One woman dropped 7 dress sizes after she was told by her boyfriend that she’d never be thin.

Helena Hara (27), from The Wirral in Merseyside claims that her ex said she would never lose weight, but she changed her mind after seven years.

Helena was 14st tall and size 20 when she turned 21. At that time, Helena was eating fast food up to four times weekly and munching on chips and chocolate. 

She stated that she realized her toxic surroundings after looking at an Instagram photo of a woman’s body. [my ex]They said I wouldn’t be thin, and that it was impossible.

Helena, pictured after her transformation, now uses her platform to help other women struggling with body confidence

Helena Hara (27), from The Wirral in Merseyside, is a 6 size and has been a fitness influencer since she lost seven sizes. 

At her heaviest, Helen weighed 14st and used to eat takeaways four times a  week, as well as snacking on chocolate and crisps

After leaving the 'toxic environment' of her relationship, Helena overhauled her diet, ditching takeaways and replacing them with high protein and fibre meals

Helena quit the toxic environment of her marriage and began a new diet. She stopped eating take-outs and replaced them with healthy, high-protein and fiber meals

“At the time, my social media pages were just beginning to be taken seriously. I gained a lot of followers and it was at this point that I lost weight. However, I felt like he wasn’t wanting me to do so.

“It became quite negative. He wasn’t happy, and he became an obstacle to me. It was time to end the relationship.

“It makes me feel negative when I’m in a bad situation. I felt this way, so I started to eat and emotionally eat.

It was my safety net, and since I was unable to do more, that is what I turned to.

Helena, who has since divorced her ex-boyfriend, also stopped eating unhealthy food and claims that she is now a different person.

Helena began to notice a weight loss by swapping pastries and pizza for protein shakes, fruit and fish. 

She began to exercise almost daily after making changes to her diet.

Helena, who is now a fitness coach and a size 6, says that she feels happier than ever.

Helena, pictured during her weight loss, said her ex was still in touch with her up until last year and told her how much she had changed since they were together

Helena (pictured during Helena’s weight loss) said that her ex is still in touch up to last year. He told Helena how much she has changed since being together.

She says that although she’s single at the moment, she works to keep a positive mind and maintain a healthy body.

Helena shared that she now goes to the gym 5-6 times per week. She counts calories and macros, which makes her happier.

“Even my relatives have seen a significant emotional shift in me. I feel so positive about the future, compared to what I was once.

“It was the right thing to do after hearing that I wouldn’t be thin.” 

“I felt lost and depressed, but he gave me the strength to get my life in order.

Helena’s diet before

Breakfast: One type of pastry, three pieces of toast with honey or butter and one chocolate yogurt

Lunch: Chips, chocolate and pizza

Chinese, McDonald’s and Takeout: Dinner

Chocolat and crispy snacks


Helena’s diet now  

Breakfast: Three Weetabix with yoghurt and fruit. Beef, chicken, sausages and beans.

Lunch: Fried chicken and broccoli, with protein shakes and a banana

Tortilla wrap and fish for dinner

Snacks include Skinny Dream bars, Fibre One bars that are 90 calories, and corn thins with peanut butter and Nutella.

According to the influencer, she struggled in her relationship with food for years but now knows how to manage her eating habits without restricting her choices. 

She says, “Before I snacked all the time I had food near me, such as chocolate, crisps and cakes, McDonalds or any other bad thing.

‘I would eat takeaways every day, and I would order Chinese food or pizza as dinner.

“But now, my activity is much greater. Now, I have been doing weight training and increasing my muscle. I lost five stone but have gained a lot more muscle.

“My ex messaged me from last year and told me how much I had changed.

The fitness influencer wants to use her social media presence to help other women struggling with body image and confidence

She wants other females struggling with confidence and body images to be able to leverage her social media platform. 

Helena, pictured during her weight loss, says she had always struggled with her relationship with food and still uses it as a comfort now, but she's more able to enjoy things in moderation

Helena (pictured during Helena’s weight loss) says she was always unhappy with her relationship to food. Although she still finds comfort in it, Helena now enjoys them more moderately.

 ‘I would love to help people who want to better their lives and loose weight.

‘It is important to me to assist them in improving their eating and fitness habits.

“I’ve always had a difficult relationship with food. It was a constant struggle for me. But, now that I have control over what I eat and how much, it is a great comfort. I still enjoy chocolate almost every single day.

“It is not the same as before, but it doesn’t mean I have to be strict. It is just that I try to eat cleaner.

I eat 2300 calories daily to maintain my slim body. “I feel like I’ve got a new lease on life.”