Premier Mark McGowan, and the WA Government is offering a $1million reward.

McGowan stated that all Western Australians are in Cleo’s thoughts during this difficult time.

“We are all praying for positive outcomes.”

Unprecedented was the speed at which she received her reward – just days after her disappearance.

Pictured: Police are seen examining rubbish left near the Blowholes campsite in remote WA

Pictured: A group of police examines rubbish near Blowholes Campground in remote WA 

Monday, 25th October

WA Police confirm that Cleo was at camp site. The footage is from CCTV camera mounted inside a beach house, 20m from where she vanished from. 

Tuesday, 26th October

On Tuesday, detectives and forensic officers spent a lot of time at Carnarvon home, which is 900km north from Perth. They left with two bags full of evidence.

While investigators have been in the house before, they were unable to conduct a thorough search inside without a forensics team.

Col Blanch, acting WA Police Commissioner stated that the search of their family home was “standard practice” and they weren’t suspects in Cleo’s abduction.

Wednesday, October 27

WA Police forensics officers are back at Blowholes campsite and can be seen taking soil samples from several campfires close to shacks.

Federal Government announces that Australian Federal Police Officers have been recruited to assist with intelligence and forensic investigations.

Friday 29th October

Blowholes Camp is being reopened by police to conduct aerial surveys of the surrounding area.

Rod Wilde, the Detective Superintendent of the Blowholes Campground joins in the Cleo search as it reaches the two-week mark.

He said that Cleo is being sought by both international and national agencies.

Sunday 31 October

Cleo lives 5km away from Cleo’s home on Sunday, so detectives went door-to-door.

Monday, November 1,

Police search for the vanished camper in piles of garbage at roadside bins hundreds of kilometers away.

It was then transported to Perth where recruits and forensic officers sorted through hundreds more bags looking for items that might have led them to Cleo.

Police ask for footage of CCTV or dash cam footage in the 1000-km area around where the 4-year-old vanished.

Police appeal to more Carnarvon businesses to take footage of an area in the industrial outskirts.

Her elated mother, Ellie, (pictured, with Cleo, her partner and younger daughter) broke her silence the morning Cleo was found, sharing a series of love heart emojis on Instagram

Ellie (pictured with Cleo her younger daughter and partner) was overcome by emotion when her mother broke her silence. They shared a number of love heart emoticons on Instagram. 

Wednesday, November 3

Cleo Smith, after more than two-and-a half weeks spent searching for her body, was finally found in the early hours November 3.

Col Blanch, WA Police Deputy Commissioner confirmed that Cleo was alive and well just before 7 AM AEST and has been reunited to her parents.

“One of the officers took her into his arms, and asked her her name. He said. He said,

Ellie Smith wrote to social media, “Our family is complete again”.

Detectives are currently questioning a Carnarvon male in custody.

On October 19, Ellie Smith (pictured) and her partner Jake Gliddon fronted the media for the first time and begged the public to report any information 'big or small'

Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon, her partner in the venture, fronted media on October 19th and asked the public for any information they could provide.

We share what information we have with them. Senior Sergeant Blaine stated that they have all the information necessary.

“Obviously we still need to find all facts. There are many sources of information. Some of this information may be incorrect.

“So, while we are careful with the information that we give people, we want them to be 100 percent sure.”