Brazil legend Pele (81) reveals that he’s staying in hospital “for a few” to have tests done after the last treatment session for colon cancer… jokes, however, “I’m just getting prepared for the holidays season!”

  • Pele was treated this year for a new colon tumor.
  • According to the 81-year old, he received his last chemotherapy on Thursday.
  • Three times, in the course of his remarkable career, the Brazilian giant won The World Cup 

Brazil’s great Pele revealed that he would remain at a Sao Paulo hospital ‘for several days’ in order to have new tests on his colon cancer.

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, 81 years old was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital this week to receive chemotherapy. The sessions were to address the tumor discovered during routine examinations at the end August. Pele was admitted to hospital for nearly a month after having the tumour removed.

Pele posted on Instagram that he was undergoing small chemotherapy treatments as part of his treatment. Pele also stated that he just completed the 2021 session.

Pele provided his fans with an update on his health on Thursday after having his final chemotherapy session for a tumour on his colon

After undergoing his last chemotherapy for a colon tumour, Pele gave his followers an update about his health. 

Pele, often held up as one of the greatest footballers ever, returned to hospital for follow-up treatment on his colon tumour (pictured in hospital on Wednesday with daughter Flavia)

Pele was often regarded as the greatest player ever to play football. He returned to hospital after receiving treatment for his colon cancer. (Photo taken Wednesday by Flavia and Flavia).

“I was happy to share my achievement with you. Every little win is something to be proud of, don’t ya think? He wrote the letter with a photo of him wearing a hospital gown, and his right hand clenched. 

“Don’t worry. I’m only getting ready to celebrate the holidays!

Pele is Brazil’s greatest scorer and won the 1962, 1968 and 1970 World Cups.

Kely, the oldest daughter of the three-time World Cup victor, posted Wednesday’s update to his health. It showed him smiling after a planned operation. He said he’d be home in two or three days.

“My sister Flavia Kurtz will give him a hug!” she wrote. He will be back home in two to three days and can look forward to Christmas.

“This wasn’t a surprise. It was scheduled already and will be part of your treatment. I am eternally grateful.

Pele was a legend in the game, and is still Brazil’s record-scorer. He was diagnosed with cancer for the first time back on August.

The tumour was discovered by doctors during routine checks.  

In September, he had emergency surgery and spent the next month in hospital. He also had a brief stay in intensive care.

Pele is regarded as Brazil's greatest ever player and guided his country to three World Cups

Pele is Brazil’s greatest player, and he led Brazil to three World Cups.

After being released in October from hospital, he returned to home to carry on his healing. He was told by medical staff that chemotherapy would be his next step.

Pele was diagnosed with a variety of medical issues in the last ten years, including a broken hip.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, his public appearances had already been made. Since then, he has not ventured outside his Santos home.

Edinho, his son, claimed last year that his father was depressed. This is something Pele later refuted.