A successful CEO was almost four times the drink drive limit when he crashed his £65,000 Tesla while on his way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, a court heard.

Peter Scott, 52 years old, is a computer app and software designer. He drove his Model S100D hatchback grey into a car parked during an evening rush.

The police discovered the divorced father of three who had helped to design content for Marvel and BBC, as well as LEGO. He was seated at the wheel his premium vehicle while playing his mobile computer games.  

Tests showed the company director, who lives in a £500,000 property in the village of Bollington, near Macclesfield, Cheshire, had 131 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. 35mg is the legal limit.

Scott was convicted of driving under the influence and banned from driving after he admitted to it at Stockport Magistrates Court.

After he was found to be mentally ill due to restrictions placed on lockdown, magistrates gave him a suspended 12 week sentence.

Peter Scott (pictured), 52, was given a suspended jail sentence and banned from driving for three years after crashing his car while almost four times the drink-drive limit. He was on his way to Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the time

Peter Scott (pictured), 52-year-old, received a suspended sentence in jail and was banned from driving for three year after colliding with his car almost four times above the legal limit. Scott was on his way from the crash site to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Scott was stopped by a passerby and spotted that he was sitting in a stationary Tesla. He noticed the angle it had on the roadside.

Nick Smart was the prosecution.

‘The witness approached the defendant’s Tesla and knocked on the window but the driver was not responsive so police were called.

‘Officers arrived to find the defendant’s car engine was still running. The defendant claimed he owned the car. Police detected intoxicants on the suspect’s breath, and they tested him positive.

“At that point, he was allowed to interview and give his account of the events.

He said that he’d driven from home to purchase vodka and then returned to his Tesla for games. He claimed he was on his way to Alcoholics Anonymous when the car collided with him.

“He stated that he was struggling with alcohol ever since the outbreak of the pandemic.

“He couldn’t recall much about the incident, but he remembered the place but not other details.” He was a gentleman of good character.

Stockport Magistrates' Court was told Scott has struggled over the last couple of years with issues including alcohol and has not drank any alcohol since the incident

The Stockport Magistrates’ Court heard that Scott struggled for the past two years with various issues, including alcohol. Scott also said that he has not drunk alcohol since the incident.

After the crash, Scott was found sat at the wheel of his Tesla Model S 100D hatchback playing computer games on his phone (stock photo)

After the crash, Scott was found sat at the wheel of his Tesla Model S 100D hatchback playing computer games on his phone (stock photo)

Peter Casson, defense lawyer for Scott said that Scott had ‘cooperated completely and made honest admissions.

He said, “He’s 52 years old and a good-mannered man.” He has three children with him and is also a successful entrepreneur, running his own software company.

“Over the past couple of years, he has been struggling with alcohol issues. Over his businesses, he has 22 employees. He is a hard worker, but he does not make excuses.

“He was aware of what he was doing that day, and knew he could run the danger of exceeding the limit.

He has tried hard to find help for his addiction. After three weeks in a detox facility, he was able to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. This happened while he was on his way towards AA.

“Since that incident, he hasn’t drank alcohol. His three children all have different needs. The vodka was purchased by him because he was feeling mentally depleted and had begun to drink.

He has decided to take responsibility for his own problems, and seek the help he can afford. He admits that he is addicted to alcohol and has not been in contact with police.

“He is now seeking help. That is a huge step for an alcoholic.

“He owns his business for twenty-four years, and works nine to six every day. This includes weekends. The business is run by him and the people rely on him.

He wants his life to be in order. This is an enormous weight lifted off his shoulders. Although you’re an alcoholic all your life, he’s been sober for more than 40 days.

He is intelligent and loves his family. He would like to continue his business. He is in a terrible position. This has led to him selling his car. He is dependent on his wife, who is the only one capable of driving.

Scott was also ordered to complete a six month Alcohol Treatment programme, 12 rehabilitaion requirement days and was ordered to pay £213 in costs.

JP Dominic Stone said to him, “The aggravating aspects of this offence were that it took place at five o’clock in the afternoon and there was a collision. 

You knew what you were doing.

“But, you’ve sought treatment and paid for your own care. We are aware of your circumstances and you have not been convicted in the past. We will suspend your sentence.