Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in September, has been sharing her first experiences of chemotherapy with fans. 

Following surgery to remove an intestinal tumour, 42-year-old DJ began chemotherapy yesterday. The side effects of the first treatment included sore teeth, sore fingers and metallic taste.  

Roberts, who lives in London long-term partner Kate Holderness, returned to her Radio 1 Breakfast show at the weekend and told her 165,000 followers on Instagram on Monday that she was poised ‘to enter the matrix and disappear down the chemotherapy rabbit hole…’ 

The star added that she intended to try and continue with her daily life, saying: ‘I’m going to do my very best to carry on as normal as possible and see what this body can do.’ 

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The Radio 1 DJ, 42, pictured with partner Kate Holderness, shared with fans that she'd started chemotherapy this week, revealing side effects including swollen fingers and sore teeth

Radio 1’s 42-year-old DJ Kate Holderness is pictured in this photo. She shared that she had started chemotherapy last week and revealed side effects such as swollen hands and sore teeth.

Star was shown with two tablets in her hand. The actress documented her first chemotherapy experiences. 

Additionally, she revealed that she had lost the metallic taste in her initial bite but that her teeth are’starting hurt’.    

She shared the news that she had been diagnosed with bowel Cancer in an emotional posting on October 24th. This was a month after discovering she had the illness.

She praised Elaine, an NHS stoma nurses, today, after paying tribute the NHS in her first public appearance since Saturday’s surgery.   

The star also shared a photo of some of the chemotherapy tablets she's taking

She also posted a picture of one of her chemotherapy pills

Adele praised her NHS stoma nurse, Elaine, for being 'Jedi-level' with 'so much passion' for her job - after paying tribute to the NHS during her first show back since surgery on Saturday

Adele gave praise to Elaine, her NHS-stoma-nurse, for being ‘Jedi level’ and having’so big a passion for her job. This was after she paid tribute to the NHS in her first public appearance since her surgery.

Adele, speaking on Saturday’s radio program, said that the surgery had been only a month ago and she still feels the NHS has saved her life.   

It’s an incredible testament to both the knowledge and skill of NHS staff. They’re amazing. Their lives are mine. They deserve my gratitude.

She said, “I would like to express my gratitude to Radio 1’s entire family, who have been next-level amazing, my dearest and nearest, and one last thing: Never underestimate the power positive thinking and good wishes.” 

On the mend: Adele Roberts, 42, paid a tribute to the NHS as she returned to her Radio 1 Breakfast show on Saturday following her bowel cancer surgery

Adele Roberts (42) is back on the mend after her second bowel cancer treatment.

Sad: The DJ told her Instagram followers she'd been diagnosed with bowel cancer in an emotional post on October 24th, a month after learning she had the disease

Sad: On October 24, 2018, the DJ shared with her Instagram followers that she was diagnosed with bowel carcinoma. This emotional post came a month after she learned she had it.

You can make a huge difference even though you only thought of them once, I swear. “I feel incredible, lucky, happy and it makes me miss you. 

“I want to add that if anyone is listening and concerned about any of this please don’t suffer silently. I went to my GP and that was why I am here today. It is so wonderful. They will look after you, I assure.

'They're amazing': The former I'm A Celebrity star revealed it had only been a month since the procedure and she feels like she owes the NHS 'her life'

“They’re incredible”: Former I’m A Celebrity host said it was only a month ago that she had the operation and feels she owes them ‘her whole life’. 

Adele keeps her followers updated via social media about her recovery journey. 

Recenty, she shared with her fans that “this little Stoma Bag saved my life.” However, she acknowledged it was difficult for her to adjust to and said: “I feel like I need to train it.” It’s wild! Haha. It does what it wants when it wants… but I’m sure I’ll get there.’  

Star has received an overwhelming amount of support ever since her diagnosis. 

'Never underestimate the power of positivity and well wishes': Adele was grateful to her followers for being by her side

“Never underestimate how powerful positivity and well wishes can be”: Adele thanked her fans for standing by her side 

Adele thanked her followers for their support following the operation. Your kindness and support have been amazing! Thank you so much for being kind and caring about my family.

Adele continued, “You are the greatest!” Your support has kept me going. Although there have been some ups, I now feel I’m turning the corner. I hope to be well soon enough to fly home.  

Adele was first famous when she participated in Big Brother’s third season in 2002 with fellow Big Brother housemates Alison Hammond, Jade Goody and Kate Lawler.

After 43 days of being in the house for 43 days, Southport presenter from Merseyside came in at seventh.

On the show, she spoke out about her bisexuality. However, her parents had never told her.

She participated in a panel organized by charity RU Coming Out, as reported by Gay Star News.