Former first lady Melania Trump smiled broadly as she made her first public appearance since April with Donald Trump. But one camera captured the moment her beaming smile slipped as she stood beside her husband. 

The moment at the Atlanta Braves World Series against the Houston Astros game on Saturday was as the crowd cheered and clapped for the couple, who even joined in the Braves trademark ‘Tomahawk” gesture prior to the game.

Melania and Trump were both seen smiling broadly. The former president looked comfortable while pointing to those who waved.

Melania Trump was appearing alongside her husband at a World Series baseball game

Melania Trump was accompanied by her husband at a World Series baseball match 

The former First Lady appeared happy together with her husband when suddenly the smile drained from her face

A stern look suddenly appeared across Melania's face

The former First Lady was happy to be with her husband until suddenly, her smile vanished.

Although it only lasted a split second, Melania's face turned stone cold while her husband continued to point, gesture and wave at those in the crowd

Even though it lasted for a split second Melania’s expression turned cold while her husband continued to point at, gesture and wave at the crowd.

While television cameras were focused on the couple, Melania suddenly turned her head away and rolled her eyes. Her signature smile was gone in an instant.  

It wasn’t long before social media users tried to diagnose what was troubling her.

One of them said, “Simply miserable”. 

One user tweeted: “That’s what a woman does when the guy next to her makes her sick.”

“So much joy, you’re going to get tired of all of it,” joked another person using one of Donald Trumps old lines about ‘winning’.

She married it because she thought it would be a step higher. She has no idea how far down it has taken her,’  wrote Kim Steed. 

Twitter users quickly chimed in as the clip hit the internet, with one user musing: 'I don't think she wants to be there'

Twitter users quickly chimed-in as the clip went viral, with one user musing that “I don’t believe she wants to go there.”

Trump stood alongside Melania, the former first lady of the United States, as they mingled with fans in a private room before the game between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves.

It was Melania’s first public appearance in public since July, when Melania was spotted leaving Trump Tower in New York City together with her son Barron. 

Saturday night’s date for the former First Couple was their first photo together since Easter.

Melania’s rapidly changing expressions have been documented before. This was most evident at his 2017 inauguration. She looked more serious than ever just seconds before she took the oath. 

Melania has successfully stopped the former president from holding her hand on several occasions. 

Melania Trump appeared to refuse to hold her husband Donald's hand as they disembarked from Air Force One in Washington DC in August 2016

Melania Trump refused to hold Donald’s hands as they disembarked Air Force One in Washington DC in August 2016.

The president reached out again, but Melania kept her hand tucked tightly against her skirt

Melania remained firm in her grip on her skirt as the president reached out again

The First Lady appeared to pull her hand away from her husband's grasp while disembarking Air Force One in 2018

During Air Force One’s 2018 disembarkation, the First Lady appeared to grab her husband’s hand. 

Cameras captured the first lady refusing to hold Trump’s hand when she stood on the field at New Orleans’ College Football Championship in January 2020. 

The couple were seen boarding Air Force One in the next month. Donald reached for Melania’s arm, but she hadn’t realized that she had hidden it under her coat. 

Perhaps the most famous example came in April 2018, after revelations that Donald had an affair and had paid Stormy Daniels to keep silent. 

That incident occurred when Donald began to extend his pinkie fingers in an obvious sign that he wanted Melania to hold him. 

Melania ignored Donald’s invitation and remained pinned to her side, while Donald awkwardly grabbed his hand. 

She then moved sideways away, almost as if she wanted to escape his reach.  

Former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania perform the tomahawk chop before for Game 4 of baseball's World Series between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves

Melania Trump, ex-president of the United States, and Donald Trump perform the tomahawk cut before Game 4 in baseball’s World Series between Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros.

Melania Trump, 51, was last seen out only about a dozen time this year. Melania tried to keep her private life more private after the Trumps left the White House in January.

Images taken by guests at the Palm Beach resort and shared on social media show Melania and Donald, 75, sitting side-by-side at a round table outdoors at one of Mar-a-Lago’s restaurants in April, with the mother-of-one looking chic in an elegant sleeveless dress. 

Melania seems to have enjoyed a more private life since leaving the White House at beginning of the year.

In the nine months she has lived in Florida with Barron, her husband, and their 15-year old son, she has not made any public appearances. 

She also seemed to be missing her husband’s 75th Birthday in June.

There she is! Melania Trump made her second appearance of the week on Wednesday night, when she was seen enjoying dinner with her husband Donald at Mar-a-Lago in Florida

Here she is! Melania Trump made her second appearance on Wednesday night. She was spotted enjoying dinner with Donald at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. 

Donald and Melania Trump are shown arriving for a dinner in Mar-A-Lago in video posted on Instagram on April 10th, 2021

In a video posted to Instagram on April 10th 2021, Melania and Donald Trump are seen arriving at Mar-A-Lago for a dinner.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump have rarely been seen pictured together this year. They were last pictured in public at an Easter event at Mar-a-Lago at the start of April

Donald Trump and Melania Trump were last seen together at an Easter event at Mar-a-Lago at the beginning of April. They were last seen together at an Easter event at Mar-a-Lago in April