You can’t go wrong with nature. Some of the most amazing shots from nature are a duck-shaped tomatoes and a windscreen which looks exactly like an icy mountain scene.

  •  People reveal times they’ve come across nature that does whatever it wants
  • This is a photo of a tomato growing to look just like a rubber duck.
  • Another picture shows multi-colored eggs that were laid by chickens.

Sometimes nature loves to color outside of the lines, whether it’s a gigantic cabbage larger than a man or a spotter who sees a rainbow with an ending. 

Bored Panda has collected the most impressive examples from all corners of the globe, including those that show nature free and wild.  

A hedge grows so that it looks exactly like an elephant in one image. Another image shows a lemon deciding that it prefers to be a carrot.

Another pavement is left with an intriguing mark due to lightening damage, while a geode rocks depicts a beautiful beach scene. 

FEMAIL presents some of the most impressive examples… 

No quacking way! Have you seen a tomato be. quite this impressive before? It would be quite the statement piece at dinner

No quacking way! You’ve never seen anything like a tomato be. Never seen anything quite like it before. This would make a great statement piece for dinner.

One lucky US dweller happened upon nature's version of a life size elephant—in fact, it's so real perhaps there's one hiding behind the leaves...

One lucky US dweller happened upon nature’s version of a life size elephant—in fact, it’s so real perhaps there’s one hiding behind the leaves…

This perfect swirly dandelion is so aesthetically pleasing it's almost hypnotic. Those curls go on forever...

It’s so beautiful and evocative that it almost seems hypnotic. The curls seem to go on for ever…

Have you ever seen a rock that simultaneously fulfils your crystal needs and makes you want to go on holiday?

You have probably seen rocks that both satisfy your crystal requirements and make you yearn for a holiday.

This cute kitty from the US has a few too many toes on its paws but honestly look all the cuter for it

Although this adorable cat from the US may have a few more toes than it should, they look so much cuter.

This UK driver woke up to a frosty windscreen that perfectly emulated icy mountains with a kayaker enjoying th scenery below

The frosty windscreen of this UK car perfectly mimicked icy mountains and a kayaker below.

You know what they say, follow your dreams... And if you're a lemon who wants to be a carrot then so be it

They say follow your dreams. If you want to be a carrot but a lemon, so be it!

This Lichentenburg figure on the side of the pavement in the US is a brilliant scar of a lightening mark

A brilliant lightening scar is visible on this Lichentenburg statue that sits alongside the US sidewalk. 

Finally we have an answer! This US driver found the end of the rainbow, and while gold isn't obvious, it is strangely gold in that area...

We finally have the answer. The end of the rainbow was found by a US driver, and although it’s not obvious, the area is unusually rich in gold.

A human cabbage! Okay, not quite but this UK grown vegetable is so large it completely swamps the grandpa who grew it

A human cabbage! It’s not exactly, but the UK-grown vegetable is so huge it overwhelms the grandfather who grew it

The combination of this spiderweb and some direct sunlight somehow created a perfect hologram of a CD

Combining this spiderweb with direct sunlight made a perfect CD hologram.

Fresh lovely eggs! A great example of what real, unfiltered nature looks like: chicken eggs of all shapes and colours

Lovely eggs. Chicken eggs in all colours and shapes are a great example of how nature is truly unfiltered.

This ‘veiled lady’ mushroom from Seoul is a perfect example of both nature's adaptations and nature's beauty

This ‘veiled lady’ mushroom from Seoul is a perfect example of both nature’s adaptations and nature’s beauty