Brentford boss Thomas Frank has demanded for this weekend’s round of Premier league fixtures to be postponed after his side became the latest top-flight club to been hit by a major Covid outbreak. 

Frank was in middle of Thursday’s morning press conference, when Phil Giles (club co-director for football) called him to confirm the club had 13 positive cases.

Frank was also informed that Frank had been provided with four Covid cases by Frank overnight. This brings the number of Covid cases involving club staff and players to 13, after originally telling reporters it was nine. 

Frank witnessed his team’s game against Manchester United collapse on Tuesday, as the country dealt with Omicron. Burnley’s match against Watford on Wednesday became the third Premier League fixture of the week.

Now, the Dane calls for severe measures. He would like to see an end to play in order to stabilize the situation throughout the league. 

Brentford manager Thomas Frank has called for this weekend's Premier League games to be postponed after they became the latest top-flight side to suffer a Covid outbreak

Thomas Frank, Brentford manager has asked for Premier League games to be delayed this weekend after their Covid outbreak.

On Thursday morning, he stated: “We believe we should postpone this weekend’s full round Premier League games,”

All Premier League clubs are dealing with ‘Covid cases at an alarming rate.

“To delay this round as well as the Carabao Cup round, would allow everyone to have a week or more. Or four to five days for cleaning and doing everything on the training ground.

“Also, in football you need to have close contact. Players need to be treated by physios. Matchdays are spent in dressing rooms. Coaches transport us so it is a bit harder to work remotely.

The Bees have recorded 13 positive cases among players and club staff on Thursday

On Thursday, the Bees recorded 13 positive case reports from players and staff.

Brentford boss Frank insists teams need a gap in the schedule to help 'break the chain'

Frank from Brentford insists that the teams require a gap in their schedule to ‘break the chains’  



Manchester United vs. Brighton

Aston Villa vs Burnley

Southampton vs Brentford

Crystal Palace vs Watford

West Ham vs Norwich

Leeds vs Arsenal


Everton vs Leicester

Chelsea vs Wolves

Newcastle vs Manchester City

Tottenham vs Liverpool


Arsenal vs Sunderland (League Cup)


Brentford vs Chelsea (League Cup)

Liverpool vs Leicester (League Cup)

Tottenham vs West Ham (League Cup)

*Premier League unless stated 

He believes that a decision to stop this weekend’s top-flight fixture could be sufficient to ensure the festive program can continue as planned.

Frank added, “We respect the fact that you want to play, it is important that football continues, and this will allow us to make sure Boxing Day doesn’t end, I’m 100% sure of that.”

“This Omicron variation is spreading like wildfire throughout the globe and I believe we should do everything possible to stop it. We can accomplish a lot by closing training ground for 3-4 or 5 days and then we can resume.

Frank supported the players who were vaccinated, but he insisted that the decision was entirely up to them.

Frank replied, “That is your choice” when Frank asked whether players should receive the vaccine. 

“It’s free, but I’ll recommend it.” They should get vaccinated. That is my biggest recommendation.

Tottenham will face Leicester tonight at King Power Stadium, despite the fact that both teams have written to Premier League asking for the postponement of the match after suffering similar Covid epidemics. However, the Premier League rejected their request. 

Others appeals were not heard by the competitors, who are determined to minimize disruption and preserve sporting integrity.

Brendan Rodgers, Leicester manager, said that he was certain the Premier League’s TV deals had affected their decision. 

Manchester United's fixture at Brentford on Tuesday was called off thanks to an outbreak

The outbreak forced the cancelling of Manchester United’s Tuesday fixture at Brentford.

“All of us want to play the sports, whether we are players or coaches. However, the most important thing is the well-being of the players. You get better products if you have more players. 

Each request is considered individually. Although the main impact of the request on the first-team squad will be important, some also point out the existence under 23 squads as well as the possibility to draft young players into match-day teams. Spurs and United had to close down their training facilities.

Rodgers stated that he thinks the Premier League’s most powerful clubs are being treated differently. He will be without at least 11 players — some due to Covid-19 — for the Spurs game. 

Brendan Rodgers fears the Premier League are bowing to pressure from broadcasters

Brendan Rodgers believes the Premier League may be bowing to broadcasters’ pressures

Both Leicester and Tottenham wanted Thursday's fixture rearranged after Covid-19 outbreaks

Tottenham and Leicester wanted the Thursday fixture to be changed after Covid-19 outbreaks.

Antonio Conte of Tottenham is disappointed that his club weren’t allowed to change the Leicester match to make way for their Europa Conference League tie against Rennes. The game was delayed last week because Covid intervened.  

UEFA will decide this week if Spurs have to forfeit the match and must be eliminated after confirming that it cannot be rearranged before December 31.

Conte stated that he believes the game is fair and gave Conte an opportunity to win. “We did not play because we were unable to do so, but due to a major problem and the closure of our training grounds by Government,” said Conte.

However, Norwich remain concerned about Saturday’s match with West Ham. After being hit hard by Tuesday’s Aston Villa home loss, they expect to find out today if there are enough players.