Multiple trips across four years and 50,000 images – for three minutes and 13 seconds of magical footage.

Michael Shainblum is a New York photographer who created an amazing timelapse video.

MailOnline Travel said that he wanted his video to be flawless. “I was constantly noticing areas where I could add more things or change the video. It took a long time to edit.

Photographer Michael Shainblum has made a stunning timelapse video of New York - and kindly allowed MailOnline Travel to publish a handful of the 50,000 stills used to make it (above)

Michael Shainblum is a photographer who has captured a timelapse of New York City. MailOnline Travel was kind enough to allow us to publish the few stills.

The video, which to date has had over 1.6million views on YouTube, takes us on an eye-popping tour of the Big Apple

Over 1.6million people have viewed the video on YouTube. This is a stunning tour through New York.

In 2016, the first film was made. The second trip took place in 2018, 2017, and 2018. More than 50,000 photographs were taken from each visit. These images were then converted into video files and edited to create the final film.

Michael stated that it was difficult for him to create the video, but that it was an act of love.

San Francisco-based photographer said that he has been back to New York every time he’s been there to photograph or record video. The shooting was not the only part of the experience. It also included the walking around, sampling delicious local food and meeting photographers.

‘From a visual and shooting aspect, what I love most about New York… I just find the architecture so fascinating. I love the Chrysler Building. It is simply stunning.

Michael told MailOnline Travel: '[New York] is one of my favourite cities in the world. I've been to a few mega-cities and there's something about the energy of New York that I love'

MailOnline Travel was told by Michael:[New York]This is one of my most favorite cities. Although I have been to many mega-cities, I find New York’s energy irreplaceable.

To make the film, Michael made multiple visits to New York across four years, with 50,000 images taken sequentially turned into video files, edited and compiled into the film with music

Michael visited New York multiple times over four years to make this film. He took 50,000 photographs and converted them into video files. These were edited into the final film.

'From a visual and shooting aspect, what I love most about New York… I just find the architecture so fascinating,' Michael said

‘From a visual and shooting aspect, what I love most about New York… I just find the architecture so fascinating,’ Michael said

“It is one of my favorite cities. I’ve visited many big cities, but New York is my favorite. It was clear to me that I would be making multiple trips to NYC to work on my own movie that highlights the beauty and diversity that this city has to offer.

Over 1.6million people have viewed the video to date. The tour takes us to New York City’s Big Apple. We see the glittering skyscrapers of night and the hustle of Grand Central Terminal. Michael also enjoys the Times Square.

According to the 28-year old, ‘Initially, I wanted to visit New York for the 9/11 Memorial, but I got kicked every time I attempted to set up my timelapse slider and photograph it. It was that moment I really wanted to incorporate into the film. The perfect moment in the song was the part where the song slows and gets softer. I knew that I wanted to make a 9/11 tribute at that point. It had to be at one the memorials.

“I was devastated when the memorial in New York City where the Twin Towers stood, wasn’t possible for me to attend. A friend suggested that there was a New Jersey memorial. It has beautiful walls and all of the names are written on them. One World Trade can be seen in the background. Then I thought, “Okay. This will be a nice enhancement to the movie.”

Michael's video features the Oculus concourse of the World Trade Center transportation hub

Michael’s video shows the Oculus concourse at the World Trade Center transport hub.

Michael said that he wanted to 'showcase the beauty of the city and the different looks that the city can give you'

 Michael said that he wanted to ‘showcase the beauty of the city and the different looks that the city can give you’

“So it begins with you looking at names on the wall and then it pans to show the One World Trade Center. It was a very important moment for me to capture and that’s why I am so happy with how it turned out.

Michael wants viewers to take something away from the film.

He stated that if someone doesn’t have the opportunity to travel to New York City yet, this might be an inspiration video to get them there. They will be able to see New York’s beauty and energy and may even feel inspired to visit. Perhaps someone has a special memory or visited New York. Or a local that really appreciates their home. This video should do a fair justice. 

Michael’s artwork can be viewed on his website. www.shainblumphoto.comHis Instagram account is at, his YouTube channel

Why did Michael make the video? He said: 'If somebody maybe hasn't gotten the chance to visit New York yet, maybe this will be a video that inspires them to go there.' Pictured here is the Flatiron Building

Michael created the video. Michael said that he made the video because ‘if somebody hasn’t had the opportunity to visit New York yet. Maybe this will inspire them to do so. Pictured here is the Flatiron Building