Nick Cannon weeps on-air as he tells of the death of his 5-month old son from a brain tumor that grew quickly during Thanksgiving

  • Nick Cannon on Tuesday announced that Nick Cannon’s five-month-old son, Nick Cannon died over the weekend from a brain cancer.
  • Cannon claimed that the tumor grew quickly in the weeks around Thanksgiving
  • He stated that he was in California for the last weekend to be with Zen and to take him to the ocean on the Sunday before he passed away.

Nick Cannon, his youngest son, announced Tuesday that he had lost his battle with a brain tumor.

On Tuesday, he announced that Zen, his 5-month-old child, had died.

Cannon claimed that his tumor developed rapidly around Thanksgiving. As he broke down on the show, Cannon shared with Zen how he spent last weekends in California, to spend a few final moments. 

According to actor, he had taken his son to the beach for Sunday’s vacation. It was there that Nick held Zen the final time. He died soon after. 

Actor Nick Cannon announced on his show Tuesday that his 5-month-old son died of a brain tumor over the weekend. He is pictured here at the opening night of his play Thoughts of a Colored Man in October

Nick Cannon, actor announced Tuesday on his television show that Nick’s 5-month-old son had died from a brain tumour over the weekend. This is him at Thoughts of a Colored Man’s October Opening Night.