Multiple victims of knife attack on Swedish shopping mall are hurt

  • Following the stabbing attack today, two men between the ages of 45 and 54 were taken into hospital 
  • Police are not ruling out more people injured after the knife attack at 8.30am
  • A single person was detained shortly after the alarm was raised. Police said that another one was also arrested. 

According to local police, multiple victims were hurt in an attack with a knife at a shopping mall in Sweden. 

One man is fighting for his life after several people were reportedly stabbed in central Västerås at around 8.30am.

Another man, also with serious injuries but stable, was taken to hospital after the attack in the small city, 100km west of Stockholm. 

Magnus Jansson Klarin was a spokesperson for the police and stated that there had been an arrest but they didn’t suspect any other person of being involved.

The motive for the attack and if there were any connections between the individuals involved are not known.

Swedish television news station SVT reported on Thursday that more victims of the attack on KvarteretIgor mall in Moscow were being investigated by police. 

Two people have been taken to hospital with one of these people seriously injured in central Västerås after the attack at 8.30am

Two people have been taken to hospital with one of these people seriously injured in central Västerås after the attack at 8.30am

SVT reported that police are not ruling out any more individuals being hurt in the attack at the mall Kvarteret Igor (pictured)

SVT reports that the police have not ruled out the possibility of more victims in the Kvarteret Igor attack (pictured). 

Two men, aged between 45 and 54, were taken to the emergency room in Västerås with serious injuries after the incident, according to Region Västmanland. 

A man suffering from life-threatening injuries has been operated on, while another man remains stable. 

Klarin stated that he received several calls within a very short period of time. [people] injured.’ 

Aftonbladet has learned that officers confirmed that two people were struck with a blunt object. An attempted murder investigation is underway into the incident. 

Klarin stated: ‘It is evident that they used some type of sharp object. However, I cannot say what exactly. 

“We cannot exclude that there have been more injuries.” [The area]It has been closed and police officers are present at large. [scene].

“The individual was taken into custody within a matter of minutes, just after the alarm went off.”

Police have also cordoned off an area next to a parking garage that is suspected to be the crime scene, STV reports.

In March of this year, two young women in Southern Sweden were knifed and killed at their high school. 

Both were said to be employees at the school and in their 50s. Following their deaths, an 18-year old student was also taken into custody.  

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